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Chapter 79: A Mutual Fear

Chapter 79: A Mutual Fear

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Lu Li tanked the two incoming arrows, quickly picking up the dropped equips and materials.

He didn’t have time to pick up the dozens of silver coins. He ducked and rolled to avoid a white glowing arrow. This was the Hunter’s Crowd Control spell. If he was hit, he would be in a state of confusion for 3 seconds. In that time he would be killed.

Shadowmeld, Stealth.

“Dammit, he’s escaped,” I No Understand angrily burst out, while shooting a arrows in the direction Lu Li had vanished.

“No Understand, why didn’t you start with your Confusion Arrows?” One younger member was dissatisfied.

“Screw you! Mother! Dammit! Do you think the Confusion Arrows have a long range?” I No Understand rebuked the ungrateful ingrate.

“The Boss is rushing over,” he reminded.

“Then what are you doing here? Let’s withdraw.”

The female hunter looked around for a moment and said, “Did you see the World Announcement? The Thief just then was Lu Li, the god who took out multiple members of the Imperial Secret Service. Let’s just forget about today; levelling up is more important.”

After hearing that it was Lu Li, the hot-blooded member was silent.

Lu Li’s popularity was also as equally outrageous in the Evil Faction when compared to the Light faction. After all, everyone was notified when a World Announcement was made. Their understanding of the two words, ‘Lu Li’, was: God Thief!

Lu Li had actually hidden behind the Morningstar Tower, eating bread to recover HP.

Although he hadn’t lost all of his HP, he had come close. Facing a Boss head-on was never going to be a Thief’s strength.

He had also overheard the conversation of the group. Seeing as they had no intention to fight him, he wouldn’t chase after them either.

If he wasn’t wrong, this was the same party of Glory Capital that fought the Boss, although he didn’t know if Blood Dagger or Man of Darkness was in the party. Lu Li wasn’t afraid of them, but couldn’t envision himself killing them if he attacked the group.

Waiting until his HP was almost fully recovered, he found a remote corner to transform into a crow before returning to the city.

After returning to Astrana, Lu Li could finally relax and check out what the Boss Dropped. There were some rare materials, an Intermediate Health Potion and 3 pieces of equipment.

Protector’s Promise Chestplate, Plate Armor, Steel Equipment, +7 strength, 20% increase to all holy damage. Level requirement: 10.

Low-level equipment was becoming less and less valuable, so Lu Li intended to immediately sell this one.

Shadow Shinguards, Cloth Armor, Steel Equipment, + 8 Intelligence. MP consumption of Shadow skills are reduced by 10%.

This was a relatively good effect that was suited to Shadow Priests and Warlocks. He was also going to sell it.

There was also a Bronze equip that was LV10, so it would be worth slightly more than a LV5 Bronze equip.

The greatest thing he had gained from the Boss was EXP: soloing it had taken him to 30% of the next level.

Now, he was close to beating Azure Sea Breeze in the player rankings. Lu Li estimated that Sea Breeze had roughly 20% EXP than he did.

There was still a lot of time left, so Lu Li contacted Azure Sea Breeze, only to find out that the few of them were already doing the Elite Spider Lair. It would be best for him to farm the lair on his own.

Previously, he wouldn’t dare farm alone, but now that he had the Bloodstained Badge, the small Spider lair posed him no problem.

“Seeking a Boost for the Spider Lair, will do the regular difficulty for free and pay 1 Gold for Elite difficulty. Is there a strong party willing to take a solo player?” The World Announcements were filled with advertisements such as these, but most of the players wouldn’t choose to do the Elite difficulty.

The risk was too great and the time spent was too much. It just wasn’t cost effective.

Lu Li casually browsed for a bit and hid his name, before sending out invites to the players who had posted the messages.

This was the issue with fame – having too much of it caused problems. He just wanted to quickly get to farming; he didn’t want to be bothered for doing an Instance Dungeon.

System: Lonely Master has been added to the party.

System: Wine Courage Wang has been added to the party.

System: Foolish Fanatic has been added to the party.

System: Endless Horizon has been added to the party.

Lonely Master: “Why did you send me a party invite? Are you boosting? Elite Dungeon?”

Lu Li: “Yep, boosting at Elite difficulty. You can directly transfer the payment over there; 1 gold in advance.”

Lonely Master: “Are the others part of your party?”

Lu Li: “They’re all clients.”

Lonely Master: “What? You’re taking all of these clients alone? Are you crazy?”

System: Lonely Master was kicked from the party.

The other people in the party were silent. Lu Li’s decisiveness was actually convincing to the other players.

Lu Li: “If you have any problems you can leave, otherwise go enter the Instance Dungeon. I need one more player.”

Endless Horizon: “Let me ask a question, can I invite someone?”

Lu Li: What’s the name, I’ll add them.

Endless Horizon: “Return to Shore.”

Lu Li: …

Wine Courage Wang: …

Foolish Fanatic: …

Endless Horizon and Return to Shore were… a couple. Now that the party was full, they entered the Instance Dungeon.

“I’ll say this now, you don’t have to fight. You can just follow,” Lu Li urged after collecting the gold.

Foolish Fanatic raised his hand and asked, “Guru, I am a Healer, do you need healing?”

“Do it yourselves, I don’t need it.”

Lu Li shook his head and went into Stealth. He faced the monsters and killed one after another. He killed every monster within 3 strikes and it was all over within 20 seconds.

“OP! No wonder he can take all these clients alone. Guru you must have a full set of Steel equips and rank highly on the player rankings.”

Return to Shore was a little chatty and had been talking non-stop since they had entered the dungeon. Lu Li slightly regretted adding him.

“Guru, I’m telling you, my role model is Lu Li, followed by you,” Return to Shore continued.

“What do you mean? You can’t even tell who this bandana wearing Guru is. How can you admire him?” Wine Courage Wang asked.

“If he wasn’t a guru, why would he cover his face? Maybe the person levelling us right now is Lu Li himself,” Return to Shore hypothesized.

“Shut up, I’ll kick you if you keep making noise,” Lu Li spoke and all of them fell silent.

Once he reached the Brook, Lu Li got the 20% attack buff so he could kill the monsters even faster.

The only drawback of boosting was that his level was too high and there was barely any EXP to split. The 4 clients that were following him were level 3-4, so they were excited about the EXP they were getting.

Occasionally a common equip would be dropped, but Lu Li wouldn’t even bother which made the clients even happier.

“The Elite Instance Dungeon is so much better. The EXP I’ve gotten so far is more than if I did the regular difficulty twice.”

Wine Courage Wang was very emotional.

“The most critical is having good equipment. Just buy any two and put them on so you can join a party to do the regular difficulty. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Steel equip and you’ll be able to join a party to do the Elite difficulty.”

When doing Elite Instance Dungeons, many people would want to know if you were carrying a Steel equip first.

“If you want to do the Elite difficulty, you’ll need to learn more.”

Lu Li killed the last monster and headed towards the first Boss.

As long as it wasn’t too much trouble, he didn’t mind teaching rookies.

While attacking, he gave a brief introduction on the various stages of a Boss’ behavior and the various professions that could deal with it. Lu Li only drank 3 Basic Health Potions before putting the Boss down.

The only exciting part of the whole experience was when Endless Horizon stepped a little too far forward and was almost killed by a small spider.