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Chapter 89: Death Mines

Chapter 89: Death Mines

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This time, Lu Li was successful. Selling all 50 Intermediate Health Potions, plus the few Steel Equips earned him over 70 gold. Five percent of this was paid to the Exchange Hall.

It was a huge sum of money.

Azure Sea Breeze who was waiting online was also shocked by this sum of money.

It was not that they hadn’t seen this amount of money before, but they never thought that selling potions would be so profitable.

“Look around for what you need; we can buy it directly from the Exchange Hall. Once you have everything, we can go and clear the Death Mines.”

Lu Li didn’t want to wait around any longer than he needed to.

“That’s no good,” objected Lonesome Flower. “This money was all made by you; we didn’t do anything. How can we use it to buy our own equips?”

“Hey, don’t say it like that,” Lu Li touched his nose and said shyly, “Of all the Bosses we’ve fought, you’ve given me all the rare materials. Those aren’t things you can buy with money.”

“Rare materials?” Azure Sea Breeze was puzzled. “I’ve always felt like you place too much value in these rare materials. Are they a really that important?”

“Of course,” Lu Li resolutely nodded, “On the official website, it says that Dawn’s equipment are divided into grades: Common, Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold, Dark Gold, Epic and Legendary. There are also potentially even higher grades like Demigod and God. What the website doesn’t say, however, is that there are certain items at Epic and above which can’t be dropped.”

“How do you get them then?” Remnant Dream stared blankly.

“Are they crafted by the materials?” Azure Sea Breeze immediately understood.

“Correct. Bosses will drop an Epic Equipment Matrix, which allows you to craft an Epic equip with the rare materials. The equips that are crafted are better than those directly dropped and this is also true for the Legendary equips. As for the Demigod and God equips, I’m not sure,” Lu Li revealed to them.

To the others, he was very mysterious, so it wasn’t too surprising that he knew this.

On the forums, there were people selling rare materials at astonishing prices and the three LV5 Bosses had been killed over and over. The big guilds must also have known this secret.

“That sounds like it’s still going to be a while. In that case, I’ll just go ahead with this.”

Azure Sea Breeze was still the most straightforward member; he would never be needlessly polite with Lu Li. Lu Li really admired that about him.

The Exchange Hall had LV10 Steel equips and even some LV15 ones, but they weren’t cheap.

It had been calculated that the current Chinese market had over 4 million players and counting. In order to accommodate for this huge number, there were thousands of Novice Villages like the Shadow Valley and hundreds more towns. Having this many locations naturally meant that there were many Bosses. There would always be a supply of Boss-dropped materials on the market.

Lu Li was currently equipped with Steel-grade shoes, a shirt, pants, gloves, bracers, a main weapon and a long ranged weapon. His belts, cloaks, and headgear, however, were Bronze. As for his two badges, two rings and necklace, he was already incredibly fortunate to just have these items. He would definitely not be looking to replace them any time soon.

All he was looking for was a Cloak, Belt and some Headgear.

Nothing really caught his eye, even after a thorough search. So, he spent a dozen silver to buy a LV10 Bronze Cloak that gave a few more attribute points than his LV5 one.

There were a few Steel Headgears though. Lu Li eventually decided on spending 5 gold for one of them.

Sword Dancer’s Hat (Steel): Armor 13, Agility +6, Constitution +2. Equipment Requirement: level 10. Durability 22/30.

This equip was satisfactory for his needs. There wasn’t anything much better than this, but the 5-gold price tag was quite hefty. However, this still easily afforded by Lu Li.

Light Belt (Steel): Armor 16, Agility +8. Special Effect: Certain probability to deal 20% extra damage. Level Requirement: Level 10. Durability 16/32.

This belt was good, but its price was very steep, at 9 gold. Lu Li hesitated for a moment before buying it as well.

He also searched for Skill Books.

There were barely any Skill Books in the Exchange Hall, especially those for Thieves. This was unfortunate.

The most commonly available Skill Books were for Druids. Lu Li thought for a while before giving up. His Cheetah form could only learn 2 skills, so he needed to consider this very carefully.

Lu Li also helped Remnant Dream pick out 2 pieces. Once everyone had picked out their equipment, the 70-80 gold he had earned was completely spent.

Everyone’s equipment was already excellent, so their overall strength didn’t increase by that much.

Lu Li also let Azure Sea Breeze find some Supplementary Tools for the upcoming Instance Dungeon, while he ran off and rented a quiet room to craft a few dozen Intermediate Health Potions.

After this, he consigned another 50 bottles to the Exchange Hall!

It was time to go to the Death Mines!

It was said that the gold deposits in the Death Mines could increase the wealth of Stormwind by a third. In the first Orc War, the mine was abandoned because according to legend, it was haunted.

This lasted until the day a ragtag group of kids formed the Defias Brotherhood and occupied this maze. They used it as their base of operations for the destruction of Stormwind city.

The story of the Defias Brotherhood was a long one and won’t be expanded on here.

As they entered the Instance Dungeon, the path led them along a winding cavern. As a Thief, Lu Li was in charge of navigating, while the others followed him.

He stopped when he reached a fork in the path and after some careful observation, he pointed to the side of the small cave and said, “Look, there is an NPC”

Azure Sea Breeze and the others looked carefully and saw a half-dead NPC behind an abandoned mine cart.

If one didn’t look carefully, he would be difficult to spot.

Seeing that someone was coming, he struggled to get up.

“Dear adventurers, how are you?”

“Who are you? Why are you in this place? I hear this is the base of the Defias Brotherhood.”

Lu Li stepped forwards and began to talk to him.

“I am Lieutenant Horatio from Stormwind city. Adventurers, I have something I need you to do. Can you lend me your strength?”

How could Lu Li reject? “Of course, we will do our best,” he replied.

“I was ordered to investigate the situation within the Death Mines, but as you can see, I was bitten by a snake. Can you do a trip in there for me?” Horatio showed the players his darkened calf.

“We are going in to clear it out. We are happy to take your request,” Lu Li said without hesitation.

Lieutenant Horatio took out a small disk.

“Glubtok the Foreman will be the first rival you encounter and he is a powerful Ogre Mage. Be careful, he has both brute strength derived from his race and many evil spells! Bring this communication device so we can keep in touch when conducting the investigation.”

Lu Li took the small disk and the system prompted him that he had accepted the Death Mines Quest.