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Chapter 94: Ambushed

Chapter 94: Ambushed

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After a while, Azure Sea Breeze and the others came to the Dark Ravine. Then, they all headed off to the Snake Valley to kill Gallaher.

Gallaher’s territory was in a corner of the Snake Valley. As it was surrounded and attacked by Lu Li’s group, it furiously spat out poison and swept around its massive tail, trying to send these disrespectful players to the grave.

It was a pity that it could not do so.

Against these skilful, high-levelled and well-equipped players, it could only struggle in vain.

“We won’t be able to kill this Boss for much longer. There are many waves of players heading this way and they’ll probably reach here in two or so days,” Azure Sea Breeze said in disappointment as he patted Gallaher’s head with his shield. He was furiously counterattacked by Gallaher in response.

“As long as our equipment is good enough, we won’t need to worry about not having enough Bosses to kill. It’s just that the high level Bosses are way too hard to kill,” Lu Li replied.

“Do you want to recruit some new people?”

“I don’t mind; you can handle that.” Lu Li wasn’t really interested in these things.

He knew many future-experts, but they wouldn’t necessarily want to join them. Moreover, experts were usually quite haughty. Once they became famous, they might not want to stay within the small Mercenary Group.

When Lu Li’s HP dropped down to 50%, he drank an Intermediate Antidote, which cancelled out the Boss’ Poison Attack. Following that, the Boss hit him with its tail, dealing 70 damage. However, with his 1,000+ HP pool, he was in no danger at all.

Suddenly, Lu Li’s face darkened.

When did these people creep up behind them?!

Before Lu Li’s group could react, all sorts of attacks – Frostbolts, Fireballs, Shadow Arrows, Arcane Shots, Lightning Bolts – rained down upon them.

Remnant Dream, Lonesome Flower and March Rain were all instantly killed.

Only 2 of them were able to react in time. Lu Li immediately used Vanish, avoiding the first wave of attacks, while Azure Sea Breeze activated Shield Wall. This resulted in there only being a chain of single-digit damage figures rising above him.

There were at least 70-80 enemy players. Azure Sea Breeze couldn’t last very long and after Shield Wall’s effects ended, he was also buried by a wave of skills.

However, he had bought enough time for Lu Li to run away. By the time they had finished off Azure Sea Breeze, they simply couldn’t find Lu Li.

Although Lu Li wasn’t invincible, he wouldn’t lose his Stealth from being hit for the first 3 seconds after using Vanish. He quickly activated the speed boost from his Boots and his Movement Speed increased by 10%.

After escaping from the enemy players’ attack range, Lu Li immediately transformed into the Little Cheetah and dove into the grass.

“Goddamit, he escaped again!”

“How is this possible?! We threw so many attacks at him but couldn’t insta-kill him!”

“His level’s probably pretty high, my attack missed…”

“My Charm skill also missed.”

“Increase the search perimeter. Thieves are usually quite slow when they’re Stealthed. Everyone cast your abilities wherever you think he might be.”

“Is there a Tank? Someone tank this Boss. It doesn’t have much HP left, so we might as well kill it…”

“Idiot. Find the Thief first. If weren’t able to kill a Thief with 70-80 people, that would be disgraceful. I’ll kill anyone who dares to fight the Boss before we’ve found him.”

“What gives you the right to order us around? We can’t wholeheartedly look for the Thief before killing this Boss.”

“Exactly, we can use the system to check his coordinates every 30 minutes, so we might as well kill the Boss first.”

Although they knew not to underestimate this Thief, these 70-80 people had successfully snuck up on him and attacked. Who would think that anything could go wrong?

This motley crowd simply couldn’t resist the temptation of the Boss.

“I’m fine, but don’t come over for now,” Lu Li answered his communication device, telling his teammates what was happening.

“Dreamy’s a bit down, so I’ll try to cheer her up,” March Rain replied.

It wasn’t that the little Hunter had never died in the game before, but that this was the first time she had been killed by players.

Lu Li felt a bit guilty. After all, these players had come for him.

The peaceful days that had gone by caused him to let his guard down and he had forgotten about the bounty on his head.

This group of people had come exactly for the bounty.

After the second update, the bounty system was introduced. After paying 10 gold coins, a player could list a bounty quest in the Mercenary Hall.

The person who placed the bounty on Lu Li was quite rich. Killing Lu Li would earn them 10 gold coins and the maximum number of kills was 10. This meant that there was a total bounty of 100 gold coins on him!

Any player could spend 10 silver coins in order to receive this bounty. Every 30 minutes, players could spend 50 silver coins to search for the target’s coordinates.

Lu Li had spent the entire morning in the Instance Dungeon and didn’t expect that the bounty hunters would come for him.

Not only had he gotten four of his teammates killed, but he had also exposed this place to others.

He didn’t leave, but hid nearby in the woods.

He was so close that he could hear what they were saying and discovered who they were.

Some of them were from the Imperial Secret Service and their leader was ‘Sorry I’m Stronger Than You’. He wanted the players to hurry up and find Lu Li, but it was a pity that there were only 20-30 Imperial Secret Service players in that group. The other people were all strangers and had only joined up with them for the bounty.

The system made it so that players who assisted in completing the bounty quest would receive 80% of the reward.

Killing Lu Li would earn 8 gold and they might not even earn a large share of that. As such, many of the players decided to finish off the Boss. Gallaher now had less than half of its HP, and it could be killed within minutes by the 70-80 players.

Sorry I’m Stronger Than You had no choice but to compromise, “Hurry up and finish it off; the equipment will belong to whoever can get their hands on it. If someone attacks another person for equipment, then the rest of you kill him immediately.

He then ordered his guild’s players to keep an eye on the time and immediately search for Lu Li’s coordinates as soon as it was possible again. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about this. He had been there the last time the Imperial Secret Service had tried to kill this guy and he knew what he was capable of.

Even though Lu Li wanted to tear these people into shreds, he remained calm.

He retreated somewhere safe and coldly watched as the motley crowd attacked the Boss under Sorry I’m Stronger Than You’s command.

With so many people, Gallaher’s HP quickly fell.


The giant snake leaned backwards as it deeply inhaled, then spat out its venom towards the players.

Bosses in the wilderness were all quite tough and Gallaher was no exception. Its poison and AOE attacks made it an incredibly tough Boss to kill.

This wave of venom covered more than half of the players.