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Chapter 87: Fortune Favors The Fool

Chapter 87: Fortune Favors The Fool

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“Lu Li, Lu Li!” Seeing that the Boss could fly, Azure Sea Breeze immediately asked for assistance.

“Stop yelling, just wait and see what kind of skills it has before making any decisions. Remnant Dream, continue attacking.” Lu Li actually knew, but he didn’t know how to describe them.

Akereus flew into the air, but he wasn’t very high up and was still within attacking range of the ranged professions. He circled in the air, muttering some demon language before a muffled rumbling could be heard.

“What is he doing?” Azure Sea Breeze looked up and stared dumbly.

“It’s charging a magic spell.” Lu Li was also a little uncertain, but he quickly identified it. He saw Akereus wave the green sword in his hands and dark, red fireballs that exploded upon impact began to rain down.

“Dodge the incoming fireballs. Don’t stand on the flames,” Lu Li shouted as he moved away.

Fortunately, the fireballs would always hover in the sky for a moment and their falling speed wasn’t very fast. As long as you moved away, it was easy to dodge them.

“Ahh, help!” Remnant Dream clutched her head like a headless fly and scurried around.

This was a true test of skill. When they previously fought Bosses, they could remain stationary for the entire fight. Even Remnant Dream could take advantage of that and deal some decent damage. In this situation, however, she had no idea how to react.

Lu Li watched her run straight into a fireball, taking 400-500 damage. She had also stepped onto the fire, so her HP was quickly depleting.

“Come and follow me,” Lu Li shouted at her.

Remnant Dream had a moment of resolution and ran over to Lu Li, unceremoniously grabbing on to the back of his belt and hanging off it like a tail.

Lonesome Flower and Azure Sea Breeze were faring much better and were casually walking about. The Boss’ big menacing skills didn’t do much damage to them. March Rain was a little shaky at first, but quickly learned how the fireballs fell and was easily dodging them while healing the others.

Was there anything worse in the world? This boss could hit you, but you couldn’t hit him back.

The good news was he would tire after a while and eventually come down.

With their pent-up frustrations, the team immediately rushed up and attacked it. Just like that, the Boss was taken down to 30% HP.

Gas Explosion!

Akereus was back in action, blowing away all the melee players except the Main Tank.

“Dammit, he knocked Lu Li away,” Azure Sea Breeze said. “He flew 120 yards away, he’s definitely dead.”

“If he flies backwards like that, he’s going to land on his butt.” Lonesome Flower was blatantly taking pleasure in Lu Li’s misfortune.

“Our party is about to get cleared.” Remnant Dream put down her crossbow with a look of sorrow.

“Hey, even if he’s dead, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost. I’m very strong too.” The Main Tank was a little unhappy.

March Rain didn’t say anything, instead rushing towards where Lu Li was and preparing to heal him. However, she knew that the chances of surviving such a fall were very slim.

Lu Li had felt a rush of air, after which he saw the Grey Valley’s forest and blue sky, with its tall canopy and dancing birds. His mouth moved and he turned into a gold leopard while he was falling.

“Oh my,” Azure Sea Breeze cried out.

“Oh what!” exclaimed Lonesome Flower.

“Woah,” breathed March Rain.

After landing easily, Lu Li stared blankly at Remnant Dream. “What are you trying to do?” he asked.

“Let me hug you. Transform back and let me hug you.” Remnant Dream blinked and looked hopeful.

“Come on, we have work to do,” Lu Li answered coldly.

At 20% HP, the Boss once again cast Evil Sacrifice and Evil Fireball, which was easy to get through.

At 10% HP, Akereus did nothing.

With victory in his sights, Azure Sea Breeze laughed, “Here comes the end of your reign, today next year will be the anniversary of your death!”

Lu Li covered his face. He didn’t have the heart to tell him that the Boss was about to cast his most disgusting spell.

Azure Sea Breeze laughed while Akereus roared and waved his green sword. Everyone began to run around like headless flies.

Fear Roar!

All targets within 200 yards were affected by a 6-8 second fear.

Akereus went berserk, mercilessly laying into Azure Sea Breeze’s body.

-450, -600, -800, -1000, -1200…


Azure Sea Breeze return to normal for a moment, before his vision went black and white.

The tank was down!

March Rain put down her Magic Staff and looked at Lu Li.

“Heal me. Everyone else, DPS – the Boss is almost dead.”

Lu Li blocked the Boss, furiously waving his dagger.

Fortunately, the Boss’ berserk ended with the fear, so Lu Li only took 500 damage.

Lu Li downed an Intermediate Healing Potion, which brought him to full HP with March Rain’s heal. He cast Slit Throat on the Boss, which had a bleed effect.

Part of Lonesome Flower’s attacks were being resisted, so his damage to the Boss was not even remotely close the Lu Li’s.

The Boss HP was finally grinded down and Akereus was unable to continue carrying his sword. He sighed before proclaiming, “One day, I will return to my original place (The Abyss).”

System: Players Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower, March Rain and Remnant Dream have achieved the First Clear on the Wild Boss Akereus!

The World Announcements were once again filled with excitement, but some didn’t bother checking because they saw Lu Li’s name. They had accepted this to be normal.

There was actually quite a handsome amount of EXP. Lu Li’s EXP bar rose by 8%.

The rescued Azure Sea Breeze was sad, because he didn’t receive this and had also lost 10% EXP from his death. His 2nd place seat was now in danger, as Lonesome Flower reached LV14.

“Woah, the system gave me a skill point. Did you guys get it?” Remnant Dream was happy; she had spent a lot of time with this group of experts and knew that Skill Points weren’t easy to come by.

“Nope,” March Rain replied as she shook her head quietly.

“Good work,” Lu Li said. He didn’t have the strength for banter.

“The heavens are blind,” Azure Sea Breeze muttered as he sat on the ground.

“Fortune favors the fool,” Lonesome Flower cried, with tears running down his face.