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Chapter 60: Slight Disappointment

Chapter 60: Slight Disappointment

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Lu Li sent off another Thief with a Slit Throat and picked up the dropped equipment. Just as he was about to enter Stealth, he saw a group of people gathered together with a gentle light surrounding them. There were people channelling their hearthstones?

Lu Li transformed into the little cheetah and crept over. What he saw left him dumbfounded.

30-40 people were huddled together, channelling their hearthstones.

The scene actually looked quite spectacular.


Just as he was about to interrupt them, Lu Li suddenly stopped.

For so many people to channel their hearthstones together, it had to be a trap!

Perhaps, they would cancel the channels and launch a volley of attacks at him as soon as he appeared.

What an insidious leader!

Just as Lu Li was about to celebrate how wise he was, the players that were channelling their hearthstones all disappeared.

They left?

Lu Li stared in shock for about 10 seconds before walking over.

There was not a single player left, and the system had restored the grass to its normal condition. It was as if they had never been there and the battle that Lu Li had just been in was simply a hallucination.

Lu Li’s Daggers danced around in his hands like butterflies. After thinking for a while, he shrugged. He could only accept that those people had retreated.

Such lack of dedication!

He didn’t feel relieved, but rather, quite disappointed.

200 years ago, there had been a ridiculous TV series that spent five minutes opening and introducing the characters, and another five minutes closing with a preview of the next episode. Another ten minutes were spent on repetitive fighting and only the remaining ten minutes contained the actual plot.

That wasn’t the point though. In that TV series, there was a phrase that was very relevant to what just happened: “I didn’t even use my strength but you’ve already fallen!”

Were these people just playing around?

Lu Li had seen and heard about quite a few PVP battles in Dawn, all of which were incredibly exciting and thrilling. No one cared about the potential loss of EXP or equipment; the only thought in their minds was “KILL!”

Take, for example, the battle that had caused Moonlight’s name to rise to prominence. He had fought from morning to night and every person involved had dropped many levels. Furthermore, his equipment that was worth hundreds of thousands of gold was all lost.

So why then, had things turned out like this?

The last time he had encountered the Imperial Secret Service, they had also fought for a while before huddling together to channel their hearthstones.

These two groups of people were quite similar. Could it be that they were also from the Imperial Secret Service?

If the Imperial Secret Service players knew that Lu Li had figured out their identity not because of their fame, but because of their cowardice, they probably would have committed suicide out of shame.

The Imperial Secret Service players weren’t bad by any means. For example, if they were to fight Moonlight, it would be possible to kill him by overwhelming him with numbers, despite his skill or equipment. After all, even though Moonlight was a ‘war god’, he had been killed many times and Lu Li would often hear of him being killed. However, Lu Li was different. He was a Thief - a very crafty Thief.

Last time, he had hidden away for many minutes before doing anything to find a good opportunity. When everyone thought that he was gone, he had suddenly reappeared and killed many players. After killing someone, he immediately disappeared.

The same thing had happened this time. Lu Li’s equipment were better, he was more skilled, and he was more cunning. Apart from the initial volley of ranged attacks that he was hit by, the Imperial Secret Service players couldn’t even touch him.

This sort of battle had caused them to despair. They were facing a Night Ghost, an untouchable phantom. As such, Raging Wolf Blood had quickly given the order to retreat. Otherwise, their numbers would be continually whittled down until their entire group perished.

After killing five players, Lu Li had obtained two pieces of Bronze grade equipment and a piece of Steel grade equipment. He was quite satisfied with these rewards.

The Bronze grade equipment were both for Magic professions and he could sell these for money. The Steel grade equipment was dropped by one of the Thieves he had killed at the end and had excellent stats.

Spellbreaker’s Leather Pants (Steel): 10 Armour, Strength+4, Critical Chance+10%, Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 18/25.

This was a fantastic piece of equipment for a Warrior Thief. Upon seeing the 10% Critical Chance, Lu Li immediately equipped the pants. No matter if he was an Agility Thief or a Strength Thief, Critical Chance was something he could never have enough of.

With this, Lu Li now had 1 piece of Silver grade equipment (Supreme One Ring) and 6 pieces of Steel grade equipment (Spider Silk Gloves, Swift Leather Boots, Weaver’s Leather Armour, Spellbreaker’s Leather Pants, Broodmother’s Kiss, Death’s Shadow). This placed him above almost all other players. Even experts with the support of big guilds probably would not have anything comparable.

After all, no one else had killed 3 Bosses in the Wilderness, obtained the First Clear for an Instance Dungeon and obtained a new record for an Instance Dungeon. This even include the equipment he had found from the many chests he opened every day.

Lu Li did not change to a different place to train. After all, the Forest was very suited to Thieves, especially at night. If anyone wants to die, come at me. However, Lu Li did not let down his guard. This time, he kited the monsters towards the thickets before he started fighting them.

If anyone attacked him, he could instantly dive into a thicket and escape.

Currently, only Druids could dive into thickets and bushes like that. No one would expect a Thief to be able to transform into a cheetah.

Lu Li farmed monsters until 12am, filling up 70% of his EXP bar. The system notified the players that the update was about to begin and told them to safely log off. Otherwise, they would be responsible for any loss if they continued to play.

After logging out, Lu Li was shocked to find that there were many people in his room.

His three female landlords and his little sister who should have been asleep were all looking at him in awe.

Luckily, he at had a pair of boxers on.

“Xin Xin, what are you all doing here?”

“Big brother, I heard that you committed murder in the game again. So cool!” the little girl said with an expression of admiration.

What the heck? Shouldn’t little sisters usually have eyes filled with tears?

“Big brother, you committed murder. Let’s run… I’ll be with you forever…”

“That’s not called ‘murder’, it’s called ‘PVP’ - something that people do for fun. You have school tomorrow, so you should rest early, alright?” Lu Li did his best to correct his little sister. He couldn’t allow her to go around telling everyone that her brother had murdered people.

“Heheh, if the Imperial Secret Service’s people knew that you killed them ‘for fun’, they’d probably cry,” Dou Dou said with an expression of fake compassion.

“Don’t you dare corrupt my little sister. Who knows what sort of things you were telling her.”

Lu Li put the game helmet away and put on a shirt, covering his muscular and scar-ridden chest.

The bespectacled and delicate Yi Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, as she reluctantly looked away from Lu Li’s chest.

“You’re drooling, you pervert,” Huan Huan said as she nudged Yi Yi, feeling embarrassed because of her friend. She looked so prim and proper, but she acted like this.

“The video has already been uploaded to the forum and they got your face this time.”

Dou Dou jumped in front of Lu Li with an ‘I caught you’ expression.