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Chapter 80: For The Blueprint

Chapter 80: For The Blueprint

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The Boss dropped a Steel equip which was ecstatically bought by Wine Courage Wang for 2 Gold. Although the price of equipment was dropping, good equipment was still hard to find. Steel equips with good properties were worth around 3 gold and were bought quickly if they appeared on the auction.

The price of the equipment sold was at a modest rate, so Wine Courage Wang was very grateful towards Lu Li.

Unfortunately, his name was hidden, so the party members could only see what he looked like. They all unanimously gave up on adding him.

After the second Boss was defeated, it dropped a Magic Staff weapon.

What was the most expensive weapon in Dawn?

It was definitely the Magic Staff!

Mages, Warlocks, Priests, Druids, Warriors, Hunters and Shamans could all use a Magic Staff. However, Hunters and Warriors generally didn’t use them.

All four clients were able to use the Magic Staff, so Lu Li held a bid for it.

The attributes on this Magic Staff were pretty good, so its final price was 5 gold. Overall, Lu Li had managed to make 10 gold from this Instance Dungeon while spending almost nothing.

Unfortunately, Elite Instance Dungeons could only be completed once per day and the Regular Instance Dungeon wasn’t worth doing. After this round, he declined the client’s request to continue farming and went straight to the Exchange hall.

He had a look around for materials to upgrade his Supreme Ring and for Skill Books that he could use, but didn’t find anything. He then looked for Snake Trust Grass and bought all the sets he could find for less than 10 silver.

After all the Snake Trust Grass on the market had been sold, its price had started rise.

This was just the reality of the market. Fortunately, a price of 10 silver coins would still make for a large profit margin and Lu Li couldn’t think of anything that could be more profitable than this.

Afterward, he dropped off the two Steel Equips into the Auction Room. This time, he didn’t set a maximum price but opted for a non-maximum price auction.

For parties that wanted to complete the new Instance Dungeons, LV10 Steel equips were the most sought after items. There was absolutely no worry that he wouldn’t be able to sell them.

Currently, the most valuable equipment were LV10 Steel equips. Most of the older players were approaching LV10 and the newer players with double EXP had no need to invest into the lower level equips. It would be better for them if they had the money to bid for a LV10 equip.

The equipment had only just been consigned before a series of bids went up.

The price of the Steel Equipment almost instantly shot to 3 gold, before slowing down, as the number of players who could pull out 3 gold for a piece of equipment were few.

Lu Li estimated that the auction would be complete in 6 hours and that the two equips would easily make 10 gold.

For the rest of his time, Lu Li went to look for Azure Sea Breeze to farm Nagas with and use his double EXP boost. This was the same double EXP boost that he had gained by staying in the hotel for more than 6 hours.

He gave the Magic Patterned Bag blueprint and the few pieces of Magic Cloth to March Rain. He was counting on her to quickly increase her skills so she could start creating the Magic Patterned Bag. The group’s current bags were becoming more and more lacking.

March Rain’s Tailoring was almost at an Intermediate level. Everyone was eager to get a Magic Patterned Bag so they all contributed the cloth that they had.

While they were farming, Azure Sea Breeze and Lu Li discussed the formation of a Mercenary group.

Lu Li had been thinking about how creating a fixed party was a must. After all, Dawn wasn’t a single player game. Also, the rare materials that one needed to progress were not something a single person could gather on their own.

Moreover, even with Lu Li’s own foresight, he dared not to take a random party through the Death Mines. The Death Mines and the Spider Lair were on two completely different levels. The Death Mines were a true test of a player’s abilities.

There was also the issue of Private Instance Dungeons. If he found a Private Instance Dungeon Scroll, he would need to take a group of knowledgeable people that he could trust. Otherwise, if he took a random party and failed 3 times, the scroll would become useless.

Lu Li was caught in a dilemma. Thieves required an independent playstyle, so it was difficult to rely too much on a party.

As such, he didn’t want to be the party leader.

“Sea Breeze, you should be the leader,” Lu Li said.

“What, why would you make me the leader?” Azure Sea Breeze was confused.

“I can’t spend too long with everyone else; I’m a Thief. I need to move alone a lot of the time,” Lu Li explained, feeling as though he would be able to persuade the others.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Azure Sea Breeze did not hesitate to refuse, “What does you being the leader have to do with that? You do your thing and we’ll do ours. The leader role doesn’t have to be too official. I won’t do it.”

“Yeah, it’s not that different with or without you.”

Lonesome Flower glanced at his sister who was paying attention to Lu Li, healing him even when he lost a bit of HP. Couldn’t she see that her brother was about to lose all of his HP? “When we need you, you can come. When we don’t need you, you can be elsewhere”

Lonesome Flower actually wanted to avoid him! Lu Li laughed bitterly.

“Big brother Lu Li, you should be the leader. How good would it be if our leader was the number 1 player,” Remnant Dream said eagerly.

“Hello? I am the ranked number 1 player,” Azure Sea Breeze corrected her before asking Moonlight, “Hey, little light, what do you say?”

Moonlight had spent all day PVPing, but had come here to spend his double EXP boost like Lu Li. He waved his hand coldly and said, “Don’t call me little light, unless you want to lose a level.”

“You see! I can’t deal with this kind of teammate,” Azure Sea Breeze held out his hands and sighed. “How about I be the vice leader; I’ll help out with matters dealing with PVE.”

“Why don’t we make a guild?’ Remnant Dream ignorantly asked.

“Guilds have to pay taxes, silly.”

In reality, they could make a guild, but it would be better if they waited for a while to take a pre-existing high-level guild from someone. It would cost a lot less.

Now that they had gotten this far in the conversation, Lu Li could no longer refuse. He planned to go and spend some money the next day to establish the Mercenary group. In future, all PVE related matters would be dealt with by Azure Sea Breeze, as he was considered an expert in PVE matters and managing teams. His wealth of knowledge was far greater than Lu Li’s.

Then, they also had to discuss the issue of exploring the new Instance Dungeon.

Now that he had hoarded a large number of Snake Trust Grass, he had to find a way to obtain the Intermediate Health Potion recipe as quickly as possible.

Once he had the recipe, he would be able to take the team to get the Death Mine’s first clear.

After all, the First Clear rewards were great and had a much higher drop rate.

The Intermediate Health Potion recipe could be dropped by any monster that was higher than LV10. Lu Li and the group had farmed these monsters for 2-3 days, but they hadn’t seen even the shadow of the recipe.

The other players still had not heard of the Intermediate Healing Potion. Otherwise, the auction house would not have people selling Snake Trust Grass for so little.

Previously, someone had written a guide to getting Intermediate Healing Potion Recipes and had written out a list of monsters that were the most likely to drop them. Lu Li recalled that the most likely monster were humanoids called ‘Undead Herbalists’.

The next day, Lu Li went to the Council Hall to register a Mercenary Group under the name ‘XinXin’. Other than this game, all he had on his mind was his sister. When the council member asked him, he reflexively responded with those words.

He had no regard for the others’ protests.

After he invited the five regular group members, he hesitated, before deciding against inviting his landladies.

His next actions would be undertaken alone; his goal was to get the Intermediate Health Potion Recipe.