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Chapter 57: Professional Businessman

Chapter 57: Professional Businessman

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Upgrading the Supreme One Ring also required a piece of Bronze grade equipment to act as a medium. Bronze grade Magic Staffs could be used, and he had coincidentally found one at the bottom of the lake. There were no requirements for its stats – the item quality was enough.

The final items that Lu Li needed were Magic Amplification Materials. A common type of this were Gale Fangs, which dropped from Gale Wolves in the Moon Shadow Valley. They were LV6-LV7 Magic Beasts and could use Arcane Balls to attack.

In Lu Li’s ‘past life’, Azure Sea Breeze had used these, so Lu Li decided to follow suit.

The drop rate for Gale Fangs wasn’t very low. Lu Li only needed 20 of them, which wouldn’t take too long to gather.

“This piece of equipment’s stats are pretty good, but it’s a bit expensive. Can I buy it using Gale Fangs? I have 30 or so,” a Thief asked him, as he pointed at a piece of Leather Armour that Lu Li was selling.

“Sure.” Lu Li was unable to decline an offer to instantly obtain so many Gale Fangs. Even if he suffered a bit of a loss, it was still acceptable to him. Bronze grade equipment now only sold for around 2 gold coins, and the time he would save could be used to earn even more money.

Now, Lu Li was only missing the Bronze Ingots and Green Agate.。

“Hey brother, you want to buy Green Agate?” a passing-by Druid asked, when he saw Lu Li’s sign.

“That’s right,” Lu Li replied.

“Are you willing to pay a bit more? Green Agate isn’t easy to find and mining takes a lot of effort. Sometimes it takes hours to find a single Green Agate and there’s quite high demand for it. There are a lot of Trade Skills that need it.”

It seemed that this person was a businessman - he sounded extremely eloquent and convincing.

Any newbie would have been won over by his words.

“How much do you want?” Lu Li casually asked.

“3 gold coins for one.” It was audacious of him to ask for such a large amount of money. He probably assumed that Lu Li was quite rich, based off what he was selling.

“Sorry, I’m not interested; I’ll continue to wait for offers.”

Lu Li coldly laughed to himself. Did this guy think he was an idiot?

“There isn’t much Green Agate over in the Night Elf territory. The monsters at the Cynocephali Mines are all quite high levelled, so not many people are brave enough to mine there. I only have a few Green Agate and they were all mailed to me by my friend from the Dwarf Mountains,” the Druid continued, as he tried to persuade Lu Li.

“50 silver coins for 1 is already a fair price. The price over at the Dwarves’ side is probably the same, but I just don’t know anyone over there,” Lu Li replied.

He wasn’t completely out of options yet - he could ask Drinking Alone for help, but owing a favour for a few gold coins wasn’t quite worth it.

“How about this: 6 Green Agate for 10 gold coins. You must be an expert, seeing as you’re selling so many Bronze grade equipment. I’m guessing that you have the money to afford it. I’m called Shen Wansan; how about we be friends?” The Druid’s seemingly kind and amicable smile started to look more and more vulgar.

Shen Wansan was a prominent businessman in the early Ming Dynasty who was incomparably rich. For a player to name himself after that man showed quite a bit about himself.

“Your asking price is a bit too high for me. If you really want to be friends, I’m willing to buy 6 Green Agate and 3 Bronze Ingots for 10 gold coins. If I need any materials in the future, I’ll definitely come to you first,” Lu Li said resolutely.

“That’s not too good.”

Although he said this, Shen Wansan was seriously considering the offer. As someone who had his sights on being the biggest businessman, he was much more acquainted with the selling prices than Lu Li. Green Agate could be bought for 35 silver coins at the Dwarf Novice Village and even the most expensive prices wouldn’t go over 40 silver coins.

As for Bronze Ingots, if it weren’t for Tin Ingots (which were required to make Bronze Ingots) being so rare, they would be worth less than 1 gold coin.

Shen Wansan asking a Dwarf friend to buy some for him would cost him about 50 silver coins per Agate.

Altogether, these things would cost him less than 7 gold coins. Lu Li offering him 10 gold coins was incredibly profitable for him.

“Well, if you don’t want to sell it, that’s fine.”

There was no way that Lu Li would accept a higher price. 10 gold coins was equivalent to $6,000-7,000 in the real world, which was half a month’s rent for him!

“I’ll sell! I’ll sell! Brother, you’re quite a quick-tempered one. I’m guessing you want to be friends then?” Shen Wansan asked with a grin.

“Do you have the goods on you?” Lu Li asked.

“Of course not - my bag’s way too small. It’s in my post-box; I’ll go get it immediately. Just wait a few minutes.”

Shen Wansan didn’t waste any time. After adding Lu Li as a friend, he ran off to get the goods.

The bags in Dawn were simply too small. A professional businessman like Shen Wansan would take advantage of the mail system by leaving items in there, without having to worry about the system erasing them.

After waiting for a long time, Shen Wansan still wasn’t back. Lu Li had already sold 2 Bronze grade equipment before he saw him running back as he huffed and puffed.

“What took you so long? You only just bought those things, didn’t you?” Lu Li asked.

“Heheh, you can’t blame me for doing so. Alright, let’s trade - I’ve got everything here. Now, I’m not boasting, but the only person in all of the Moon Shadow Valley who would be able to get what you want is me, Shen Wansan.”

Shen Wansan had indeed put in a lot of effort to obtain these things. He definitely deserved the profits he had made.

Because of how urgently Shen Wansan had requested the materials and the fact that the system was being updated the next day, the price at which he had bought all of the things was now 9 gold coins. Since there were many players who would be joining soon, many of the players with the goods didn’t mind waiting and ended up selling the goods to Shen Wansan for a price that was higher than normal.

No matter how much money he spent, Shen Wansan was determined to make this deal happen!

The reason was simple - when adding friends, he could confirm the identity of the other person.

There was a person who Shen Wansan deeply respected and wanted to get to know. That person wasn’t the Water Fairy or even the Glory Capital’s head, Sorrowless, it was Lu Li!

When he added Lu Li as a friend, he simply couldn’t believe that it was actually him.

It was the same Lu Li who had sold an incredibly rare Skill Book on the very first day of the game, the same guy who had sold Steel grade equipment on the second day, the same guy who had sold a Guild Upgrade Order on the third day… what couldn’t this guy achieve?

If it was just once, it could be dismissed as luck, or even heaven-defying luck if it were twice. However, saying that he only had good luck was childish.

What attracted Shen Wansan the most was good equipment and players who could obtain good equipment.

As such, he was determined to get on Lu Li’s good side, even if it meant operating at a loss.

Lu Li looked at the items and straightforwardly handed over the 10 gold coins.

“Hey, don’t leave yet. Brother, destroying a bridge after crossing the river isn’t good at all,” Shen Wansan said as he pulled Lu Li over, “Bro, you’re quite mysterious - I can’t even imagine how you obtained all those things. Look at my name - I’m a professional businessman. In the future, if you have any good items or equipment, can you let me sell them for you?”

“Why?” asked Lu Li.

“If you let me handle it for you, you’ll definitely earn more. Take that Guild Upgrade Order for example. You sold it for 50 gold coins, right? If it was up to me, the minimum would have been 120 gold coins,” Shen Wansan said excitedly. To him, Lu Li’s auction was much too amateurish.

All businesspeople could see was money. What was the Blood-red War Flag? If they dared to stand between him and money, he would make them pay.

The ‘loss’ that Lu Li had suffered could easily be avoided by having a trusted agent.