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Chapter 88: Instance Dungeon Scroll

Chapter 88: Instance Dungeon Scroll

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Even a fool would know that they had gotten a good thing. Remnant Dream grinned as she went to pick up the equips that the Boss dropped.

“Oh, a one-handed sword. Big brother Sea Breeze, this is yours.”

The little hunter ran back and offered him the loot.

Hellreaver (Steel): Damage 30-42, Strength +8, Constitution +5. Special Effect: Armor Piercing. Certain probability to cause a 20% armor break to the target. Cannot be stacked. Equipment requirement: level 15. Durability 45/45

A level 15 Steel equip with an armor breaking effect!

The half dazed Azure Sea Breeze was suddenly filled with vigor as he jumped up, took the Hellreaver and started laughing.

He had long been jealous of Moonlight’s Bloodseeker’s Axe’s armor break effect. He never thought that he would receive a weapon with this effect, let alone one that was level 15. The damage on this was also significantly better than a current level 5 Steel equip.

The armor piercing effect was just too strong. It was definitely one of the top three Warrior effects. Moonlight had seen level 10 steel equips before, but they didn’t have this effect, so he continued to use his precious axe.

It was a pity that this was a level 15 equip, so he couldn’t wield it just yet.

“See what else there is,” Lu Li urged. Akereus’ drops were said to be bad, but perhaps it would drop some good weapons on the first clear.

“Remove Curse; this is some kind of Skill Book. It seems like it’s for mages. I don’t know, I can’t learn it.” The skill book had a Mage profession logo, so the little hunter managed to work it out.

“That’s mine, I’m a mage.”

Lonesome Flower, who was staring at the sky and pretending to be sad, immediately ran over.

Curses were very common in Dawn. Many Bosses could cast these skills which put their target in a weakened state. Warlocks also had all sorts of strange and unusual curses, but this was also their weakness.

To be able to learn a skill was a good thing. Lonesome Flower could no longer be sad.

“What else?” Lu Li was a little disappointed that he couldn’t use it.

“A Bronze belt for Priests, which is for big sister March Rain. There’s also a Bronze bracer for me, but it isn’t as good as the one I already have. Lu Li you can go sell it. Finally, there is a rare material and a scroll…”

“What kind of scroll!” Lu Li’s eyes lit up.

“Fire Scar Temple – Common. With this scroll, you will have 3 days to enter the Ordinary Difficulty Fire Scar Temple.”

Remnant Dream read out the words on the scroll.

“It’s a private Instance Dungeon. It should drop some good items.”

Lu Li immediately thought that Akereus was a good Boss. Whoever thought otherwise deserved to be spat in the face.

“Is it difficult?” Azure Sea Breeze was a little worried, as the scroll had been dropped by a LV15 Boss. Akereus has been killed, but admittedly this was toughest battle that the party had faced yet. Its dungeon couldn’t be that easy, even if it was only regular difficulty.

“We have three opportunities to clear the Instance Dungeon, but after 3 days the scroll will disappear. Even if we can’t do it, we’ll have to try,” Lu Li laughed bitterly.

“How about we go kill Gallaher once today, again tomorrow and also tomorrow’s Akereus. We can kill a few more Bosses and get a few more Steel equips before people realize.” Being a girl, March Rain was more careful than the others.

Her suggestion didn’t make sense, however. Why would they go back to a lower level area? The transfer cost money.

“It does make sense!” Azure Sea Breeze exclaimed as he clapped his hands. “We can raise some money by selling things in the Exchange Hall.”

Lu Li seemed to be suddenly lost in thought, but he realized that this was the normal mentality. Spending some money at the Exchange Hall or trading farmed equips for others were effective ways to increase their strength.

It was not as though he had a choice. Ever since his rebirth, everything he had done was to earn money because of the despair he had faced. He couldn’t let a single gold coin go to waste.

“Let’s return to the city and go the Dark Ravine.”

Lu Li put the rare materials in his bag and started channeling his teleport.

He still had some Intermediate Antidotes from last time, but he bought a few more from the Exchange Hall. A group of people headed straight to fight the Boss.

Whispering Forest had many Novice Villages and each one had its own kids of Boss. It was too bad that Lu Li couldn’t think of any Bosses other than the one in Snake Valley, so his plan of clearing out the Novice Village Bosses couldn’t be executed.

There was still no one fighting the Snake Boss and they had prior experience. With a new tier of equipment, there was no way they were going to lose and Snake King Gallaher eventually fell.

Snake Skin Shoulderpad (Steel): Defence 15, Strength +6, Agility +4. Equipment Requirement: level 10. Durability 32/32.

This was a leather equip for Warrior Thieves. Its properties were average and it didn’t have a special effect. After all, it was only LV10. However, it was still much better than the Bronze Shoulderpads that Lu Li had on, so Lu Li gladly took it.

Another item that was dropped was a Steel Magic item, but what Lonesome Flower had was better. The group decided to sell it to raise funds for the transfer, which was really a monetary sinkhole. A single return trip cost them 10 gold. If it weren’t for this Boss’ guaranteed EXP and rare material drops, going back to fight the Novice Village bosses wouldn’t be worth it.

Taking advantage of the little time they had left, they quickly cleared the Elite-difficulty Spider lair, which dropped two LV5 steel equips. No one needed them, so they were consigned to the Exchange Hall.

The Intermediate Health Potions that he had consigned were almost all sold out.

Of the 20 bottles he had put up for sale, 15 of them had been sold. The remaining 5 weren’t getting any attention.

This result was a little unexpected. Lu Li had predicted that those who were capable of doing the Death Mines should have been on a mad rush to buy these.

In fact, he had idealized the situation.

He had only put in 20 potions so that they wouldn’t attract attention, but this was already too many.

Intermediate Health Potions could only be dropped by LV15+ monsters at an extremely low probability. The Exchange Hall had only ever seen one or two of them at a time and they were always marked at absurd prices.

The big guilds immediately understood that someone had learnt to make this Potion the moment that 20 of them had appeared at once.

They also knew that this person wasn’t part of a guild. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be selling it.

Twenty bottles weren’t enough to keep them safe in the Death Mines, so the guilds decided to wait and look into who had learned the recipe. Once they found him, they would immediately try to win him over.

Moreover, the smaller guilds had no desire to clear the dungeon. This was a time to live frugally and develop the economic strength of the guild.

The only buyers left were the adventurous casual players who liked taking risks and had bought the potion for their protection. These were the people that had bought the 15 potions.

Lu Li thought for a moment and slowly began to understand what was happening. He simply put up the rest of the 50 Health Potions up for sale. This would be enough for a group to clear the Death Mines. Someone would definitely go for it.

He was still carrying a few dozen gold coins, so he looked around for cheap Snake Trust Grass and spent all his money on it.

The Intermediate Health Potion recipe would probably be farmed out in the next few days, so this was his last opportunity.

In reality, the price of Snake Trust Grass had risen a few times. Twenty silver was considered cheap now, but most people sold it for fifty silver per set. As long as someone was buying it, the prices would continue to rise.

Lu Li used the rest of the time to create the Health Potions. He did this until he was unbearably tired, before going offline to sleep.