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Chapter 83: Finding the Recipe

Chapter 83: Finding the Recipe

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There were a few Bosses that could be killed by relying on the terrain around them, such as the Death Knight. Lu Li’s other target was even more highly levelled, but dropped even better items. The only prerequisite for fighting it was that he had Intermediate Health Potions.

All Bosses could cast skills. The Death Knight’s Desecration could even affect players that were not part of the battle.

His next target’s skills were used even more frequently and it would be impossible to survive without a large stock of Intermediate Health Potions.

As such, it was essential that he obtained the Intermediate Health Potion recipe.

He casually killed off a few enemy players, before returning to his training spot.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of anything that was easier to farm than the Undead Herbalists.

Pick Pocket.

System: You have obtained a bottle of Basic Deadly Poison.

This was good stuff. Lu Li took out the bottle of poison that he had just stolen, then hesitated. He decided not to apply it to his dagger.

It would be better to save this for fighting Bosses or other players.

Lu Li’s experience as a Gold Collection Unit member had made him a patient person. He continuously farmed monsters for 8 hours. In the end, he was too tired and hungry, so he logged off to get some rest and eat some food.

After logging on again, he looked at the Rankings.

Moonlight had fallen out of the top 10 in the Level Rankings, but he had advanced to the number 2 position in the Glory Rankings. He was now right behind Blood Dagger with his 220 Glory.

Although Remnant Dream would often train with Azure Sea Breeze, she had strict parents. She had to eat and sleep at set times, and had fallen to number 9 on the Level Rankings.

Azure Sea Breeze was now LV14 and was the only LV14 player in Dawn. Apart from when he was eating, he never logged off. He didn’t have real life things to do like Lu Li and was a classic levelling addict.

Although he was still LV13, Lu Li was quite close to where Azure Sea Breeze was because he had solo-killed a Boss. Moreover, his Attack was quite high which made it incredibly easy for him to farm monsters.

Lonesome Flower and March Rain were right behind Lu Li. They had been training with Azure Sea Breeze and so were gaining EXP quite quickly as well.

Lu Li’s goal for the day was to reach LV14. As for obtaining the Intermediate Health Potion recipe, he had already started to lose hope.

“If you can’t find it, then never mind. That’s the problem with Dawn. What kind of game would make it so difficult to obtain Potions? All the previous games I’ve played sold all kinds of Potions in the shops,” Azure Sea Breeze said, as he chatted to Lu Li through a voice call.

He was met with silence from Lu Li.

“Did you know, that when you logged off to eat lunch, the Blood-red War Flag killed a Boss. It was a Desert Explorer or something, but I forgot what level it was. Apparently, it took 70-80 people to kill it…”

Lu Li still did not reply. He had foreseen that this would happen. After all, it was impossible for him to take all the good things. In the end, Dawn was a fairly balanced game. Moonlight would often die and Lu Li would have to run for his life when there were too many people. There were also Bosses that anyone could kill…

Lu Li knew that the Desert Explorer Boss had a chance to drop the Explorer equipment set that was exclusive to Hunters. However, this Boss had a large spawn area and was difficult to find. Moreover, it would be impossible for Lu Li and his party to kill it.

“There’s a Bounty Quest for killing you in the Mercenary Hall. I’m guessing that it was the Imperial Secret Service who made it.”

Azure Sea Breeze continued to chat on, despite Lu Li’s silence.

“Killing you once will earn 10 gold coins and the maximum number of times you can do it is ten. It’s actually quite a bit of money. Do you want to help your bro become a little richer?”

Lu Li felt quite annoyed. He wasn’t sure if he was more annoyed towards Azure Sea Breeze, who was taking joy in his misery, or the Imperial Secret Service that wouldn’t leave him alone.

As he repetitively Pick Pocketed and killed monsters, Lu Li suddenly realised something.

The system had told him that he had successfully stolen something, but he was so zoned out that he hadn’t realised. He hurriedly opened his bag.

Sitting in the second last space was a piece of paper.

System: You have obtained [Recipe: Intermediate Health Potion].

Lu Li stared in shock. He found it! He had finally found it!

Recipe: Intermediate Health Potion

Recipe: Alchemy

Requirements: Intermediate Alchemy (120)

Use: Teaches you how to create an Intermediate Health Potion

Intermediate Health Potion: Immediately recovers 200 HP, as well as 20 HP per second for the next 10 seconds (will be cancelled if hit). Is not restricted by battle. Cooldown Time: 60 seconds.

When Lu Li took out the recipe, he almost cried.

He had spent so much time and effort looking for it. Back in his ‘past life’, he had also obtained this recipe. However, this was after the game had been released for a year. As such, the recipe only sold for 20 gold coins in the Exchange Hall. Who knew how difficult it was to find these things in the wilderness?

Even if someone offered him 200 gold coins to buy it right now, he would still refuse.

At this point, Lu Li felt like vomiting when he saw an Undead Herbalist. He looked at the quest badge in his bag, and was blown away by the number it displayed.


It had taken him a whole 13 hours.

Lu Li immediately learned the method for creating the Intermediate Health Potions. He didn’t want to risk being killed by an enemy player and dropping it. He would probably blow up in anger if that happened.

Lu Li returned to the Silverwing Outpost, wondering what the reward for clearing the quest to such a degree would be.

As he entered the outpost, he was not stopped this time. Perhaps it was because of the badge in his bag. He looked around, but didn’t find the Silverwing Warrior who had issued the quest to him. As such, he approached Vinda Nightwing , the Commander of the Outpost.

“Hello, what can I help you with?”

Lu Li took out the silver badge, “I was tasked by a Silverwing Warrior to complete ‘The Bleeding Outsiders’.”

“Your courage is praiseworthy, my fellow kinsman. Please give me the badge,” Vinda Nightwing said. After receiving the badge, the incredibly cool and calm commander’s expression changed.

“Is there something wrong?” Lu Li asked, perturbed. He had completed this task successfully in his ‘past life’. Could it be that killing too many was not good?

“No, you’ve done very well. I will give you the reward now.”

Vinda Nightwing regained her composure and put the badge away, then pointed her finger towards Lu Li’s forehead.

System: You have outstandingly completed the quest ‘The Bleeding Outsiders. You received Glory points, EXP and Fame.

Lu Li’s body flashed with light as he levelled up. Not only was he now LV14, his EXP was also 16% full. That meant that the quest completion reward had given him enough EXP to fill up around 20% of his EXP bar.

He had done much more than was required of him. If he had asked, the NPC would have told him that the number of Undead Herbalists he was required to kill was 20.

The rewards would only increase after killing more than 500 monsters, so barely any players bothered with this.

No one would farm those monsters as repetitively as he had. Not only had he spent nearly an entire day, he was also able to kill the monsters much faster than other players. The number of monsters he had killed would take other players 3 to 5 days to kill.