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Chapter 78: Someone Was Coming to Steal The Boss

Chapter 78: Someone Was Coming to Steal The Boss

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After grinding for an hour, the Death Knight finally reached low HP.

When this happened, it used a new ability.

Desecration: A field is created at the foot of the caster. All who stand in it have their movement speed reduced by 50% and take 1000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds.

Needless to say, this was an overpowered skill; one tick of the Shadow damage would drop Lu Li past half HP. Fortunately, his reactions were quick and he immediately changed locations when the skill was cast. However, he still had to take at least one tick of the damage.

At 5% HP, the Boss went berserk, releasing skill after skill that left potholes in the ground.

While Lu Li was fighting the Boss, he suddenly stopped attacking and listened attentively. His expression was grave.

There were other people!

He stood up on the tower and looked around the perimeter, spotting a party of a dozen people who were quickly clearing out mobs. It seemed that their goal was to reach the tower as well.

The loud cries of Death Knight had most likely alerted the nearby players that were farming.

“There’s someone standing on the tower,” a sharp-eyed player said as he pointed at Lu Li.

“How did he get up there?” a Blood Elf Mage asked while casting spells.

“Not sure, but it doesn’t matter. It sounds like the Boss isn’t dead yet, so if we quickly get there we can steal it from him. There’s no way we can’t steal it, given that there are so many of us.”

The one who said this was a female Hunter. Judging by her skilled arm movements alone, she was probably twice as good as Remnant Dream.

After a couple of glances, Lu Li stopped staring and sped up his ranged attacks.

The Death Knight’s constitution was high and he was completely covered in armour. There wasn’t much difference in hitting any part of his body, so Lu Li didn’t need to find a weak spot.

The Boss only had 2000 remaining HP, but the group of people were getting close. If they were clearing monsters, then the waves of mobs would be pulled away.

Just as Lu Li thought this, the mobs were pulled away and the Evil Faction players got closer and closer to the Morningstar Tower.

The thought of killing the Boss only with the bow was now just wishful thinking.

It was time to just attack!

Lu Li jumped off the tower and rushed at the Boss.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 93%, resulting in 210% Skill Damage and stunning the target for 1 second.

A -64 red damage value floated up. This was ten times the damage of the bow and arrow!

System: Backstab Skill Completion 81%, resulting in 92% Skill Damage. Target’s armor is broken.

The Armor Break on this kind of High Defence Boss was very useful. Before that, Lu Li’s attacks only dealt damage in the tens, but after the Armor Break effect, normal attacks dealt 20-30 damage.

The Boss hit Lu Li, -350!

He downed a Health Potion and before the armor break was lost, he quickly cast Shadowstrike again.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 95%, dealing 300% Skill Damage and stunning for 2 seconds.

This was Manual Mode! Upon reaching a completion rate of 95%, he could deal three times his normal damage. He knew that even before his ‘rebirth’ there weren’t many people who were able to do such a thing.

There were less actions required for Shadowstrike and it was Lu Li’s most practiced skill. With a bit of luck, he had managed to pull off this amazing blow.

Benedict didn’t even hit him a second time; he was angry and raised his Warhammer to cast Desecration.

What was astonishing, was that Desecration appeared even at the feet of the people standing a hundred yards away.

Not for a second did they think that the Boss would target them in his spell. The whole party was standing on the Desecration area of effect, which dealt 1000 damage every 2 seconds. They immediately started losing members.

4 or 5 white lights shone out!

“Dammit, the Boss is dead.”

The group left, afraid of taking another tick of Desecration. Those who were lucky discovered that many had fallen, including their Boss - the 9th ranked player Sorrowless, who was Glory Capital’s leader!

However, it wasn’t over yet. Desecration caused each of them to move 50% slower, allowing the monsters that they were pulling started to quickly catch up to them and cause all sorts of chaos.

Lu Li stood in front of the Boss. Obviously, he couldn’t escape, but after he had activated the skill on his shoes, he could barely feel the effects of the slow.

Swift Leather Boots (Steel): Armor 8, Agility +4, Effect: Swiftness, movement speed increased by 10% for 10 seconds. 120 second cool down. Cannot be stacked. Equipment Requirement: Level 5. Durability 30/30.

After 10 seconds, the Swiftness effect dissipated and Lu Li was hit by the Boss twice, taking more than 700 damage. He had survived the whole ordeal.

The Boss was now down to less than 500 HP.

“Quickly, the Boss is about to die. Pull this wave of monsters away, No Understand you go interfere with the Thief fighting the Boss.”

After their Boss had died, another member immediately assumed command. The number 1 guild did not have an undeserved reputation.

Lu Li’s eyes narrowed as he stepped off the ground and launched himself up, swiping his dagger from left to right.

System: Slit Throat Skill Completion 85%, dealing 100% Skill Damage and a Bleed effect.


The initial blow dealt -147, followed by a stream of about ten -20s.

After the critical hit, Benedict went into a weakened state where his attack and defence were greatly reduced. He seemed to know his life was ending and looked back at the Morningstar Tower, quietly awaiting his death.

Shadowstrike, Backstab, Shadowstrike, Slit Throat.

The Boss had fallen!

Level up!

System: Player Lu Li has achieved the First Clear on Wild Boss Death Knight Benedict!

Once this kill was broadcasted in the World Announcements, there was a great uproar.

This time, Lu Li was the only name on the announcement.

Jade Flower Lover: Oh my, he solo’ed a Boss!

Saltless Exchange: Guru Lu Li is overpowered. Sorrowless managed to kill a wild Boss too.

Great Qin Pioneer: Sorrowless my ass. It sounds nice to say that they did it with 20 people, but I have friends in the Evil Faction and they saw 300-400 people move out. Lu Li solo’ed the Death Knight. Even the name of the boss is scary.

Painted Feathers: We the Light Faction have Guru Lu Li. What does the Evil Faction have? Come, let’s compare.

Glory Capital’s players were still dealing with the last wave, but they looked a little sluggish. There wasn’t a word to describe the strength of this Thief. He didn’t look very strong, but you could clearly see Benedict’s spilled blood.

A completely armor clad soul couldn’t have been an easy fight.

I No Understand finally rushed out from amongst the monsters, firing his bow!