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Chapter 75: To Supreme Two Ring

Chapter 75: To Supreme Two Ring

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This was the Whispering Forest, the base of the Cenarion Circle. The Twilight Hammer’s power here was almost negligible.

High Disciple Anzelin was summoning the Water Corps, preparing to attack Meisnera’s Guardpost. However, the scarce supplies had seriously affected his working efficiency and Lu Li had just taken out exactly what he needed in exactly the right amount.

“I don’t have to use your altar, but you seem to be missing these things. I’m afraid that…” Lu Li seemed like he was about to walk away.

“Alright, alright, you cunning Elf, I accept your gift. Please put the Earth’s power mediums onto the altar.”

Anzelin quickly called Lu Li and agreed to the deal.

The altar absorbed some of the Earth’s power. The soldiers that were summoned were a little weaker, but without these materials, who knew how long it would take to create enough of them?

This in itself was a dilemma, as the Twillight Hammer’s High Disciples wanted to attack as soon as possible. Yet, they underestimated the Earth power that the ring needed.

Lu Li stretched out his hand and the ring automatically detached from his finger, slowly floating to the top of the altar. As Anzelin continued his spell, a golden energy was drawn out from the altar and gathered around the ring.

Two minutes later, Anzelin’s forehead was began to sweat. Why wasn’t it done yet?

After another two minutes, Anzelin’s face started to pale. Why did this damn ring upgrade need so much energy?

Within another 10 minutes, Anzelin’s face began to contort and his heart was full of anger. There was also a trace of fear in his eyes, but he did not stop the altar.

The process lasted more than 10 minutes before Lu Li successfully got a System Prompt.

System: Your Supreme Ring has been upgraded to level 2, keep working hard!

Supreme Two Ring (Gold): Strength +10, Agility +10, Critical Chance +20%, Vampirism +20%. Special Effect: The Lord of the Forest, Cenarius, gave this ring special powers. You can learn three Druid transformation skills, as well as two skills for one of those transformations. Equipment requirement: None. Durability: None.

This was very worthy of its Gold status. Lu Li didn’t need to say anything about the 20 bonus attribute points, which alone were already worthy of Gold grading. The most important thing was the 20% Critical Chance, which was its most unnatural attribute.

Lu Li’s Rager Bracer and Steel equips only added 5% Critical Chance. Even then, it was exclusive to melees and used by people from LV10 all the way to LV30.

This ring added 20% in one go!

Additionally, the 20% Vampirism was much stronger than before. When paired with his Bloodstained Badge, he wouldn’t need to take potions under normal circumstances.

“Thank you for your generosity, may your God protect you. See you later Anzelin.”

Lu Li had no intention of crossing the bridge. It was not that he didn’t want to, but that he couldn’t beat it. A LV30 Boss was no laughing matter.

“I do not wish to see you again, fallen Elf. Go back to the darkness.” Anzelin wasn’t so polite. He looked at the cracks forming on the altar heartbrokenly, trying to think of a solution.

His Ravenholdt Manor identity held him back. Otherwise, he would have personally killed this kid.

Lu Li didn’t directly return to the city – he remembered that there was a chest near the Twilight Valley. In his past life, there were Thieves that fought over this chest because it wasn’t an ordinary Bronze chest but a higher level Steel chest.

The Steel chest had a certain probability that it would drop Silver Equipment.

However, he didn’t know its specific location. After all, he wasn’t a Thief and so he didn’t expect to pass by it.

Twilight Valley had humanoid monsters known as Twilight Fanatics. They were once Anzelin’s subordinates, but they had long since lost their minds and would attempt to kill anyone they saw.

Lu Li didn’t want to tango with them either, flying directly above them. Based on his vague impressions, he narrowed his search to an area within the Dilan Ruins.

The Dilan Ruins was filled with rundown buildings. All that was left was the mural that tragically played witness to their history.

There were many Twilight Fanatics wandering around in the area, which would pose a problem if they weren’t dealt with. Lu Li carefully used Stealth to sneak up behind one and was about to kill it when he suddenly realized something.

The humanoid form could be stolen from!

If you were a Thief and you didn’t steal anything, how can you be called a Thief?

Dawn’s Thieves were similar to Assassins, but they used traditional gaming terms. The stealing aspect of the profession seemed to be a little lacking.

You couldn’t steal from players, non-human creatures, friendly units…

The only creatures you could steal from were these humanoid monsters, such as the Twilight Fanatics.

Stealing: gives a certain chance to obtain coins and equips from a humanoid body. Results in aggro. Cannot be used against players or non-hated NPCs.

Lu Li carefully got close to the Twilight Fanatic and used the Steal skill on the monster.

System: Stealing failed!

The Twilight Fanatic turned its head and pointed its Magic Staff at Lu Li.

Lu Li wasn’t angry; his strong stats and regeneration allowed him to effortlessly deal with this LV15 monster. The EXP gained was also very good.

The next few times he encountered this monster, he would try to steal from them.

His luck was good for one time where he stole 5 copper coins, but all his other attempts failed.

System: You steal a piece of rag.

System: You steal 5 copper.

System: …

As he continued to steal, his success rate slowly increased. Although the steal skill didn’t fall under the category of upgradeable skills, practice certainly did make perfect. Between a rookie and a god thief, there was definitely a difference.

The chest could only be come across by chance, so Lu Li relaxed by practicing his Steal skill and farming. This was how the afternoon came to pass.

As he opened up the level ranking list, he saw that the top of the list hadn’t really changed. After all, everyone was desperately levelling. Azure Sea Breeze and the rest must have followed Lu Li’s pointers. As long as they chose a good location and the monsters were good for farming, there was no reason for anyone to be able to catch up.

On the other hand, the Glory Rankings had shifted. Other than Blood Dagger always being fixed in the top three, everyone else’s position changed by the minute.

Moonlight was truly an expert – he had suddenly managed to rush into 4th place. Currently, he had killed over 100 people, but if he kept going like this, his level ranking would suffer.

Everyone had their own playstyle, so there was no need to force anything, but Lu Li just felt a bit emotional about it.

He skillfully finished off the Twilight Fanatic that he was fighting, with a Slit Throat at 75% Skill Completion and 90% damage that had also critically hit. He then reached down to pick up the few copper coins it had dropped and looked around. Suddenly, something caught his eye.

A treasure Chest!

Steel Treasure Chest!