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Chapter 90: The Relaxed Old One

Chapter 90: The Relaxed Old One

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The group quickly encountered monsters.

What they saw was a group of Cynocephali diggers, toiling away. There were two fatter ones overseeing the work.

“There are so many monsters; we won’t be able to clear them out cleanly,” Azure Sea Breeze grimaced “Cannons,” Lu Li observed and pointed in a direction.

“Dammit, the monsters in this Instance Dungeon can use cannons as well.”

Azure Sea Breeze’s face turned green; he didn’t want to know what it was like to be bombarded.

The Cannons in Dawn were based on the medieval age, but they weren’t exactly the same as the ones in real life. They were incredibly powerful, so it would be very bad if someone were to take a direct hit. The players all had a heartfelt fear for these cannons.

“There’s only one wave of monsters around the cannon. We should take it,” Lu Li said.

“You know how to fire a cannon?” Azure Sea Breeze was confused.

“Firing a cannon in a game is easy. You don’t need to do it properly,” Lu Li explained.

“You go in first and stun the gunman. I don’t want to get hit by that,” Azure Sea Breeze gestured at Lu Li.

Lu Li shrugged and entered stealth.

There was a fat Ogre responsible for firing the cannon and two Cynocephali slaves protecting him.

The Ogre was immune to sap, so Lu Li cast Cheap Shot on him. Once the Ogre was stunned, Lu Li came out of stealth which the two Cynocephali slaves to scream and wave their hands.

-32, -28…

The Ogre was an elite, but the Cynocephali were just ordinary monsters. This damage wasn’t very surprising.

Azure Sea Breeze immediately rushed over to pull the mobs away.

Lu Li felt around a bit and set up the cannon. In his past life, he had been called ‘the little expert’. Now, it was time for him to shine.

He fired directly at a group of monsters, dealing a significant amount of damage as the cannonball exploded.

The 7-8 monsters that were affected started running towards the cannon, but there was a Main Tank to intercept them. Lu Li continued to fire freely.

The cannon also had HP and would be destroyed when this was depleted. However, between Lu Li’s constant firing and Azure Sea Breeze’s tanking, the mobs were brutally slaughtered. They didn’t even have a chance to reach the cannon.

“I’ll go pull more monsters.” Azure Sea Breeze knew what to do next without any instruction.

He rushed off on his own and quickly brought back a group of monsters. Lu Li fired the cannon at them and cleared them out two times faster than they would have normally.

The first wave of monsters before the first boss were quickly cleared out. Lu Li let the cannon go and followed the party to face the Boss. They couldn’t move the cannon, otherwise they would have used it in the fight.

Glubtok the Foreman had two Ogre bodyguards.

Azure Sea Breeze observed for a moment and that the Boss and his bodyguard’s aggro would not be drawn together, so he directly attacked them.

His mistake was that the bodyguard’s aggro mechanic was unlike Dawn’s regular aggro mechanic. They ignored Azure Sea Breeze’s taunts and rushed over with their hammers raised.

One of these bodyguards was immediately stunned by Lu Li’s Cheap Shot, while the other was hit by Azure Sea Breeze’s Charge. With the crowd control active, the well-equipped group quickly sent them to see the System gods.

After a short recovery period, they turned their attention to Glubtok.

“Glubtok will show you the power of the Arcane!” The fat Ogre was clearly angry.

His anger proved useless, as Lu Li would have been able to kill him a few days ago. Now, everyone was a higher level and they had better equipment. Glubtok the Foreman was killed in just over 10 minutes. The Quest Tracker prompted them that they had successfully killed the Foreman and gave them their next instruction: Kill Helix.

“It can’t be that hard,” Azure Sea Breeze remarked.

“If it weren’t for brother Lu Li reminding someone to cast Shield Wall, that person would have died,” Remnant Dream grinned mischievously.

“Cough, cough, Remnant Dream, how about you go and see what the Boss dropped?” The little hunter was very lucky and enjoyed picking up weapons.

Remnant Dream went to Glubtok’s corpse and began to loot it.

“Ah, these are clothes for sister March. It’s too bad they’re LV15.” She had picked up piece of Steel clothing with decent attributes, but its requirements were a bit too high. After the Boss was taken down, March Rain reached LV14. She would be able to equip this after one more level.

“What else is there?” Azure Sea Breeze stared expectantly at the little hunter.

Remnant Dream felt around and replied, “There is a LV15 Bronze equip, two pieces of Magic Patterned Cloth and an Intermediate Potion. That’s it.”

“Well, this is the first Boss. You can’t hope for too much, let’s keep going,” Azure Sea Breeze inhaled with disappointment.

Only Lu Li knew that Dawn was a stingy game. It was best not to have high hopes for the coming Boss either. The fact that the first Boss had dropped a Steel equip was probably because of the First Clear bonus. The probability of a Steel drop was normally very low.

After Glubtok the Foreman fell, a stone door on the mountain behind them had opened up. Upon entering the stone door, they faced a different kind of monster – Supervisor Brother Bulin and Mine Bunny Girl.

The former could cast a Compelling Roar which raised its own attack speed by 50% and Excitement, which dealt Shadow damage to its target and reduced its movement speed by 50%. The latter would throw a plate to lower the target’s attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 50%.

The difficulty had significantly increased, but this was not enough to stop the advance of Lu Li and his team.

Before long, they stood before the second Boss, Helix.

Helix was actually a foreigner to the Death Mines.

He was originally a Bilgewater Cartel craftsman, but had received a large sum of money from the Defias Brotherhood to come and work for them. Being a shrewd Goblin, he quickly took up the offer and renounced his allegiance to his previous employer.

Helix was riding on the body of a mechanical monster.

Players needed to deal with the mechanical monster first. During this process, Helix would lay hidden mines around the giant room which would explode when stepped on, causing all players within 4 yards to be damaged and knocked back.

If they were unlucky, the knockback could land them onto another mine.

Fighting this Boss therefore required the use of Intermediate Healing Potions. Otherwise, the pressure would be too great. Helix was called the party killer for a reason.