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Chapter 50: A Hunter With A Pet

Chapter 50: A Hunter With A Pet

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“He’s a Night Elf and you’re a Dwarf. How are you going to fight with him?” Moonlight asked. Hornet’s Nest didn’t know what to say in reply.

Currently, none of the racial territories had been opened up and there were no teleportation channels. It was simply impossible for them to be able to fight.

Lu Li looked through the list of players in the chat room and felt numb as he saw all of the famous names he had heard about in his ‘past life’. They were all legends in the PVP world and were known by virtually every player.

The expert Magician Twilight specialised in AOE skills in dealing with teams.

The expert Shaman Empty was highly skilled in Strengthening. His playstyle was called the textbook for melee professions.

All of the PVP experts had things they specialised in. Furthermore, there were players from both the Light Faction and the Evil Faction.

It was funny and shocking to see players from the Glory Capital and Blood-red War Flag co-existing in the same place.

Moonlight was referred to as the Blood Demon in this group, which sounded familiar.

Dawn was the only game that Lu Li had played, but if he had played others, he definitely would have known of ‘Blood Demon’. He was a true veteran who had risen to prominence in more than 10 games.

As for the ‘North Sea Kindergarten’ chat room, it was a world that normal players couldn’t even hope of getting close to.

In the PVP world, all of these people were legendary existences.

After arranging a few PVP battles with the players, Lu Li asked Moonlight if he wanted to go with him to earn some money from Boosting.

Moonlight wasn’t very interested in earning money. Rather, he said that he had gotten into a conflict with a union yesterday. There were quite a few experts who he wanted to kill.

Lu Li was speechless; he and Moonlight lived in different worlds. He could only go and find Azure Sea Breeze.

“Clearing Instance Dungeons is so tiring. It’s way more relaxing farming monsters outside.” Azure Sea Breeze loved clearing Instance Dungeons, but he didn’t love them to the put of running them all day, every day. A single mistake could result in the entire team being destroyed, so it was quite mentally taxing. Furthermore, he was 3 levels higher than the monsters in the Instance Dungeon, so he earned very little EXP. To a levelling maniac, this was simply operating at a loss.

“It’s not like we’re trying to break a record today. Plus, are you really going to waste your Instance Dungeon Cool Down for today? You never know, you might even get a piece of Steel grade equipment,” Lu Li said, trying to convince Azure Sea Breeze.

“Steel grade… hmm, ok, let’s go.” Gaining equipment would still make it worth it.

Lu Li looked through his friend list, adding Remnant Dream, Lonesome Flower and March Rain to his party.

“Actually, we can bring some clients,” Azure Sea Breeze said, as he thought of the money they had earned the previous day from Boosting.

A Guild Upgrade Order could be sold for 50 gold coins, while Boosting could earn them up to 10 gold coins!

“There isn’t much of a difference in clearing Normal level and Elite level Instance Dungeons for clients. The EXP is more or less the same and if we charge too much, no one will want to pay. Let’s just avoid all the trouble and hassle.”

There was an unspoken rule in Dawn: if the Boosters couldn’t clear the Instance Dungeon, or if the client died, the Boosters would have to provide a full refund.

Even Lu Li didn’t dare to take two clients for the Elite level Instance Dungeon. It would only be worth it for him if he charged 2 gold coins, but = not many people could afford this price. As such, it would be better to just Boost people through Normal level Instance Dungeons.

March Rain arrived with Lonesome Flower. The brother and sister duo had good equipment and were quite skilled. They were the sort of people that Lu Li definitely wanted to consider for a Permanent Party. This was especially so for March Rain - she would impress him every time they met.

The four of them waited for a bit before Remnant Dream came.

Remnant Dream’s entrance was much grander than anyone else’s.

“Holy crap, there’s a pig following this Hunter!” someone yelled out.

“Idiot, that’s her pet,” another said condescendingly.

“There are actually Hunters who have pets already? This is probably the first one and she’s cute, heheh…”

“Apparently there are already two Hunters in the Evil Faction who have pets. I don’t think there’s been anyone in the Light Faction who have gotten pets yet except for her. Hey, Hunter babe, do you want to do an Instance Dungeon with us? We’ve got 2 melee players and just need another damager. We’ve got a really strong main tank and healer.”

Remnant Dream had always been looked down on and neglected, using her mediocre archery skills and Dagger to train. No one even wanted to form a party with her in the wild to train. Who would have thought that she would become so popular after gaining a pet?

“I… I have a party already. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…” Remnant Dream felt so guilty rejecting all these people that she almost started to cry.

“You have quite the choice in pets… a pig?” Lu Li simply couldn’t understand why Remnant Dream had chosen such an animal.

“I thought that the little pig was really cute, so I caught it. The Hunter Uncle also said that little pigs have high Defence and don’t die easily. It will also be a good companion for me. He told me to treat it well and care for it,” Remnant Dream said, sticking up for her pet.

“How’s that black ball cute. Look at its tusks and the boils on its body. It’s even drooling.”

Hearing Lu Li’s words, Remnant Dream began to question her sense of aesthetics. The little pig started to look less cute and less like the pet pig she had at home.

“In future, I’ll take you to catch some rare monsters to be your pets. Just keep this one for now.” After cheering up Remnant Dream, Lu Li took them into the Instance Dungeon.

With her pig, Remnant Dream was now much stronger. Although it was just an ordinary pet, it had skills of its own: Slash and Charge. Slash could cause a bleeding effect, while Charge could stun.

With her little pig using Slash and Charge, she was able to easily kill monsters now.

Lu Li took it fairly easy this time. He attacked while giving pointers to March Rain and Remnant Dream, giving them healing and attacking tactics.

Remnant Dream wasn’t a very talented player and wasn’t able to pick things up quickly. However, she was passionate and enjoyed everything she was doing.

By now, March Rain had become quite proficient at healing. Their party didn’t run into any danger, as she would always heal at exactly the right time and didn’t waste any MP.

Lu Li felt that even if this girl was put in a large union, she would be able to take on the role of the main healer. She had only spent a few days learning and training - this was true talent.

The first Boss dropped a piece of Steel grade equipment. It was Chain Mail Armour, so they gave it to Remnant Dream.

The second Boss also dropped a piece of Steel grade equipment. It was a piece of Leather Armour and an exquisite one at that.

[Spider Silk Gloves] (Steel): 10 Armour, Agility+5, Attack Speed+5%. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 28/28.

In Dawn, the quality of Gloves depended on its secondary stat. Attack Speed was a pretty good stat for melee professions, while Cast Time Cooldown was a good stat for Magic related professions. Even better stats could be obtained by successful reforging. Stats like Parry and Evasion weren’t very useful - it would be better for that stat to be a Primary Attribute.

Lu Li took these Gloves for himself. Although Remnant Dream could also use them, they were much more suited for Lu Li.

Upon reaching LV10, all professions would unlock Proficiency in certain types of Armour, which would give them bonus stats. For example, Thieves and Druids could gain Leather Proficiency, Hunters and Shamans could gain Chain Mail Proficiency, Warriors and Paladins could gain Plate Proficiency…

In order to gain the corresponding Proficiency, one had to have a full set of the corresponding Armour.

As such, Leather Armour usually wasn’t given to Hunters.