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Chapter 59: Night Ghost (2)

Chapter 59: Night Ghost (2)

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Lu Li slightly regretted letting his guard down. He, who’s profession had the highest sensitivity, had allowed so many players to come within 30 feet of him. This was unacceptable!

Thirty feet was the range from which most ranged professions could attack.

A faintly burning damage figure rose up from Lu Li’s body. It was only 2 points of damage, but these 2 points of damage took away the opportunity for him to enter Stealth.

The Warrior’s Charge was about to hit him and the Warlock had cast a Charm skill.

The players attacking Lu Li were confident of their success. After deploying so many people, they had finally corned the Thief.

After their fight with Lu Li was posted on the forums, the Imperial Secret Service had been greatly affected.

As the stars of the video, they had been mocked and ridiculed by other players. The guild that had lived in glory in many other games became a joke and in less than 3 days, they had lost hundreds of players. Even a few experts that they had recruited left.

20-30 people had been toyed with by a single Thief, who had killed quite a few of them and forced the rest of them to return to town. Only a retard would join such a guild.

However, if they could kill this Lu Li and post a video of this on the internet, they would be able to recover and become even more prominent.

The consequence of messing with the Imperial Secret Service? Death.

Even the title for the post had already been thought of. It was incredibly domineering and cool!

However, the grins on the faces of the Imperial Secret Service’s players soon disappeared. Lu Li turned into a puff of green coloured smoke and vanished.

“Force him out of hiding! Use anything you have!” The leader of this expedition, ‘Raging Wolf Blood’, didn’t know how Lu Li vanished, but his experience informed him as to how to counter it.

He knew that some thieves could instantly use Shadowmeld and Stealth to slip away. However, that didn’t matter. As long as they could continuously hit him with skills, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

The players who came this time were not the same as the ones from before. The previous group had been pulled together quickly, while the players here now represented almost all of the experts that they had in the Moon Shadow Valley.

Ten or so ranged attacks spread out, covering the ground, while the melee players swung their weapons around. They were all left disappointed. There were no signs that any of them had hit Lu Li.

Where did he go?

A small golden cheetah hid in the thickets while eating a piece of bread.

Lu Li shivered as he looked at his HP.

A single round of attacks had brought him down to critical HP.

Just then, he had dodged all the melee attacks, but he had been hit by quite a few ranged attacks.

If not for the fact that being damaged in the first 3 seconds of Vanish did not cancel the stealth effect, and if not for his equipment, he definitely would have died.

After returning to full health, Lu Li activated Stealth and walked out.

The trees and thickets within the Forest made it difficult to look for someone, but they also gave Lu Li cover.

He silently crept behind a Magician and stabbed his Dagger into the back of his head. Luckily, it was just a game. Otherwise, their brain fluids would have probably started to leak out. With a single strike, Lu Li had dealt around half of that player’s HP.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 92%, caused 180% Skill Damage, target stunned for 2 seconds!

In those 2 seconds, Lu Li could attack with his normal attacks 3 times, dealing more than 100 damage each time.

The Magician reacted quickly after he recovered. He immediately used Shadowmeld to avoid Lu Li’s next normal attack, then lifted his hands and prepared to launch an Inferno Impact.

If Lu Li was hit by the Inferno Impact, he would probably be Blinded.

Lu Li shook his head and sidestepped as he spun, stabbing the Dagger in his right hand into the Magician’s back.

A Backhand Backstab with a Skill Completion of more than 70% cleared out the Magician’s remaining HP.

The feeling of attacking and killing like this was quite thrilling. Lu Li took a deep breath and picked up the equipment on the ground, then once again melted into the darkness.

Just then, he hadn’t used Cheap Shot, because he wanted to experience what a real PVP battle was like. If he had used Cheap Shot, he definitely would have been able to kill the Magician before he could even retaliate.

Once he heard that a member of the team had died, Raging Wolf Blood immediately knew it was Lu Li.

From where the battle had happened, he made a guess of Lu Li’s current location and a few Magicians immediately surrounded the area.

None of them noticed the little cheetah stealthily slipping away. At night and within the Forest, it was much more convenient to move around as the little cheetah.

The next player to be assassinated was the Warrior. This poor Warrior had accidentally drawn the aggro of a Wolf. If there was anyone to help him, he would have been able to finish it off quickly. However, no one paid him any attention because of Lu Li’s reappearance.

It was just a normal monster. Surely a Warrior would be able to take care of it.

That was only true, however, when there was no one else interfering.

A Cheap Shot stunned the Warrior for 4 seconds. With the combined attacks from the Wolf and a Thief, the Warrior was finished off in less than 3 seconds.

A few Imperial Secret Service players hurried over, only to see the Warrior and a dead Wolf wrapped together in an intimate embrace.

“Damn Thief. Face us like a man!”

There were many shameless players, but this guy was special. Even his comrades rolled their eyes when they heard this. With so many players trying to find and kill him, only a retard would step out into the open.

Just as the Warrior’s body began to grow cold, a shout came from elsewhere.

A group of players quickly ran over, but only found another corpse.

Raging Wolf Blood could empathise with the frustration and helplessness that the previous group’s leader felt. He finally understood why that leader had made those decisions that day.

He had 2 options: they could either give up, or all die.

A black shadow flitted past and he saw 2 Daggers criss-cross, as they repeatedly stabbed into an isolated Hunter.

The Hunter was stunned and when he awoke, he saw his comrades running towards him before his vision darkened.

Lu Li backflipped and shrank down into his cheetah form as he hid in the thickets. He would transform into the cheetah and activate Stealth, not giving the other players any opportunity to catch him.

He was a Night Ghost, the Phantom of the Forest!

“Let’s go!” Raging Wolf Blood closed his eyes as he sighed and gave the order to retreat.

“Should we revive our fallen players?” someone asked.

A cry of surprise sounded out from the distance, then abruptly stopped. After a few moments, Swirling Left Eye’s voice sounded in the chatroom.

“It was two of us against one of him. Right Eye even launched the first attack, but we failed. Boss, we should retreat!”

“Everyone, start channelling your teleport. If you meet this person in the future, don’t fight with him.” Raging Wolf Blood did not waste any time, telling everyone to immediately leave.

Had they underestimated their enemy? Or were the time and location unfavourable towards them?

Even if they could choose the time and location and bring a team of elite players, how could they defeat this incredibly stealthy Night Ghost?!