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Chapter 54: Thrilling Strike

Chapter 54: Thrilling Strike

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Eventually, Azure Sea Breeze came up with a great idea. Lonesome Flower would fight until the Boss’ HP was down by 9% before running. As the Boss’ attacks were very consistent, this would keep him completely safe.

They fought the Boss all the way down to 50% HP using this strategy.

This time the Boss changed its pattern; not only did it release poison, it also flung its tail immediately after.

Remnant Dream thought she could bear the poison, so she didn’t run this time. Unfortunately, the poison and the tail whip was too much and the little hunter yelped as she fell.

Her Steel Crossbow also unfortunately dropped.

Lu Li’s situation was better; he still had some HP left after taking the antidote. As well as this, he had many Steel equips on him.

“What do we do?” Lonesome Flower asked as he ran back.

“Pick up her things; we will continue. After we finish fighting, we’ll revive her.”

Lu Li did not falter, calmly continuing to deal damage.

It was just one person and not the whole group. The sky was darkening and they didn’t have time for another try.

There was only Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze left, but they were still quite strong. After a few minutes, the Boss reached 41% HP and was about to spurt poison again.

“Lonesome you go, I’ll be right behind you. March Rain protect yourself, Azure Sea Breeze prepare to take the potion.”

Lu Li now planned conservatively. After all, they only had 4 members left and couldn’t lose anyone else. If he knew that this would happen, he would have invited Moonlight.

Lonesome Flower didn’t mind and took off. He didn’t look back to check on the others, as he didn’t want to die.

March Rain thought for a bit and also retreated, but the Boss’ last two-hit combo also took her out. She remembered Lu Li telling her that the Priest must never die.

Even if the group was annihilated, there needed to be someone to loot the corpses!

Azure Sea Breeze shook his head and sighed, “How come I get abandoned every time?”

“We have complete trust in you.”

Seeing that the Boss was about to spray the poison, Lu Li turned around and dashed off.

If the Boss could speak, it would definitely scold them. It had never seen such terrible thing: if they wanted to fight, they should stand and fight…

Azure Sea Breeze was covered in an oily green mess, but he was still standing strong. He wasn’t even knocked aside by the tail.

After this, they continued to DPS the Boss. When it reached 21% HP, Lu Li was waiting for the signal, but he didn’t expect the it to open its mouth and take a deep breath.

The suction was powerful: other than the Main Tank, no one would leave the Boss’ side.

“It’ll suck us in first before spraying the poison?”

“What a shameless Boss,” was a thought shared by everyone.

No matter how much they struggled, the four of them were stuck within 8 yards of the Boss!

Then, with one thick green spurt, they were all covered in poison.

In the mist shone a white light, where Lonesome Flower had turned into a corpse.

March Rain was drinking an Antidote and a Healing Potion, while simultaneously healing Lu Li.

The Heal saved Lu Li’s life, allowing him to survive the tail attack that came from the Boss afterwards.

When the poison had worn off, Lu Li only had a sliver of HP left!

March Rain was also the same, while Azure Sea Breeze was doing slightly better with about 20% HP.

“Stand firm, give yourself and Sea Breeze HP!” Lu Li loudly reminded March Rain. Disregarding the potion resistance, he threw his head back and downed another one, restoring over 30 HP. It was good that the Supreme One Ring had some life steal. Usually, the 4-5 HP was negligible, but now it was actually quite important.

A Healer, a Main Tank and a DPS. Lu Li’s downed party members, Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream, were still in the fight, unable to leave their corpses. They could only helplessly look on.

“Keep going, we won’t not give up.”

Lu Li sounded steady; he was unwavering, he had not complained and he was not exhausted.

He was grateful for his past experience as a gold collection member. That boring, desperate and time-consuming job made his impatient self slowly become the Lu Li he was today.

19%, 18%, 17%... 13%, 12%!

“I don’t need to hide, don’t worry about me. Take care of your own HP.”

Last time, he hadn’t died to the poison, so this time he was definitely prepared for it.

The Boss took a deep breath once again, sucking in everyone within 8 yards before spurting poison and whipping its tail...

Lu Li didn’t immediately drink the antidote, instead waiting for a little over 2 seconds. Just after this, he drank the antidote and the damage that was about to be dealt was immediately cancelled by the system.

The poison damage was for 20 seconds, while the Antidote lasted for 15 seconds. If it was used early, the potion would lose its effect early. With 2 ticks to go, this totaled 100 damage.

By waiting two seconds before drinking the antidote, there would be less than 5 seconds of poison left when it wore off. This meant that he only took 1 tick of poison, which was 50 HP.

However, after this attack Lu Li’s HP, was only a little bit more than 50. If the tail whip was a little stronger and he didn’t have this 50HP, he would have died.

Even though he had passed this wave of attacks, he couldn’t relax.

Most Bosses go berserk when reduced to 5% HP!

The Boss managed to wipe their team when it dropped to 90%, but that wasn’t too bad. If the Boss annihilated them at 5% HP, even the most confident person would feel a little depressed.

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze made eye contact and laughed bitterly, hoping for some kind of divine intervention.

Its HP was now 1750, which was 5%. The Boss had really gone berserk!

The big snake turned red and was maliciously pounding against Azure Sea Breeze. Its tail began to pull at people, even tossing March Rain aside at one point.

Its attack damage and attack frequency increased!

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze were surprisingly relaxed.

As long as it didn’t spray any poison, a damage increase wouldn’t kill anyone. This wasn’t a problem.

Night Elves have a skill called Shadowmeld, which would instantly give them Stealth. To Lu Li, this was perfect for him to escape. However, for warriors like Azure Sea Breeze, it was used to reduce aggro.

Azure Sea Breeze, who was now at 20% health, cast Shadowmeld.

After being dragged around twice, Lu Li also cast Shadowmeld. The Boss now faced March Rain and rushed towards her.

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze pursued the Boss from behind, when they saw that March Rain was about to be hit. The Main Tank cast Taunt to redraw the Boss’ aggro. March Rain looked like she didn’t even see the Boss charging at her, instead taking a step back and giving Azure Sea Breeze some health. Her calmness was incomparable!

System: Players Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream have successfully achieved the first clear on a Wild Boss, Gallaher!