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Chapter 64: System Update

Chapter 64: System Update

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After the System Update, the night and day within Dawn was almost the opposite of reality. The days were always long, while the nights were always short. The night was set to be exactly 8 hours, from 10AM to 6PM real time. During this time, the Nightcrawlers would roam the wilderness and the public Instance Dungeons would be closed. Those who wanted to train had to do so in the wild and at the risk of death.

In order to adapt to this reversed time, Lu Li forced himself to sleep well in the afternoon.

After he woke up, he found his landlords at his door.


“Hey, I would say that we are considered beauties. How dare you speak to us like you saw a cockroach?” Dou Dou’s personality was unlike the meaning of her name, which meant reserved. Once she caught on to something, she couldn’t keep quiet about it.

“Okay, I’m sorry. What seems to be the problem?” Lu Li asked insincerely, while thinking about making some food.

“We would like to take you out for some food and bring some home for Xin Xin.”

Knowing that their looks wouldn’t work, Yi Yi resorted to luring him in with food.

“Okay, how about we go to the Dragon Szechuan restaurant?” If someone was offering to pay, he would be happy to accept. This would also let his sister try some better food, so he had no reason to reject the offer.

“You’re ruthless. Do you really want to go the Dragon Szechuan restaurant? Do you want to eat all our money away?” The sad looks of the beauties were a sight to behold. Of course, this was just a pretense, as the Dragon Szechuan restaurant was an extremely popular restaurant. On average, it would cost each person less than 100 dollars.

However, they wanted something in return and waited until the food had arrived before revealing their true intentions.

“Lu Li, you’re an expert. What kind of profession should I play?” Zhou Huan Huan asked.

“This is a complex question; it depends on your ability, hobbies and what kind of playstyle you have.”

Lu Li could already roughly guess what they were going to ask. These three girls were very reasonable in giving him and his sister such low rent, so he had no reason to avoid the question.

“We just play however. As long as it’s fun we don’t mind,” Yi Yi said.

“Oh, are you not going to maintain the game studio?” Lu Li was surprised.

“Playing casually doesn’t mean that we can’t earn money.”

Dou Dou’s mood changed quickly and she happily said, “Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a high quality skill book.”

“Wipe off your saliva. What profession do you want to play?” Lu Li asked.

“Paladin.” Dou Dou placed her hand over her chest. “May the light keep you!” she declared.

“Sure, what about you guys? Are there any professions that particularly interest you?”

The Paladin was one of Dawn’s most popular professions. However, this profession was hard to play without skill.

“I want to tame pets, but I heard that the Tame Beast Skill Book is hard to find. If that’s a problem, then never mind,” Yi Yi said.

“I have a hunter on my friends list who has already learned Tame Beast. If it appears again, I’ll hold onto it for you, so don’t worry. After level 10, its really easy to grind the skill book. Otherwise, the profession would be unplayable.”

Lu Li supported her choice of hunter.

“I don’t know what to play, but I definitely don’t want to play Priest,” Huan Huan sadly said.

“Not priest?” Lu Li asked.

“I just don’t want to play Priest, but I still like being a Healer.”

“Then play Shaman - Healer Shaman can restore health, give buffs, drop various totems, transform into a Shadow Wolf and it also has a variety of strong support skills. Together, the three of you have ranged DPS, melee DPS and a healer. Once Dou Dou gets a set of defensive equipment, you won’t even need to find a Main Tank.”

The Shaman’s wolf was somewhat similar to the Druid’s cheetah transformation. After transforming, it gave a 20% movement speed increase and a stealth ability. If you were lucky, you could also learn the increased speed skill. The only caveat was that it didn’t have any offensive abilities.

“Picking a profession isn’t actually that complicated. The players on the forums have barely learnt any skills, so they can’t speak for picking one profession over another,” Lu Li said with disdain. He had forgotten that he was only aware of this because of his previous life’s knowledge.

After dealing with the issue of food and clothing, it was almost day-time in Dawn when they got back. Lu Li washed up and logged into the game, which was now bright and beautiful like a painting.

Lu Li didn’t have time to appreciate the beauty of it; he quickly found a hiding spot and transformed into a small leopard. He ran past the Moon Reflection Lake, sending a message while he went.

“Quickly go to the small forest next to the Moon Reflection Lake. I have led the turtle to the other side!”

This was something that only Lu Li knew. The system update would refresh all kinds of things, including Bosses and Treasure Chests!

Originally, he had planned to go the Cynocephali mine and open the three chests, but after some thought, he decided that fighting a Boss was more worth it. The items produced in those chests were generally common, but there was a possibility of the Boss dropping a Steel item.

There was no one else in the wilderness other than Lu Li, as he rushed towards the Moon Reflection Lake. His gold yellow fur shone in the sun, making him look like a bright gold streak.


The little leopard dove into the water and instantly turned into a seal.

Worried that someone would take the Boss, Lu Li didn’t open the Treasure Chest that he saw. He pulled the aggro of the Boss and took it back to the surface. After breaching the surface, he transformed into the leopard again and pulled the Boss into the forest.

The turtle Boss reluctantly looked at the Moon Reflection Lake as it was forced to slowly follow Lu Li according to the rules of the system.

Although the forest area was small, it was much easier to kill the monster here than by the lake. They only had 6 people, but that was better than competing against the huge army of people that were gathered to fight the Boss.

Azure Sea Breeze, Moonlight, Lonesome Flower, March Rain and Remnant Dream were already online to receive Lu Li’s reminder. They wanted to fight a Boss as soon as they entered the game, so they waited vigilantly for this message.

“Sea Breeze, take aggro. Everyone else start dealing damage.”

Lu Li rushed into woods and turned back into humanoid form.

Azure Sea Breeze used Charge and Taunt to draw the Boss’ attention to himself. While doing so, he asked, “Lu Li, we answered so many things, but we didn’t get any EXP rewards.”

Before the game opened, the official website had been updated to announce the updated content. A staggering 48 of those things were suggested by them; the 6 of them were tied for first place.

The first thing Azure Sea Breeze checked when he came online was how much he had levelled up by. But to his disappointment, he was still 30% EXP from hitting level 10.