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Chapter 93: Special Equipment

Chapter 93: Special Equipment

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Lu Li didn’t hesitate in buying the Kick skill for 20 gold coins.

Lu Li wondered if there was any Silver grade equipment being sold. In his curiosity, he looked at all equipment from the most expensive first to the least expensive.

The most expensive piece of equipment was Steel-grade and was listed at 400 gold coins. The description was, “The Great Qin Empire is recruiting; contact Great Qin Pioneer for details.” Lu Li was speechless and couldn’t help but marvel at their resourcefulness.

He scrolled down and saw that there were many similar things. Many people had listed trash-tier equipment for very high prices, with descriptions detailing recruitment advertisements, looking for a spouse, looking to make friends, etc.

Some people listed their equipment for exorbitant prices and said in the description that they were only willing to trade for weapons that were suitable for their own profession.

After looking through the priciest equipment, Lu Li confirmed that no one was selling any Silver grade equipment.

Unless something miraculous happened to a ridiculously lucky player, the chances of obtaining Silver grade equipment at this point in the game were practically impossible. Bosses that could drop Silver grade equipment at this point in the game could only be found in the Hero difficulty of the Death Mines. Even Elite grade Bosses wouldn’t drop Silver grade equipment so early on.

Wait a second…

A piece of equipment selling for 200 or so gold caught his eye, and seemed to be in the ‘facial equipment’ category.

He quickly went back.

It was a Steel grade Bandanna!

Lu Li couldn’t believe his eyes. Even in his ‘past life’, he had never even heard of a Steel grade Bandanna.

Nameless (Steel): 1 Defence, All Stats+1, Special Effect: Hides Information (can be toggled), Leve Requirement: LV1. No Durability.

The 1 point of Defence was quite insignificant, and although the Bandanna gave All Stats+1, this wasn’t necessarily better than a piece of Bronze grade equipment. However, it gave the ability to hide one’s information.

What did it mean to hide one’s information? For example, Lu Li had hid his information in the Level Rankings, so he was displayed as an ‘Unknown Player’. When forming a team, he would also hide his information, so that his name was ‘Unknown Player’. Since the system allowed one to their information in certain situations, why couldn’t there be equipment that hid one’s information?

Looking at the words ‘hides information’, Lu Li suddenly remembered something.

In his ‘past life’, there was a Thief who would not leave his name when PVPing with other players, even if he attacked first.

The system gave the players a choice whether to hide their information on the Rankings, or when forming teams, but there was no such option for PVP. As such, the system would alert both players in a PVP combat that the intiating player had maliciously attacked the other. This gave the attacked player 10 minutes to retaliate.

However, when that particular Thief attacked, this system announcement did not come up.

The players who were killed did not even know who had killed them and couldn’t find anyone to take revenge on. As such, there were often people reporting this issue on the official website. However, the response from the game company was that this was not a bug, so people stopped reporting this issue.

Perhaps that person had used this sort of equipment.

Lu Li looked at the description.

“Steel grade Bandanna, willing to exchange for a high-quality Thief equipment, preferably weapon. PM ‘Black Cat’.”

Lu Li immediately contacted that player.

Lu Li: You there?

Black Cat: Yes, yes, do you want to exchange equipment? I know it doesn’t have a very nice name, but if you don’t have Steel grade equipment, then forget about it. This lady here would rather throw it away than trade it for Bronze grade equipment.

Evidently, it was a female player. She had sent a lengthy reply back, with a tone of annoyance. It seemed that many people had offered to exchange with her, but the results had not turned out too well.

Lu Li directly sent over the Dagger’s stats.

Lu Li: Death’s Shadow (Steel): 12-25 Damage, Strength+5, Attack Speed+10%. Level Requirement: LV6. Durability: 32/32.

Black Cat: Hmm… Hmm… Not bad, but…

This was an exquisite Dagger – it was quite rare to have 12-25 Attack on a single-handed weapon. The 5 points of Strength made this Dagger seem even more enticing and it even gave a 10% increase to Attack Speed. This was incredibly rare for low level equipment. Normally, even 5% was a lot.

However, Black Cat was not entirely willing to trade for only this Dagger. After all, her Bandanna was incredibly special.

Special Steel grade equipment was incredibly rare!

If it wasn’t for the fact that female players could only use Veils, she would have probably kept it for herself.

Lu Li: Broodmother’s Kiss (Steel): 10-22 Damage, Agility+4, Special Effect: Upon successfully attacking a target, there is a chance of the target being poisoned and taking 20 damage per second for 5 seconds. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 30/30.

This Dagger was not inferior to the previous one in the slightest and its Poison effect was very useful against Bosses.

Black Cat: Wow, great god… wait, do you really have this equipment? You’re not tricking me, right?”

Lu Li: You can pick either one of the Daggers. If you want, we can trade. If not, forget it.

Black Cat: It’s a pity they’re both LV5 weapons though. Great god, I’m nearly LV10, so can you give me a piece of LV10 equipment or both of those LV5 Daggers?

Lu Li: No way, goodbye.

Black Cat: Wait, let’s be reasonable.

Lu Li: How about this: you choose one of the Daggers and I’ll add on a LV5 Steel grade Leather Armour. Your Steel-grade Bandanna is rare, but hiding information isn’t that useful. After all, the game’s settings already allows you to hide your information.

Black Cat thought for a while and felt that what Lu Li had said was true. After all, many other players had said the same thing. Players didn’t have to rely on equipment to hide their information and most players wanted to become famous.

None of the players on the Glory Rankings who she had talked to were interested in this Bandanna. Only the somewhat famous Midnight Ghost was somewhat interested in trading. However, he was only willing to trade a fairly ordinary piece of LV5 equipment, which couldn’t even be compared to the ones that Lu Li had offered.

Lu Li was very patient and did not rush Black Cat. He bought a temporary LV10 Bronze grade weapon and a LV10 Bronze grade Armour, then left the Exchange Hall. His destination was the Inn, where he could hire a private room to create some Intermediate Health Potions.

After half an hour, he received a reply.

Black Cat: Great god, I’ve decided to trade with you. I’m a combat Thief, so I want the Death’s Shadow and the Leather Armour. Where are you now?

Lu Li: Meet me at the Dark Ravine. I’ll pay for the transport fee.

Trading at the Dark Ravine was much cheaper than trading at the Grey Valley. After all, going between towns cost 2 gold coins, but going between a town and a village cost only 1 gold coin.

With someone willing to pay the transport fee, Black Cat immediately went to the Dark Ravine.

At the agreed location, she saw a Thief who had covered his face and had his name hidden during the transaction.

The special equipment “Nameless” was thus obtained by Lu Li.

Lu Li was lacking a decent weapon and clothing, but he had bought some to use temporarily. When he levelled up to LV15, he could equip the LV15 Steel grade equipment in his bag.

He bought this Bandanna just in case he became too famous in future and was targeted. Who knew when it would be useful? Moreover, he no longer had a need for his 2 LV5 weapons and he wasn’t lacking in gold, so he decided to trade them off.