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Chapter 56: A Hilarious Journey

Chapter 56: A Hilarious Journey

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After returning to the Novice Village, Lu Li figured that the Treasure Boxes in the Moon Reflection Lake would have refreshed, so he left to open them again. As for the Treasure Boxes in the Cynocephali Mine, he didn’t bother with them anymore. Each of the Boxes were surrounded by Thieves who were waiting for each refresh, because they would rather not fight monsters.

Everyone had their own play style; it was best not to think too much about it.

When Lu Li reached the lakeside, he discovered that there were still people around. He was curious - the Boss didn’t respawn at night, so what were these people doing?

He went into Stealth and found a private place, before transforming into a Seal and diving deep underwater.

Before he reached the bottom, Lu Li encountered a problem. There were other people here…

There were roughly five or six Druids swimming around. Lu Li hid amongst the thick grass, taking advantage of the Glow Stones to try and understand what they were doing.

It turned out that the crowd’s goal was also to find Treasure Chests.

It was too bad that the chests in the water were all locked and they were Druids, so they would be unable to open them.

This group of Druids were using their claws and heads to attack the Treasure Chest. The result was disappointing, as the treasure box remained shut.

Suddenly, one of the Druids transformed back into human form and reached out to grab the chest, attempting to lift it up and bring it back to shore.

Lu Li almost let out a laugh.

The Treasure Chest was part of the map; it wasn’t something that could be destroyed.

If not, one could simply take out an axe and the Thief’s unlock skill would just be irrelevant. The Druid’s plan of moving the Treasure Box was purely a fantasy.

The greedy Druid that had transformed into a human quickly paid the price.

He was probably about to drown and desperately tried to swim to the surface, but there was no time left. Lu Li had previously calculated that the distance between the surface and the bottom was about a 3-minute swim. It was quicker the other way, requiring only 1 minute to swim from the bottom to the surface. However, in 30 seconds he would start losing HP.

The greedy Druid quickly changed into a corpse and the other Druid’s skills were about to time out as well. They looked at each other and all floated to the top together.

It turned out that when they were waiting for the Boss to respawn, a Druid went into the water to look for it and happened upon a Treasure Chest. The Druid that saw this didn’t say anything and waited for everyone to leave at night. He then called over his guild members to tell them about it.

Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned, as they were unable to open them.

Lu Li was curious as to why these few players thought they could get what was inside the treasure chests. Did they want to drag the treasure chest ashore and break it open with a rock?

After they left, Lu Li dashed towards the treasure box. He saw the whole thing unfold and went straight towards it and cast Unlock.

One Bronze equip and a piece of Silk Cloth.

The second treasure chest was slightly better; there was a Bronze equip and a skill book.

Slit Throat: Instant Cast, uses up all Combo Points and attacks the throat of the target dealing 1 + 20% * Combo Points. If the target is below 20% HP, this attack will definitely be a critical hit. Skill Proficiency 1/1000.

Lu Li was surprised. This was the Thief’s version of the Warrior’s Execute!

This skill wasn’t necessarily rare because everyone could learn it. When one reached level 20, there was a relatively easy Thief Quest in Warsong Valley that became available. The reward of this quest the Slit Throat skill book.

From that time on, all the Thieves had an ultimate skill.

Currently, he was level 9 at 40% EXP. He tried to learn the skill and the skill book vanished from his hands in a flash of light.

Lu Li didn’t move for a few seconds. He didn’t dare to believe it, quickly opening the skill panel and confirming that Slit Throat was in it. There was a shining label on it: Ultimate Skill. He was filled with joy!

He wasn’t even level 10 and he had learned a level 20 skill book!

Slit Throat was a very strong skill. Although its regular damage couldn’t compare with Backhand Backstab, it crit against targets at low health. The probability of it being a critical was very high; someone in his past life had used the skill over 1000 times to test it. He found that the critical rate was around 70%.

If he was PVPing another player, they would be as good as dead once their HP reached 20%,!

Only an idiot would sell this skill book!

The third chest dropped two Bronze equips, one of which was a Magic Staff that he conveniently needed to upgrade his ring.

The Treasure Chests found in Moon Reflection Lake had been much better than those in the Cynocephali Mine. Lu Li had found two high quality skill books here. However, he wouldn’t be able to maintain a monopoly on this area for much longer.

Since other players had found out about this, they would sooner or later find a way to open these chests. Underwater Breathing Potions were one example.

After opening all the treasure chests, Lu Li immediately returned. He could imagine the look on the faces of those people when they return to find the chests gone.

“Who touched my treasure chest!”

[Supreme One Ring] (Silver grade): Strength+1, Agility+1, Vampirism+1. Special effects: The Lord of the Forest, Cenarius, gave this ring special powers. You can learn three Druid transformation skills, as well as a skill for one of those transformations. Equipment Requirements: None. Durability: None.

This was Lu Li’s only Silver equip. Bronze equips were primarily being used by regular players, while Steel equips were being used by the experts. If he took this out, everyone would definitely marvel at it.

But, Lu Li knew better than anyone that this equip didn’t actually give him much additional strength.

He looked at his Rager Equipment Set; the one piece gave him 6 stat points. Remnant Dream’s Steel Bracer gave her 10 points, while the Supreme One Ring gave him a measly 2 points. As for the Vampirism stat, it depended on how much you have. If you only had a bit of it, you may as well not have any at all.

The Special Effect was no doubt the best part, but it couldn’t be used in battles.

The final Boss in the LV10 Instance Dungeon on regular difficulty could drop rings. The attributes of these varied, but even the worst one would give an additional 3 to 5 points. This meant that Lu Li’s attributes would be the worst when that time came.

As such, he needed to upgrade the Supreme One Ring to the Supreme Two Ring as soon as possible. The Supreme Two Ring was overpowered.

The upgrade needed to be done at a Sacrificial Altar with 7 other materials. The 7 Jade Spider Webs, a Charm Heart and 5 Snake Trust Grass were things he had already found.

He now needed 3 Bronze Ingots, which could be attained by a Blacksmith combining Copper and Tin ore. Bronze ingots weren’t very rare. He just needed a few Copper and Tin Ore which would cost around 60 silver. If Lu Li bought it with 1 gold, it would probably be accepted as a fair deal.

Additionally, he needed 6 Green Agate, which was found when mining and was considered to have a high value. The use of Green Agate was quite widespread, but the Moon Shadow Valley didn’t have a Mining Trainer nor many mining resources. He would have to buy it from a player of another region and ask them to mail it through.

The market price of this item was hard to say, so Lu Li has temporarily set his price at 30 silver.