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Chapter 70: Rankings

Chapter 70: Rankings

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Bloodstained Badge (Silver): Constitution+10, recover 1% HP every 3 seconds when wearing the badge. Has a certain chance to activate 30% damage conversion. Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 40/40.

It was a Silver grade equipment and a badge as well, which was extremely rare. The stats were also amazing.

“It definitely makes up for it. Respected Archmage, I have no way to express my gratitude towards you,” Lu Li said with an expression of excitement, while gripping the badge as though he was afraid that it would be taken back.

This was no less than expected from a being that surpassed demigods. He had casually given out such a rare and valuable item. It was possible that this was the lowest quality item that Medivh had and Lu Li even felt tempted to bring a crowd of people to rob him.

“It’s good that you’re satisfied. May you have a pleasant journey, Cenarius’ ineheritor.” Medivh looked deeply at the Supreme One Ring on Lu Li’s finger as he slowly disappeared into the light of the sunset.

An extremely overpowered bomb recipe, a flight skill and a piece of Silver grade equipment!

He had received quite a few good items and achieved his goal. Lu Li happily channelled his hearthstone and prepared to return to town.

He did not return to the nearest town, but the Moon Shadow Valley that the hearthstone was bound to. Teleporting from a town to another town cost 2 gold coins, but teleporting from the Novice Village only cost 1 gold coin. Moreover, Lu Li did not dare to return to the Rattan City - the Guards would just kill him immediately.

The Moon Shadow Valley was even more busy than before. Countless new players had joined the game and the once spacious Novice Village had become packed full of people. He couldn’t help but admire the foresight of whoever had designed the Novice Villages.

“LV3 Bronze grade weapon, 7-10 Attack. Willing to accept gold coins or real money. Absolutely essential for Thieves who want to quickly level up, don’t miss out!”

“Boosting for the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon, minimum level is LV3. $2,000 for 1 person, guaranteed to level you up after 1 run.”

“Selling an entire set of low level equipment, $10,000. If you want to catch up to the other players, you’ll need to make some investments…”

The first batch of players found that this was a good business opportunity and quickly earned enough money to teleport to another city or town. Some people didn’t want to let this opportunity go and decided to stay in the Novice Village for a while.

These people would be left behind by the people who chose to leave and would quickly be overtaken by the new players. After all, new players received double EXP for a period of time.

Lu Li didn’t plan to earn money here, even though he knew it was quite profitable to do business with newbies.

With his level and equipment, it would be no problem to boost four people through an Instance Dungeon.

Lu Li paid 1 gold coin to the teleporter and stood on the teleportation channel. After a few seconds of dizziness, he arrived at the Grey Valley’s Astrana.

Astrana was the Light Faction’s base camp in the Grey Valley. It was situated between sentry outposts and was behind the Zoram Harbor. There were all sorts of races here: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Draenei, Worgen, Gnomes and even Pandaren.

“What are you guys doing?” Looking around this familiar, yet unfamiliar town, Lu Li contacted Azure Sea Breeze.

“Doing some quests while waiting for you. Go to the Council Hall and register your account; you’ll be able to see the Level Rankings. We’ll wait for you and collect our EXP reward together, then dominate the Level Rankings,” Azure Sea Breeze replied.

Lu Li knew that Azure Sea Breeze was obsessed with the Level Rankings, so he couldn’t complain and quickly headed off.

The highest-ranking officer in the Grey Valley was a Sentinel Captain called Raene Wolfrunner. She was a female Night Elf Hunter, Warrior and Ranger, and was incredibly powerful. Moreover, she rode on a giant grey wolf and had many Night Elf Cavalry under her command.

Registering an account required one simple step: paying money!

Lu Li gave 10 gold coins to the Tax Officer Ramkin, who then declared that Lu Li had officially become a member of Astrana.

Lu Li opened the Rankings and a transparent frame appeared in front of him.

There were 2 public rankings in Dawn: the Level Rankings and the Glory Rankings. All of the other rankings were made by players.

The Level Rankings were self-explanatory and the Glory Rankings were listed with PVP maniacs. Players could receive Glory from killing the enemy faction’s players, as well as completing frontline quests. Because every player’s rank was currently that of a Recruit, killing an enemy player would only give a bit of Glory.

Level Rankings:

1. I No Understand, LV11, Hunter, Glory Capital, Evil Faction

2. Wild, LV11, Mage, Blood-red War Flag, Light Faction

3. Sorrowless, LV10, Mage, Glory Capital, Evil Faction

4. Green Flag Wine, LV10, Paladin, Gale Legion, Evil Faction

5. Brother Yang Is Here, LV10, Warlock, Peacetime Dynasty, Evil Faction

6. Not A Primary Schooler, LV10, Priest, Blood-red War Flag, Light Faction

7. Water Fairy, LV10, Thief, Drizzle Court, Light Faction

8. Twilight, LV10, Mage, Stellar Union, Evil Faction|

9. Azure Sea Breeze, LV10, Warrior, No Guild, Light Faction

10. Ninja Turtle, LV10, Paladin, Glory Capital, Evil Faction

Glory Rankings:

1. Blood Dagger, 78, Thief, Glory Capital, Evil Faction

2. Hornet’s Nest, 66, Warrior, Seventh Heaven, Light Faction

3. Storm Warrior, 52, Warrior, Gale Legion, Evil Faction

4. Flowers and Jade, 48, Shaman, Blood-red War Flag, Light Faction

5. Man of Darkness, 35, Mage, Glory Capital, Evil Faction

6. Empty Forest, 32, Hunter, No Guild, Light Faction

7. Life Is But A Dream, 31, Thief, Stellar Union, Evil Faction

8. Zurich, 25, Mage, Gale Legion, Evil Faction

9. Swirling Left Eye, 22, Thief, Imperial Secret Service, Light Faction

10. Staring Right Eye, 20, Thief, Imperial Secret Service, Light Faction

The Glory Rankings were filled with PVP maniacs. Blood Dagger was a famous Thief who loved PVP and was extremely skilled at it. This was the same for Hornet’s Nest, as well as the rest of the players on the Glory Rankings. If it weren’t for Azure Sea Breeze always dragging him out, Moonlight would probably be up there as well.

The two Rankings were pretty much filled with experts from the biggest guilds. It was no wonder they would be able to take the top spots in the Level Rankings with so much help. The two opposing factions were evenly matched in the Glory Rankings, but the Light Faction was slightly behind in the Level Rankings with only four players there.

The guildless Azure Sea Breeze was particularly eye-catching. This made him look quite special.

The reason he could make it onto the Level Rankings was simple – he was a levelling maniac and Lu Li had taken him to kill many Bosses. It would be strange if he couldn’t make it onto the Level Rankings.

Lu Li looked at his own rankings. Because he had not killed any of the enemy faction’s players, he had not yet entered the Glory Rankings. He was currently ranked 66th in the Level Rankings, but had not spent much time training. To him, this was quite a pleasant surprise – in his ‘past life’, he wouldn’t have even dared to dream of being in the top 100.

Furthermore, the 3rd to the 52nd ranked players were all LV10. Lu Li was only about 10% away from reaching LV10 and was just a sliver behind these players.