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Chapter 68: Aegwynn Residence

Chapter 68: Aegwynn Residence

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Only when he had almost used up all his stamina did Lu Li dare to slow down. He carefully took out the old parchment from his backpack.

This parchment was completely different from the others; it was older and looked more exquisite. Even the handwriting had a sense of charm. This was not something an intermediate engineer would own.

Blueprint: Ivy’s Fool Bomb

Field: Engineering

Requirement: Intermediate (150)

Use: Teaches you to create “Ivy’s Foolproof Bomb”

Ivy’s Fool Bomb: A fool bomb that can be used by any adventurer who knows nothing about engineering. It will hit the target almost every time! Deals 2000 damage to tall targets within a radius of 5 yards.

Lu Li had only seen Ivy’s Fool Bomb once in his past life. It was in an auction house and was sold for 300 gold, which at the time was worth almost $50,000.

Ivy’s Fool bomb was not something that conventional Engineers could make. It was said that no one in Azeroth could make any items from the Ivy series.

Ivy was a legendary master engineer who had accidentally killed himself over 1000 years ago, attempting to create a super bomb that could level the Kayaro Mountains. The bomb had exploded during the manufacturing process, burning him and all twelve of his children to a crisp. Their labs and lab notes were also destroyed in the explosion.

Only some of their less well-known disciples survived. These people more or less inherited Ivy’s legacy, but unfortunately, were also interested in bombs. They dedicated their lives to developing them, which led to their deaths as well. This was the reason for its decline.

Making bombs was risky, but the profits were huge.

No one could imagine, that this remote seaside town would contain a lost Ivy formula, and not just an Ivy formula, but one for a bomb.

Bombs were very useful; other than in PVP or in fighting bosses, one could use them to farm monsters. They were essentially EXP farming machines.

Lu Li only needed to drop a few bombs and watch as his level rose.

He affectionately read the blueprints over and over again, before reluctantly putting them back in his bag. He then remembered that he had also picked up a piece of equipment.

Bestial Soul Shoulderpad (Steel): Armour 18, Agility +6, Pet attack +20%, Level Requirement 10, Durability 35/35.

This was a hunter exclusive Chain Mail Armour. The 20% attack buff for pets was the best bonus that a Beastmaster Hunter could ask for. It would sell for at least 10 gold coins in the auction house.

He didn’t know who the hunter that dropped this was, or whether it fell from his bag or from his body. It would be truly unfortunate, if a LV10 expert was out there still trying understand why he was killed.

Not far north was a castle owned by a union and currently in the hands of Sierra’s army.

Sierra was the daughter of Admiral Kurdilas. Under the guidance of the Prophet Medivh, Mage Jaina Proudmoor led the fugitives of Lordaeron to a city on the east coast of Kalimdor.

Lu Li had come here to find a secluded Great Prophet.

In his past life, he had completed a quest where he heard an NPC tell a story about Aegwynn that mentioned this.

She (Aegwynn) was sent to Kalimdor and built a beautiful hut along the shore near Rattan City, as she waited for death to come.

Then, she constructed an Astral Well, from which she saw the end of her son (Medivh). When she saw Khadgar and Lothar Execute Medivh, her heart broke.

She was determined to use all of her magic to revive her son!

After storing up her magical powers for 20 years, she finally managed to revive Medivh and remove him from Sargeras’ evil soul. Medivh was determined to atone for his wickedness, so he travelled and implored the leaders of all the races to unite against the Burning Legion as one.

Then, Aegwynn sacrificed the last of her magic for her grandson. This Guardian of Tirisfal who had lived for thousands of years was suspected to have reached the extreme limits of life.

According to legend, Medivh took Karazhan’s energy, illusion, memory and everything else. He said, “Now, let us start again,” before turning into a crow and flying away.

In the library of written records, it was said that ‘the prophet disappeared until old age…’

Lu Li hoped to find that beautiful hut at the beach outside Rattan City and Medivh along with it.

The hut was not hard to find; Lu Li soon saw it on the shore.

Green ivy covered the rooftop, which bloomed with densely intertwined lavenders and bright yellow flowers.

There was an old tree next to the door of the hut, with a gray swing hanging down from it.

He could imagine that in a similarly quiet evening, there might be a seemingly ordinary old woman sitting on the swing, gazing out at the sea.

She would reminisce about her life in the Tirisfal woodland and the sound of the boys laughing would play in her ears. She would also think back to Sargeras, who was imprisoned by her in the abyss of powerful demons. Then, there was Nielas Aran…

Aran, the one who she had decided to have a child with, the Stormwind City Court Mage.

The cool sea breeze blew at her, as she smiled, rembering her son, her grandson…

Lu Li walked somberly to the swing and bowed lowly to the woman who had given everything for Azeroth. “The most powerful mage that transcends demigods; may you rest in the world of Emerald Dreams,” he thought.

Ivy’s formula and the Bestial Soul Shoulderpad had already paid the teleport fee ten times over.

But to be able to see Aegwynn’s former residence made this trip even more meaningful.

He sat down on the swing and took out a book from his backpack.

My life belongs to myself and I make all my decisions willingly and freely. I have never been controlled by anyone: not even the gods can do so! I lower my head to others out of respect and admiration, but never out of subservience!

Lu Li stroked the cover that these words were engraved upon, looking more and more determined.