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Chapter 66: Rattan City

Chapter 66: Rattan City

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Gray Valley and its surrounding areas were the most popular places for players between LV10-30.

This area had five private Instance Dungeons to be explored, according to the town map.

It also had the most complete set of Trade Profession NPCs and Dawn’s only fishing master, who resided by the Iris Lake.

The scenery was also beautiful, making it a paradise for casual gamers.

From here you could reach the Human and Dwarf ports, the Evil Faction’s outpost, Stranglethorn Vale and the Druid’s Sacred Moonlight Grove.

This was also a popular PVP location, especially between the Light Faction and the Evil Faction in a contest for land. The blood of countless players flowed through the river.

As well as this, the altar that Lu Li needed to upgrade his ring was in Gray Valley; he couldn’t think of a reason not to go there.

The other players wouldn’t know all this at first and would travel to various places in the world. However, as the player-base’s knowledge deepened, they would slowly converge in Gray Valley to the point of overcrowding.

Azure Sea Breeze and the others had no reason to disagree, so they followed Lu Li to Gray Valley.

Lu Li ran until his stamina depleted, before resting by the roadside.

This was another feature added by the update. Sprinting, flying, fighting and completing Instance Dungeons all consumed some stamina, which could be regained by resting. Additionally, Alchemy could produce Stamina Potions and eating cooked food could restore stamina.

While waiting for the others to arrive, Lu Li looked at the items dropped by the turtle Boss.

The Wild Boss ended up dropping a Steel item.

Poison Bow (Steel): Damage 15-24, Agility +3, Special Effect: Targets hit by this weapon will be poisoned. Level Requirement 5, Durability 28/28.

Bows, Crossbows and rifles were all part of Dawn’s ranged weapons. The Bow’s attack was higher, while the Crossbow and rifle had higher attack speed. Amongst these, the rifle with a sight attached had the highest accuracy.

For players who weren’t very good, the rifle was their choice of weapon.

The Poison Bow was most suited to Hunters, but other professions could use it as a means of ranged attack.

The attributes of this weapon were similar to the Crossbow that Lu Li gave to Remnant Dream. For her, the Crossbow was easier to use, so she probably would not want to switch weapons.

Lu Li intended to hold on to the Bow – he needed to do something that required a ranged weapon. With it, his efforts would be halved for twice the result.

This Poison Bow was a Shortbow, so it had outstanding attack and a far greater attack speed than that of a Longbow. It also had a small frame, so it wouldn’t hinder his movements if he carried it on his back.

After asking Remnant Dream in the chatroom, the hunter decided not to change weapons. To her, operating the Bow was a nightmare.

Kleig only dropped one Steel item, in addition to 2 Bronze items, one of which was a Druid Jungle Herdsmen equip. Lu Li took the Shortbow and didn’t participate in the rest of the distribution.

A few of them had now reached Snake Valley, but they didn’t immediately fight the Boss. Instead, they farmed the ordinary snakes because they needed to find Snake Bile to produce Antidotes.

The lowest level member was currently Remnant Dream at LV8. Everyone else was now LV9 and approaching LV10. Only Azure Sea Breeze had long since achieved this milestone, but the experience of levelling up after this was truly horrible. He had been farming snakes for over 2 hours now and had only gained 3% EXP.

Lu Li was collecting Snake Bile while fighting the monsters, creating antidotes whenever the cooldown refreshed.

After making quite a few Intermediate Antidotes, they started fighting the Boss.

Snake King Gallaher wasn’t a Boss that could be dealt with in greater numbers. Its poison attack had been dubbed the ‘Full Screen’, but Lu Li had Intermediate antidotes which were taken on his command. This made the 35,000HP Boss rather satisfying to fight.

After the Snake King fell, Lu Li’s EXP jumped to 85%.

However, he hadn’t been paying much attention his EXP, as his full attention was on the items that Gallaher had dropped.

It dared not to drop a Rager Pendant!

Only with a complete Equipment Set would the Rager Pendant have a special effect. Without the set, it was just an ordinary equip.

Gallaher had been killed twice now, but both times, the Rager Pendant hadn’t been dropped.

Lu Li wasn’t very frustrated, as all level 10 to 20 Bosses had a decent chance of dropping them.

The loot wasn’t nearly as good as the First Clear. The only noteworthy item was a pair of Steel Mage Shoes that were pretty average – they didn’t even give movement speed. Lu Li passed them to Lonesome Flower and gave the rest of the 4 Bronze equips, including those from the turtle, to Azure Sea Breeze to sell and split between those who hadn’t received a Steel equip.

As for the two materials that the Boss dropped, they were both unanimously given to Lu Li.

Later, the group prepared to leave Moon Shadow Valley. For some, this small Night Elf Forest Village gave opportunity, but for others, only disappointment.

For Lu Li, this place was now part of the past; there was a broader world beyond.

In town, there were Auction houses, the Arena, more Instance Dungeons, more quests, even more NPCs and many business opportunities.

As long as it only cost 1 Gold to leave Moon Shadow Valley, Lu Li’s and his group wouldn’t miss this bit of money. Azure Sea Breeze waited for everyone on the Teleportation Channel, while Lu Li went ahead to another place.

There was something that Lu Li initially only had a 50% chance of getting, but now he stood an 80% chance.

Rattan City, a small town in the heart of the Evil Faction, celebrated its first guest.

“Look, it’s an elf. Wait, it’s a sinful Thief, a despicable bandit, a dirty robber. Guys, help me catch him.” A Dwarf Goblin Guard jumped up and down but dared not move forward to attack, choosing to keep shouting instead.

Lu Li remembered that because he had attacked the Goblin businessman Krolly, his Goblin reputation was negative. Rattan City happened to be a typical Goblin town.

The two or three level 60 Goblins were careful not to come over. Their timidity was nothing like their great greed.

“Is this how Rattan City treats adventurers?” Lu Li braced himself and took a step forward, not showing a shred of fear.

“We only welcome friendlies,” the guards shouted angrily. “But you, the jungle stalker, attacked a great businessman. Mr Krolly has spread your reputation throughout the goblin world.”

“I swear in the name of Elune, I am no enemy of the goblin world,” Lu Li explained while rubbing two pieces of gold in his hands. He proclaimed boldly, “In order to learn the great discipline of engineering, I deliberately travelled for thousands of miles from the Whispering Forest in Moon Shadow Valley.”

“Oh, you’ve heard about Rattan City’s engineering?”

The Goblin had a sense of pride, not only because they had the most comprehensive set of merchandise in the mainland, but also because of their great engineering.

“Yes, in this world, there is nothing compared to Goblin Engineering.” Lu Li handed a gold coin to the Head of the Guards. “Respected Rattan City Guardian, can you recommend Rattan City’s greatest Engineering Master?”