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Chapter 72: Buying Goods At The Exchange Hall

Chapter 72: Buying Goods At The Exchange Hall

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After revelling in their glory for a bit, Moonlight couldn’t take it anymore and went to the Broken Wood Outpost to kill people.

The Broken Wood Outpost was the Evil Faction’s Grey Valley base camp. Together with the Warsong Sawmill, it was the Evil Faction’s frontline in the north.

The two sides’ main forces were withdrawn in their own territories. NPCs would often give out kill quests to players in both factions. Not only would killing players from the opposing faction give them Glory, it would also give them some EXP as well.

From the Broken Wood Outpost to the Forest Treehouse, players from both sides engaged in ferocious battle.

Lu Li looked at the time and recommended that everyone go and clear the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon. Although they couldn’t receive any EXP or set any new records, there was still a possibility of getting Steel grade equipment. Selling two pieces of Steel grade equipment could net them 10 or so gold coins. Not all of them had a full set of Steel grade equipment either.

Main Tank: Warrior Azure Sea Breeze, 3500+ HP, 6 pieces of Steel grade equipment, number 1 on the Level Rankings.

Healer: Priest March Rain, 1600 HP, 5 pieces of Steel grade equipment, number 4 on the Level Rankings.

DPS: Thief Lu Li, 1500 HP, 2 pieces of Silver grade equipment, 8 pieces of Steel grade equipment, number 2 on the Level Rankings.

DPS: Mage Lonesome Flower, 1100 HP, 1 piece of Silver grade equipment, 6 pieces of Steel grade equipment, number 3 on the Level Rankings.

DPS: Hunter Remnant Dream, 2000 HP, 4 pieces of Steel grade equipment, number 6 on the Level Rankings.

Almost all of Remnant Dream’s Steel grade equipment had been found in Instance Dungeons cleared with Lu Li. The best equipment she had found from training with strangers was of a Bronze grade. It wasn’t that they hadn’t found any Steel grade equipment, but that the leaders of the groups were dishonest. They had told her that the Steel grade equipment was bad and convinced her to give it up.

Cheating players was commonly seen.

Lu Li remembered the Steel-grade Chain Mail Armour that he had picked up from a player in Rattan City. He took it out and gave it to Remnant Dream. She didn’t understand what was so good about it, but was still overjoyed.

Now, Remnant Dream had 5 pieces of Steel grade equipment - the same as March Rain.

Considering equipment alone, Lu Li’s team was quite incredible and far superior to even the elite groups supported by large guilds. They even had 3 pieces of Silver grade equipment, that barely any of the player-base had even seen.

This sort of team could easily destroy the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon. There was no need for them to kill the 8 Guards one by one - they could decimate the group in one go. It took them a grand total of 22 minutes to clear the Instance Dungeon, which was a whole 10 minutes faster than the current record.

The equipment that they found was either useless to them or not as good as what they currently had. In the end, they decided that Lu Li would sell them and split the money.

“If you have any excess money, pass it to me. I’m going to have a look at the Exchange Hall,” Lu Li said.

The other people took out their money and handed it to Lu Li. Altogether, they had 20 or so gold coins.

Only Lu Li’s team could take out such an amount of money. The only other groups that could fork out such a large amount were guilds with thousands of people.

It was not difficult to earn money in Dawn, but there was a high cost to survive. The game company had brilliantly devised a system that maintained a general balance in the economy.

Exchange Halls were only available in towns or cities. Players could consign many items to sell and could also view and buy items consigned by other players.

The consignment method was very simple. A player could set a minimum price, as well as a maximum price.

The lowest items would be auctioned first and the person with the highest bid would win the item. If no one bought the item over a period of time, it would simply be mailed back to the owner. A player could also directly buy an item by paying the maximum price (the “buying price”) set by the owner.

Some people did not set a maximum price, making it so that it could only be sold by auction.

Lu Li looked through most of the equipment and listed his for a slightly lower price than the market price.

Afterwards, he used the search function to see if any of the materials he wanted were being offered:

Lava Essence Soul: None!

Variant Scorpion Eggs: None!

Jade Statue: None!

Eternal Frozen Shard. Just as Lu Li was going to repetitively start a new search, he suddenly found that there was a result for this item.

Not only were there Eternal Frozen Shards for sale, but there were 6 of them!

Their minimum price was 1 gold coin and the buying price was 5 gold coins.

Lu Li felt as though he was dreaming. These things would be worth more than 50 gold coins in 1 month or so, but were currently being sold for less than 1 gold coin.

In order to prevent any complications, Lu Li decided to immediately purchase them for the buying price.

The system told him that he had a new mail.

A few more system announcements then rang out, telling him he had new mail. It was probably to notify him that the equipment he had just consigned had been sold.

Lu Li went to the mailbox at the entrance of the Exchange Hall and saw that the 2 pieces of Steel grade equipment and 3 pieces of Bronze grade equipment had all been sold. In total, he had earned 23 gold coins.

There were also 6 Eternal Frozen Shards.

Lu Li went back to browsing through the available items. There were many items that he needed.

Lu Li need 8 different materials to upgrade the Supreme One Ring to level 3. After a long search, he had only found the Eternal Frozen Shards. It was a type of material that could be found when mining for Frost Iron. This meant that there were already professional Miners in the game that didn’t belong to a guild.

How could a player belonging to a guild consign this sort of extremely precious material at such a pitiful price?

Although he couldn’t find any of the 7 other materials, Lu Li did not feel disappointed. After all, he hadn’t expected to find any of them so early on in the game.

He had a look at the facial equipment section and was surprised to find that there was much more equipment than he had expected.

It seemed that a Tailor had obtained a blueprint and was mass-producing these things.

The ‘facial equipment’ was split into 2 main categories: Bandannas and Veils. These sorts of equipment usually didn’t have any stats, and if they did, they would be ordinary at most. However, they could conceal a player’s identity and protect their privacy.

In reality, the strips of cloth that he had ripped from a Common grade equipment served the same purpose.

He looked through the equipment and chose a grey bandanna that reduced poison miasma damage by 20%, which cost him 60 silver coins. The system once again told him that he had new mail.

Afterwards, Lu Li went to see if there were any good arrows.

Although he had a Steel grade Bow, he was a Thief without Bow Proficiency. He wouldn’t be able to deal sufficient damage to a Boss with just this Bow, so he had to start thinking about arrows.

In order to make life easier for Hunters, basic arrows would automatically spawn in one’s quiver. Other professions using a Bow would also receive this benefit. However, these arrows did not have any Attack power - the damage dealt was only calculated from the Bow and the player’s own Attack.

After hitting a target, an arrow would automatically disappear. If it still had Durability, it would automatically return to the quiver. If it ran out of Durability, or was destroyed while in flight, the arrow would disappear.

Hunters with a Blacksmith profession would usually increase their Blacksmithing level by creating arrows. Not only were the costs low, the arrows could be used by themselves or sold. If they were lucky enough to find a blueprint to create a valuable type of arrow, they would be able to earn as much as those who could create Bronze grade equipment.

Normal Arrow: 0-1 Attack. Durability: 3.

Most of the arrows in the Exchange Hall were Iron Arrows, which were slightly better than the ones the system provided. They costed 10 silver coins each.

Above these were Fine Steel Arrows. Their Attack was 1-2, but there were not many of them. Because there were only 10 or so for sale, they were incredibly expensive.

Lu Li almost decided to buy some Iron Arrows when he saw something that caught his eye.

Armory Rusty Arrow: 2-5 Attack. Durability: 2.