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Chapter 95: Bloody Battle

Chapter 95: Bloody Battle

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The first time Lu Li’s team had fought this Boss, they had been completely annihilated. Because these people were much higher-levelled than Lu Li and the others were at the time, no one died from the first wave of venom.

However, many of them now had critical HP!

How could Gallaher be so easy to kill? It had reduced a majority of the attacking players to critical HP in just 1 attack.

“Heal! Hurry up and heal! Are you dead or something?!” A motley crowd was indeed a motley crowd. Seeing their HP fall so low, they all began to yell for healing, covering up their leader’s voice.

Gallaher then followed up with a tail attack.

The crowd began to yell even louder and more desperately.

At the beginning, none of them had taken Gallaher seriously. After all, it was a LV12 Boss that had lost a big chunk of its HP.

No one thought that they would lose players so quickly.

A group of players died immediately as 5 or 6 rays of light flew off.

There were only 5 Healers. After all, this crowd had come to kill Lu Li, so the vast majority of them were professions with high damage. The Healers raised their Staffs and started to cast healing magic. Luckily, the Boss didn’t continuously attack, allowing the players to slightly relax.

Lu Li silently crept behind a Priest and immediately stunned him as he raised his Staff.

The Priest didn’t expect to be ambushed and his face was filled with shock. He even thought that the Boss had used a new skill and a string of damage figures arose from his body.

1 down!

Dead players couldn’t talk, but they could type.

However, before he could type anything, another Healer from the team sent out 3 words:

“Fudge, I’m dead!”

“The Healers are being killed!” the crowd suddenly realised, as they saw Lu Li furiously attacking the third Healer.

“Everyone, don’t panic, focus your attacks on him!”

With a Boss and a godly Thief separately attacking them, how could they not panic?

In reality, the elusive Lu Li, who had been called ‘Textbook’ Lu Li, was no less dangerous than the Boss.

Some of the players reacted quickly and immediately launched their skills towards Lu Li.

He didn’t bother to look over as he slashed his Dagger across the frightened Healer’s throat.

Slit Throat! Critical Hit!

Lu Li jumped forwards and rolled, avoiding most of the attacks. Regardless, his HP still fell by 40% after being hit by the few remaining attacks.

He didn’t run or retreat like the players had expected. He ran towards the Boss and used the Boss’ body to block the players’ second wave of attacks.

A wall of skills erupted on the Boss’ body.

The Boss’ HP once again fell.

When the players finally rushed over, there was no trace of Lu Li. He had long since disappeared, and they had now drawn the aggro of the Boss.

Should they fight or not?!

The Boss only had a bit more than 20% of its HP, so it would be a pity to give up.

However, how could they keep fighting? They had already lost 3 Healers and they had to constantly worry about being ambushed by the Thief.

“Hurry up and quickly finish it off. If anyone dies, just run back to your body,” Sorry I’m Stronger Than You ordered as he gnashed his teeth. They had to finish off this Boss, otherwise the players would be too demotivated to look for Lu Li.

The Druids with healings spells were designated as the new Healers. Although their healing spells weren’t as great, it was better than nothing.


Lu Li ran his fingers over his Dagger’s sharp and cold edge. He knew that there would be an opportunity coming soon.

Gallaher once again sharply inhaled, pulling in the players in front of it, then blasted them with poisonous fog. Within the poisonous fog, many players turned into rays of white light.

This time, 10 or so of them had died.

The remaining players were all at critical HP and most of them were cursing the system, asking why the Antidotes weren’t working.

Lu Li sprang forwards and activated his speed boost skill from his Boots, then flashed around within the crowd.

He killed every time he attacked!

Now, even his normal attacks were able to finish the remaining players off. The players at critical HP simply couldn’t do anything against him.

In an instant, the battlefield descended into utter chaos.

Some people were screaming for healing, some were cursing Lu Li for being despicable and some were desperately attacking the Boss. It was amusing how few players were actually retaliating against Lu Li.

Lu Li ran over to an area where there were fewer players and used Kick on a Mage, interrupting the spell she was casting. He then drank a bottle of Intermediate Health Potion.

This immediately recovered almost half of his HP, bringing him back into the safety margin.

“Hurry up and kill him!!” Sorry I’m Stronger Than You’s voice was already hoarse from shouting. However, he found that they simply couldn’t do anything against Lu Li, who was significantly more skilled than they were.

What the hell were they supposed to do?

Lu Li used the Boss and the other players to block skills, while he jumped around and caused chaos. Although it looked quite inelegant, this was surprisingly effective, and the 70-80 players couldn’t help but want to learn from him.

There were very few Instant Cast spells that had Crowd Control or Detection abilities. The Mages often found that by the time they could cast the more useful spells, Lu Li had already escaped outside of their range.

He seemed to have some sort of speed buff that made it even harder to deal with him.

What was even worse was that he had a skill that could interrupt other skills. While other players were charging up or channelling their skills, he would always ruin everything with a kick.

He also seemed to be familiar with the skills of all the other professions, allowing him to make prompt and efficient decisions. He always dodged, retreated and attacked at the right times.

Furthermore, he seemed to be incredibly rich. He continuously drank down Intermediate Health Potions that cost 1 gold coin per bottle. It seemed that he would drink one as soon as the Cooldown Time expired.

The Boss once again spat out venom when it fell to 10% of its health.

This time, even Lu Li was dragged over.

The Boss that had once caused him great pressure was now nothing to him. After drinking an Intermediate Antidote, he only took 300 damage.

Long live Gallaher! The battle field was once filled with rays of white light.

Comparing their almost-empty HP bars to Lu Li’s relatively healthy one, the players near him all fell into despair.

Very few even had the heart to retaliate anymore.

All of them were crying as they thought, “This isn’t a player, this is a Boss!”

However, Lu Li didn’t show any mercy. While the players were all at critical HP, he immediately killed the Healer beside him and ran off.

Against so many players at such short range, all Lu Li could do was run.

However, after taking some time to recover, he once again jumped into the fray.

The Boss’ HP continuously fell, as did the players’ HP.

Sorry I’m Stronger Than You suddenly realised that out of the 70-80 people he had brought, only 10 or so remained, and they were all at critical HP.

No one knew who the first to do so was, but after seeing Lu Li drink another Intermediate Health Potion, the players all started to madly run away.

However, Lu Li definitely wouldn’t let them go. Together with the Boss, he chased after the escaping players as he killed them off, one by one.