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Chapter 82: Faerie Fire

Chapter 82: Faerie Fire

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Just as Lu Li was about to kill an Orc Supervisor, a black figure charged towards him.

Lu Li muttered inwardly, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, you scrub.”

A habit that he had developed in his ‘past life’ was that he would always keep an eye out for ambushes. Otherwise, he would be easily killed while faming money.

Why did people pick on Gold Collection Unit members?

The reason was simple: Gold Collection Unit members had decent equipment, but they weren’t skilled enough to compete with experts. As such, killing these sorts of people was usually had a low risk and a high reward.

Tauren innately had greater Strength than other races, but because of how big they were, they were often quite slow. Although this Tauren had charged over at full speed, Lu Li was fully prepared.

Lu Li grabbed the Orc Supervisor and held him out as a shield.

The Orc Supervisor was powerless to resist.

Seeing that he was about to crash into the monster, the Tauren Warrior knew that this battle would be tough.

However, there was no medicine for regret. The Tauren did not despair, because he knew he had allies who were rushing over – a Tauren Druid and a Tauren Priest. They had all been quite reliable.

They’re just a motley crew, Lu Li thought to himself as he shook his head. He stunned the Warrior using a Shadowstrike and continuously attacked him with normal attacks, causing his HP to rapidly fall.

Who said that Warriors countered Thieves?! The Tauren Warrior almost started to weep.

“Hurry up and heal me!”

“Oh, sure.”

The two other Tauren hurriedly ran over and started to cast healing spells on him.

The Druid and Priest were both Healers.

This was a classic team composition that worked well when each player had fairly average Attack. It was very difficult to kill a team with one Attacker and two Healers.

Lu Li almost felt sorry for these poor people.

However, he didn’t feel too bad about killing them when he saw the axe that the Warrior was holding.

The axe was called the Mangler and it had a Bleed effect. It was a decent double-handed weapon for PVP and cost 68 Glory points to purchase from the Evil Faction’s frontline Quartermaster.

That meant that this crew had killed at least 68 Light Faction players.

Lu Li quickly cast Shadowmeld and became stealthed.

“Hurry and use Trample,” the Druid yelled.


Only then did the Tauren Warrior find that he was no longer stunned. He stomped down with his feet, but didn’t find anything near him.

Priest: “…..”

Lu Li had used Sap on the poor Priest.

The Druid thought to himself, “Damn this guy’s smart. He stunned the Priest, so he’s probably coming for me. Then, there’ll be no one to heal the Warrior.” Upon coming to this conclusion, he quickly started to heal himself.

Red damage figures began to float above the Priest’s head, and by the time the Druid had realised what was happening, the Priest was already on the ground.

Lu Li immediately entered Stealth, then sprang towards the Druid who was only just beginning to react. After being hit by Cheap Shot, the Druid was not able to retaliate at all and quickly joined the Priest in the dirt. As for the Tauren Warrior, he was still chasing after Lu Li.

Lu Li’s Movement Speed was already fast to begin with, and after activating the speed skill on his Boots, it was impossible for the Warrior to catch up to him.

In a 1v1 battle, the Tauren Warrior had no confidence in beating Lu Li. The other two players had been killed by Lu Li in a flash and the gap between them was simply too vast.

After killing three people, Lu Li now had 3 Glory points.

Glory points were incredibly useful – they could be used to increase one’s Rank, or could be exchanged for EXP, materials or equipment. With enough Glory, one could even exchange them for a mount…

Of course, this would take much time and effort. After finishing off his three assailants, Lu Li continued to farm monsters for recipes.

Lu Li’s EXP bar had now increased by 10%, which was not much slower than if he were to train in a party.

The Undead Herbalists would occasionally drop some equipment, but they were usually quite ordinary. After reaching LV10, most people had a full set of Bronze grade equipment. It was good that Lu Li barely needed to consume any Potions while farming because of his Bloodstained Badge.

Just like that, 4 or 5 hours passed.

During this period of time, there had been many enemy players who had tried to ambush him. However, they were all quickly killed by Lu Li.

Without even really trying, Lu Li’s Glory had risen to 17.

Suddenly, a voice shouted out. “It’s him!” a busty young woman angrily yelled out as she pointed at Lu Li. His wanton killing had finally brought him some trouble. Ten or so people surrounding the woman all murderously glared at him.

Before Lu Li could react, his body lit up with flames.

Faerie Fire? There are people with this skill already? Lu Li was completely dumbfounded.

Faerie Fire: Instant Cast. Uses magic to surround the target, preventing them from going into stealth or concealing themselves. Causes 50 damage when cast in Bear Form.

This was a Druid spell and was the one that Thieves hated the most. Without the Shadow Cloak skill to give magic immunity, it was basically a death sentence for Thieves.

What was even worse was that this skill lasted for a whole 40 seconds.

Lu Li immediately turned and ran. Otherwise, he would be dead for sure!

The group of people never expected Lu Li to react so quickly. He hadn’t even said anything before he sprinted away.

What was even more shocking was that this Thief was incredibly fast. He was even able to outrun the abilities that were just about to hit him.

It was not until the Faerie Fire had disappeared did Lu Li finally calm down and stop running.

He felt like cursing at the system for being unfair. Back in his ‘past life’ when he was a Druid, he had only found this skill book when he was LV28. Who would have thought that someone from the Evil Faction had learnt it already? This was simply preposterous.

Lu Li was determined to obtain the Shadow Cloak skill. Otherwise, things would not turn out so well next time.

He had underestimated these people, but they had also underestimated him.

If he was affected by the Faerie Fire and surrounded on all sides, he wouldn’t have been able to escape, no matter how fast he could run.

This would not be the case with the Shadow Cloak skill. The Shadow Cloak skill was the Thieves’ trump card in PVP. It gave magic immunity for a short period of time, which was essential to not being killed.

However, it was rare for normal monsters to drop this skill book and the Bosses that dropped it were incredibly difficult to kill.

Or were they?