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Chapter 84: Top in Both Rankings!

Chapter 84: Top in Both Rankings!

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It wasn’t impossible to do what he had achieved, but there were two prerequisites.

Firstly, there had to be very few people farming there (ideally just 1). Otherwise, there would not be enough monsters. Secondly, the player had to be incredibly patient like Lu Li, being able to farm for more than 10 hours without getting bored.

Most players were here to enjoy the game, not to play themselves to death. Azure Sea Breeze was an exception.

Just as he had thought of Azure Sea Breeze, he heard him ranting again.

“Goddamit, Goddamit,” Azure Sea Breeze cursed. “What the hell did you do, you monster?”

“Can you talk like a decent person?” Lu Li quickly turned the volume down. Why was he acting so explosively?

“Look at the Rankings, look at the Rankings! How am I going to keep living? I’ve been killing myself to level up, but I’ve been overtaken by you. Not only did you overtake me, you also trampled all over Moonlight as well.”

Lu Li had no idea what he was talking about, so he opened the Rankings.

First place in the Level Rankings!

This wasn’t unexpected – he had received a considerable amount of EXP from completing the quest.

However, he was also first place on the Glory Rankings!

Lu Li quickly opened his stats page and saw that his Glory had reached 285!

He clearly remembered that he originally only had 20-30 Glory, which was all earned from enemy players who insisted on attacking him. Killing those people hadn’t taken much effort.

After looking through the system records, Lu Li finally understood what had happened.

In addition to the EXP reward increasing, the Glory reward had also been significantly boosted.

Normally, this quest would give 2 Glory points as a reward: 1 Glory point per 10 Undead Herbalists. Based on this rate, he had earned a bonus 208 Glory points. Moreover, because this was a PVP quest, the Silverwing Commander had also given him an additional 50 Glory points.

He was now at the top of both Rankings!

Lu Li thought carefully, but couldn’t think of someone who had ever taken the top places in both Rankings.

“Did you go deaf or did you die? Why aren’t you replying?” Azure Sea Breeze continuously ranted, before changing his tone, “Big bro, Big bro Lu Li, please tell me how you did it. I want to do it as well, pleeeease…”

“Stop being so disgusting,” Lu Li replied as he shivered. However, he still told Azure Sea Breeze exactly what he had done.

“Over 2,000? Goddamn, you’re an absolute madman,” Azure Sea Breeze howled.

“Can you ask the NPC how many monsters you need to kill to unlock that bonus?”

Lu Li went back to talk to the Silverwing Commander, but no matter how much he probed, Vinda Nightwing only smiled.

Lu Li did not dare to ask anymore. The Commander was being courteous because he had rendered exceptional services. However, he didn’t want to risk being thrown out of the Outpost.

“The Commander wouldn’t tell me, but I think it’s definitely above 200. I have no idea if it’s between 500-1000, or over 2000. Do you want to come and try?” Lu Li asked.

He was certain that it was above 200, because someone had killed over 200 in his ‘past life’, but had complained that this quest was boring and didn’t give good rewards. Lu Li didn’t have many talents, but one of his few was having a good memory.

“How is the Undead Herbalists’ Defence and how much HP do they have? Do you think it’d be good to farm in a party?”

Lu Li described the Undead Herbalists’ general stats and dispelled any unrealistic thoughts that Azure Sea Breeze was thinking.

“It’s possible to form a party, but you’ll have to share the kills. You’ll have to multiply as many people you bring by 2000. Plus, this is the Grey Valley’s frontlines. I didn’t want to kill anyone, but ended up killing 20-30 people who attacked me. I was even chased by a group of people, but they gave up because they couldn’t catch me.”

The group with the Faerie Fire had returned once more but failed. They didn’t bother him after that.

If it was Azure Sea Breeze, he definitely would have died.

“This won’t work and that won’t work. Screw it, I’ll just farm monsters properly. This might be of use to Moonlight though; you should tell him about it.”

Azure Sea Breeze was quite a sensible person. After hearing that it wouldn’t work, he immediately let it go.

“Alright I’ll be hanging up now. I’ve almost gone deaf from your nagging,” Lu Li said.

“Don’t hang up yet, tell me what your plans are. Are you going to try out the new Instance Dungeon or continue to level up?” Azure Sea Breeze asked.

“I think I’ll continue to level up. Making Potions takes some time and it’s best if we’re all LV14. If the Boss is 3 levels higher than us, we’ll receive extra damage,” Lu Li replied.

The last two Bosses of the Death Mines were both LV16 and would deal extra damage to players who were LV13 or below. Moreover, players who were LV13 or below would also deal reduced damage to the Bosses.

“Farming Nagas isn’t efficient anymore. Should we farm something else?”

Azure Sea Breeze was becoming lazy and wanted to save some time in training. After all, Lu Li was like a god of knowledge to him.

“Have a look if there’s a place called the Fire Scar Temple. There are Demon Guards and other hell monsters. There’s also a Boss that spawns in the deepest region there. I’ll bring some Potions and help you kill the Boss.” Lu Li thought for a while before deciding to take down the Demon Warlock Akereus.

That place wasn’t very well hidden and it would soon be filled with players.

The equipment that Akereus dropped was fairly ordinary, but he was still a LV15 Boss in the wilderness. He had a chance of dropping the Rager Equipment Set that Lu Li wanted, as well as a Fire Scar Temple’s Instance Dungeon Scroll. The Fire Scar Temple was one of the early private instance dungeons. Akereus also had underlings, so the EXP that he gave was much more than the Death Knight.

Lu Li directly returned from the Silverwing Outpost to the town. He first went to the mailbox to collect the money he had earned from selling the Steel grade equipment.

After the 5% transaction fee was applied, Lu Li received 33 gold coins. He checked the price of the Snake Trust Grass and bought all that he could.

The other ingredient for creating Intermediate Health Potions was Peacebloom Flowers.

Peacebloom Flowers were not worth much, as they could be found all over the Novice Village. A player could casually gather more than 100 sets in a day and sell them for 20 copper coins per set.