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Chapter 77: Collaboration

Chapter 77: Collaboration

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Maybe we can work together in a different way. The words that came out of the businessman’s mouth were surprisingly sincere.

Lu Li looked at him in surprise, asking, “What do you propose?”

He had already said that it is a big business deal and that he only needed to borrow a sum of gold. He was even offering to pay 100% interest. Was Shen still unsatisfied? Greed was a really bad habit.

Shen Wansan explained, “I propose we work in a collaboration. Let me control the money and I’ll pay you dividends. How about that?”

He was a businessman, born into a business family. Although the three generations before him did their businesss in secret, he still knew the one universal truth - never take a once off deal.

Lending the money to Lu Li for his business opportunity for a double repayment seemed fair, but it didn’t help to develop their relations.

Everyone just made their own money and had nothing to do with each other.

In the future, they might not come to look for him anymore. Even worse, they might find another person to do business with.

Only by working together with an elite expert would Shen Wansan feel like he was truly making business.

Lu Li didn’t think this far – he considered Shen Wansan’s proposal and found that it would be more convenient if he did it. He wouldn’t need to spend levelling time to visit the Exchange Hall.

After finalizing the terms of their agreement, Shen Wansan wrote up an electronic contract. Under the witness of the great system God, this also had a legal effect in the real world.

The main idea of the contract was that Shen Wansan would invest 100 gold coins into whatever Lu Li specified and that they would split the profits evenly.

If his specified good didn’t double in value within the next month, then Lu Li would give Shen Wansan his Silver badge.

“Guru, tell me what I’ll need to buy.”

Shen Wansan changed his tone, now directly addressing him as guru.

“Do you know about Healing Potions?” Lu Li asked.

“Do you want Silver Leaved Grass or Peacebloom flowers?” As a qualified businessman, Shen Wansan understood the game, at least to the point where the Basic Heal Potion was made of Peacebloom Flowers and Silver Leaved Grass.

“How could I be asking for the Basic Healing Potion?” Lu Li shook his head, continuing, “Those don’t earn any much money. We need to make the Intermediate ones.”

“Intermediate Healing Potion?!” Shen Wansan stared blankly at Lu Li.

“Guru, do you know how to make Intermediate Heal Potions?”

He had complete faith – in his mind, Lu Li had already ascended to a divine level. None of these strange things seemed strange to him anymore. If the guru could make Intermediate Healing Potions, they could make a mountain of gold!

“I don’t know how to make it.”

This one phrase cast doubt into Shen Wansan’s mind, but what Lu Li said next reversed this.

“But, I do know where I can get the Intermediate Healing Potion Recipe.”

“Are you asking me to buy its ingredients?” Shen Wansan trembled with excitement.

“Guru, quickly tell me what kind of ingredients!”

“Snake Trust Grass.” Lu Li took a sip of his tea and wrote those words on the table.

Shen Wansan’s lip trembled before he wiped them away with his sleeve. In silence, he stood up, bid Lu Li goodbye and turned away.

Every minute was worth dozens of gold. This was now more true than ever!

“Gee, still impatient as ever.”

Lu Li shook his head, picked up his tea and drained it. He was about to leave before he was stopped by the waiter.

“Sir, you haven’t paid.”


System: Players Sorrowless, I No Understand, Ninja Turtle… and another 20 players, have gotten the first clear on Wild Boss Wild Boar King Cossady.

What again!

After stepping out of the tavern, Lu Li opened the rankings. I No Understand, who was a fair bit behind, had now overtaken Moonlight at 6th place.

Wild Boar King Cossady was a LV15 Boss. Glory Capital needed to bring more than 20 people to beat it, which meant that the EXP each person received was drastically lower. Otherwise, he would have rose another rank.

It wasn’t that Lu Li hadn’t fought the Wild Boar King before; he was just incapable of defeating it. At the Boss’ command, all the monsters in the area would attack.

Only 20 people were mentioned, but in taking this Boss, Glory Capital had used over 300 players.

Lu Li touched the short bow on his back. Seeing as there was still time, he could go and kill Death Knight Benedict.

Death Knight Benedict could be found in the Morningstar Tower in the Land of Ghosts. If he wanted to go there, he would need to transfer to Blackedge Fortress and fly over Blackedge Mountain into the Blood Elf site.

Going all the way to someone else’s land to fight a Boss sounded heroic, but he had no other choice.

No matter how overpowered one was, there were only a handful of Bosses one could solo.

The special thing about Dark Knight Benedict was that he was not very smart and he didn’t self-heal. Most of his skills were melee ranged, so as long as Lu Li positioned well, he would be able to eventually shoot him down.

After spending 2 gold coins, Lu Li arrived at Blackedge Fortress.

Blackedge Fortress was a neutral city, but it was deserted at the moment. When players started to become Death Paladins, it would liven up.

After Lu Li selected his target, he carefully flew over the treetops.

The Morningstar Tower’s location was very remote and players shouldn’t have even explored the area yet. After all, it was filled with LV15 ghosts with high defence. They also had terrifying spells: once a player was hit, they would involuntarily run around attracting even more monsters.

It was said that the Morningstar Tower was a magic tower where a famous enchantress had studied her magic.

Benedict was the Paladin that served her. No one knew what happened, but one day the enchantress disappeared and this Paladin became a Death Knight who attacked anyone that came close to the tower.

Lu Li settled at the top of the Morningstar Tower and transformed back.

A husky roar could be heard from a distance, before a Paladin that was tall in stature rushed over on his horse.

The man was dead and so was the horse; this was the Death Knight.

He waved his spear and roared anxiously, but couldn’t step forwards.

The Morningstar Tower was the final memory he couldn’t destroy!

Lu Li squatted on the tower and relentlessly shot arrows at Benedict. This was the easiest Boss to kill, but sooner or later all the major guilds would fight over it and it would spill enough blood to form a river.

Even with the Steel Bow, the high damage arrows only dealt 4-5 damage to Benedict. The poison did most of the work, as he perpetually lost a single HP at a time.

After 4 to 5 minutes, Benefit began to summon ghouls.

Ghouls had 4000HP and would Charge at ranged professions. Generally, when fighting this Boss, you would prioritize clearing these out.

Lu Li didn’t need to worry though –he was so high up that the ghouls’ Charge couldn’t reach him.

In addition to Charge, Ghouls could also explode, but this was once again useless against Lu Li.

He was like a bug.

When his HP fell to half, the Death Knight released a death mark on Lu Li.

This caused him to lose 300HP per second, for 5 seconds.

Lu Li didn’t have 1500 HP, but he could drink potions and he also had the Bloodstained Badge. While it was exciting, there was almost no risk of death.

Once Lu Li was back at full health, he let out a sigh of relief. The Death Knight didn’t seem to have any more moves.

He was afraid that the Boss would be unreasonable like him. If a melee Boss started to perform multiple ranged attacks in succession, he would be dead before he could even speak.