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Chapter 96: Complete Extermination

Chapter 96: Complete Extermination

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Lu Li’s rebirth caused him to treasure his new life. As such, he tried to avoid trouble as much as possible.

However, he had found this was wrong.

Incredibly wrong!

Even if he didn’t cause trouble for others, this didn’t mean that others wouldn’t cause him trouble.

It was more understandable for the Imperial Secret Service to target him and his friends. After all, there was enmity between them and they had caused each other to suffer losses.

But what was up with the rest of these people? Lu Li had never offended them.

Luckily, he was skilled and had 3 years’ worth of experience. Even Moonlight probably wouldn’t have been able to survive.

What made this even worse was that even Lu Li’s friends had been brought into this.

This was especially so for Remnant Dream. She was just a high schooler and was about the same age as his little sister. Although things had been rough on her in the game, she had never been mercilessly killed by other players.

Yet, these people had unhesitatingly killed her.

These people had to die.

Lu Li pulled his Dagger out from a player’s back, turning him into a corpse.

The Boss had been a great help. Not only did it block attacks for him, but it also attacked the players continuously. Without any Healers, the players who he wanted to kill quickly died.

It was almost as if he and the Boss had formed a partnership.

The remaining players ran for a while, and were finally able to escape as they spread out.

Two of them ran into a snake nest and were killed by a group of LV10 snakes.

Another was smacked to death by the Boss’ tail, while their leader was finished off by Lu Li.

Lu Li remembered this person. He seemed to be an expert member of the Imperial Secret Service. However, he was pitifully easy to kill and did not even put up a struggle.

The last 7 or 8 people continued to run without even looking back.

As for whether they would be able to pass through the snake territory in critical HP, Lu Li simply didn’t care.

The almost-dead Boss turned its attention to Lu Li. He was the only player left within its aggro range.

Lu Li picked up the equipment that Sorry I’m Stronger Than You dropped, gripped his Dagger and started to fight with the Boss.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 94%, caused 250% Skill Damage, target stunned for 2 seconds.

A red ‘-228’ floated above the Boss’ head.

After taking a weight off his shoulders, his Skill Completion had become even higher. He had never achieved 94% Skill Completion before.

The Boss was stunned for 2 seconds, giving Lu Li ample time to slaughter it.

Shadowstrike, normal attack, normal attack…

System: Backstab Skill Completion 85%, caused 100% Equipment Damage, Rank 1 Armour Pierce effect.

Shadowstrike, Slit Throat!

The Boss’ HP was quickly depleted and it fell to the ground.

Lu Li picked up Azure Sea Breeze’s call, “Go and train somewhere; I’ve killed the Boss.”

“Good,” Azure Sea Breeze replied, “What do you plan to do now?”

“Kill people!”

“Just make sure you don’t do anything rash. If it’s not safe, just hide in the Instance Dungeon. We’ve got 24 hours; we might as well work at it,” Azure Sea Breeze replied. Bounties could not be issued casually. They cost 10 gold coins to be put up and even more gold for the reward. Moreover, the system would take 20% of the deposit regardless of whether anyone completed the bounty quest or not.

The Imperial Secret Service’s bounty reward was 10 gold coins per kill up to 10 kills. Even if no one completed the quest, they would still have to pay 30 gold coins.

This wasn’t much to them. After all, sending 30 people to the Dark Ravine cost 30-40 gold coins.

The current exchange rate was 1 gold coin for $300. This operation had cost the Imperial Secret Service more than $20,000 in total.

As long as players with a bounty hid inside an Instance Dungeon, or another safe area, the bounty would disappear after 24 hours.

Issuing bounties once or twice was fine for the Imperial Secret Service, but even large guilds couldn’t afford to issue them continuously.

“I know what I’m doing. Try to level up as much as you can so we can use the Fire Scar Temple Instance Dungeon tomorrow. It’ll be the last day tomorrow, so we have to clear it.” Lu Li picked up the equipment the Boss had dropped as he started to channel his hearthstone.

There was a LV10 Steel grade equipment for Mages, which was perfect for Lonesome Flower. There were also many other pieces of equipment in his bag that he had picked up from killing other players. The people who had come for his bounty all had pretty decent equipment, which made him feel quite happy.

The lowest grade of equipment he found was Bronze and there were 4-5 pieces of Steel grade equipment that he could sell.

It was a pity that they were all LV5, so they wouldn’t be very useful to Lu Li and his friends.

After returning to town, Lu Li put most of the equipment he had picked up into the Exchange Hall.

According to his calculations, this would earn him about 10 or so gold coins.

He checked the prices of the Snake Trust Grass and was surprised to find that even the cheapest set was selling for 2.8 gold coins.

“Bro, have you seen the prices for Snake Trust Grass in the Exchange Hall?”

Shen Wansan quickly replied, “I have. Tow hours ago, the Drizzle Court found the recipe for making Intermediate Health Potions and all of the Snake Trust Grass in the Exchange Hall was bought by them. By the way, someone said that you were being hunted down in the World Channel. Are you alright?”

“Mm, I’m fine. How many sets have you stored up?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got more than 10 people working for me and all of them have hundreds of sets. This time, we’re going to make a killing,” Shen Wansan replied. He had thought about cheating Lu Li, because his contract didn’t stipulate how many sets he should collect, or how much he should buy them for. It only stipulated that the total amount he should spend was 100 gold coins.

However, Shen Wansan decided against it.

After all, 70-80 people had failed to kill this person.

He was a veteran and had been a businessman in many games. He knew how powerful the Imperial Secret Service was. In their heyday, game companies had even discussed with them before releasing new features.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they did not act with integrity and did foolish things, they would be ranked even higher.

However, even such a powerful guild couldn’t do much to Lu Li.

“If you have Snake Trust Grass on you, pass it to me and I’ll take care of it for you. I’m sure I’ll be able to sell them for at least 3 gold coins per set,” Shen Wansan said. The Drizzle Court had been madly buying all of the Snake Trust Grass in the Exchange Hall, but they weren’t dumb. They did not buy any of the extremely expensive sets.

If one wanted to sell them for high prices, they needed to be patient and use some business tactics.

Lu Li thought about it. Indeed, he didn’t have much time or energy to sell Snake Trust Grass.

“I’ll give them to you for 3 gold coins per set. If you can sell them for higher, you can keep the excess. I’ve got 500 sets here,” Lu Li replied. He had bought as much as he could over the past few days and Azure Sea Breeze and the others had given the ones they collected to him as well.

In reality, he had much more than 500 sets!

However, he did not allow his excitement to overwhelm him. He had to at least keep enough for himself to use.

Lu Li sent 500 sets of Snake Trust Grass in his mailbox to Shen Wansan, then took out a few sets and went to the Inn to make Potions.

After creating the Potions, he gave 10 bottles to each of his teammates and restocked his own supply. To other players, these things were worth tens of silver coins. However, to Lu Li, Snake Trust Grass was only worth a few silver coins, which was also the value of the Potions to him.