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Chapter 62: Real Life Great Thief

Chapter 62: Real Life Great Thief

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“I only attended 2 years of primary school. After that, things happened, and I haven’t set foot in a school since,” Lu Li said calmly.

No one could understand how unfortunate that year was for them.

Their parents left them and there were no relatives that were willing to foster them. The only orphanage near them was found to have been associated with a child abuse scandal. Eight-year-old Lu Li and his baby sister had to persevere to survive.

Not only did he raise his sister and send her to school, he did this without committing a single crime.

“Not only were your past records clean, you have even received many awards for the good deeds you’ve done,” the old man said, with Lu Xin’s social profile and their family’s information in his hands.

“Done good deeds…”

Lu Li felt slightly uncomfortable with that phrase.

There were many more good deeds he had done over the past years. However, favours would only be recorded by the Social Credit Bureau if they were submitted by someone. Many of the other good deeds that he had done over the past years had all gone without record.

“Ha ha, young man, don’t mock the system. There are reasons for recording individual social credits,” the old man laughed. “We haven’t accepted a student from the Slum District for 13 years. Even if their grades were good, they were all sent to the No.7 Middle School. They have a class catered to students from the Slum District.

Lu Li’s expression changed slightly. A few days ago, he had compiled his household’s information, as well as Lu Xin’s grade report and sent them off to No.1 Middle School. He received a notification of acceptance on the same day. Lu Li was oblivious to the inside enrolment stories of Slum District students and how difficult it was to be accepted.

“You have a very high social credit, especially for someone from the Slum District,” the old man said. “Our society has become more and more corrupt, so it’s rare to find people like you.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Li thanked him genuinely.

“If you are interested in attending school, I can help you with that as well.”

The old man took out a business card from his drawer. “This is Principal Liao’s business card from the Normal University. I can send in a good word for you. You can go and attend some lectures at the university and listen in on them,” he offered.

“And for my sister…?” Lu Li slid the business card into his pocket.

“Grade 1 Class 5. I will speak with the teacher in charge of that class. You can start attending class today.” The old man must have been someone of importance. Lu Li had done some background research and found that the first 5 classes were almost impossible for normal people to get into.

“Do you have any questions regarding the school fees?” the old man asked

“No, all good, thank you sir.”

Lu Li shook his head; he did not intend to apply for any reductions.

Lu Xin was from the Slum District. She would be mocked by her classmates if they found out he had applied for one.

Many schools jumped the gun and tried to do things to help the disadvantaged students. Although their intentions were good, they did not realise the impact it had on the self-esteem of their students and how they were viewed among their peers.

His sister did not need that!


The old man smiled, impressed with Lu Li

He had no education and no official job, but was still able to provide for his sister. He had even helped her to be accepted into the top middle school. This kid seemed to have great potential.

Lu Li said his goodbyes and figured out that Lu Xin’s class was located at the front of the campus. When they arrived, there were many students in the classroom for the morning self-study session.

“You’re the new student, right? Come on in.”

A female teacher gestured her to come in. She wore black framed glasses and dressed very professionally.

Lu Xin stood next to the teacher and shyly introduced herself to the class.

Lu Li was worried about his sister and stood at the door to observe. He had to make sure that Lu Xin had settled in before he could leave.

“The new student is so cute.”

The students whispered to each other as their attention turned to Lu Xin.

“Damn, is she a loli from the 2D world? Her voice is so gentle and so cute; I think I’m going to die.”

“Sit next to me! There’s a spare seat next to me!”

The commotion was mainly from the boys, however, there were a few girls who were also into lolis. Naturally, there were also others who disagreed.

“Her looks are ok, but look at the way she dresses. It’s so random and out of place,” some girls commented sourly.

“It looks familiar; is that the CC brand from last years’ catalogue? No, it looks like the knockoff version. Wow, she’s wearing imitations.”

The girls laughed mockingly to mask their jealousy.

No.1 Middle School was catered to the Rich District. Most students come from a wealthy background. Lu Xin’s background instantly created a socio-economic divide between her and her classmates.

The teacher said sternly, “Lu Xin was accepted in our class by Principal Fan. I hope that you’ll all get along in the future. If someone gives her a hard time I will be contacting your parents.”

Principal Fan was the old man from the enrolment department. He was not only the enrolment officer, but also the famous principal of No.1 Middle School.

He had been a relief teacher at No.1 Middle School for 10 years, the Education Director, vice principal, principal of No.2 Middle School, professor at Hua Xia University of Industry and Commerce, Head of Department, Chair of board and the Principal of Normal University. He had many accomplishments and wealth of experience. He was well respected and had a good reputation among other educators.

Many rich and powerful people from the Rich District had either been his classmate, his student or had attended his economic lectures. Many students from the Rich District were taught to be respectful of Principal Fan. If they did not listen to Principal Fan, they would probably be skinned alive by their parents.

When they realised it was Principal Fan that organised her admission, many of the students became quiet.

“You, outside the door, are you a new student as well?” the teacher asked, seeing Lu Li standing outside the door.

Lu Li shook his head and pointed in the direction of Lu Xin, replying, “I’m her older brother and accompanied her here. My sister is quite shy, so please take good care of her.”

As Lu Li spoke, he caught the attention of the students.

The bitter girls wanted to mock him because of how tacky his clothes were. His sister was at least quite cute, but he was dressed overly formal on such a hot day.

But before they could begin their mocking, someone shouted loudly.

“What the heck, it’s Lu Li!”

“I must be blind, it’s actually Lu Li!”

“Am I imagining things? I can’t believe that I get to see the legend himself!”

Normally the students were afraid of the teacher, but this time, they didn’t care. It was not only one or two, but as many as ten who continued to yell and shout.

“Shut up! All of you! What are you being loud about?! Get out if you want to be loud!” the teacher sternly commanded with a serious face. The piercing stare behind her glasses was almost like an AOE skill, able to immediately annihilate every student.

Normally, if she got angry like this, the classroom would be dead quiet. Even the naughtiest of students would shut up.

But today, everything changed.

As soon as the teacher stopped speaking, a few of the boys jumped up and ran out of the classroom.