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Chapter 97: Close Proximity

Chapter 97: Close Proximity

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Every 30 minutes, players could ask the system to search for a target’s coordinates.

However, this cool down applied to everyone. Whenever someone’s coordinates was checked, no one else could search for them again until after the cooldown had ended.

Because of this, Lu Li did not have the whole server looking for him. He didn’t bother to wait at the Mercenary Hall to see who had accepted his bounty quest.

Instead, he found a place and waited for the person who had searched for his coordinates.

Lornesta was located quite close to the coast lines. It used to be an ancient city of Night Elves and had been abandoned for a long time. Now, only Nagas roamed around the ruins of the ancient city.

One of the great mysteries of Dawn was that for some reason, Nagas were more attracted to this place than any other High Elf ruins. It was recorded in ancient scrolls that the current Naga Queen Azshara had lost godly artefacts at this place while she was still a High Elf.

Lady Janira had occupied this city with her Naga Scout Army and would attack any enemies that dared to approach it.

Because Nagas normally spent their time underwater, they had a poor level of awareness on land. Even though the stealthy Lu Li had walked around Lady Janira, he had not been noticed. However, he did this carefully, as he still respected the power of Lady Janira, who was a LV20 Boss.

The average levels of normal mobs in the Scout Army were around LV18, which was four levels higher than Lu Li. Luckily, it was less than five levels – mobs had increased critical chance when the level difference was more than five.

Although these LV18 mobs were normal monsters, they were just as annoying as the Elite grade monsters in the Death Mines. They could even be compared to some weaker bosses.

As per tradition, the Nagas had two incredibly broken skills: Consume Magic and Mana Drain.

The army lead by Lady Janira had crossed the Sea of Death which granted the surviving troops the ability to poison. The poison wasn’t as strong as Gallagher’s poison, but it was still powerful enough to be lethal to players that were 5 levels lower than them.

Lu Li had chosen this place to be the cemetery for the bounty hunters.

Mana Drain, Poison and a LV20 boss!

As soon as Raging Wolf Blood came online, he received the notification that Sorry I’m Stronger Than You and others had all died.

“Did you get the new coordinates?” Raging Wolf Blood did not blame others, because he had also been out-played by Lu Li once. Luckily, he had retreated and minimized the loss.

“Got it. He’s in a ruin located in Grey Valley. We got obliterated; how do we report back to our boss?” Sorry I’m Better Than You asked anxiously.

“Stop worrying about it. We’ll find a peacemaker and come to terms with him,” Raging Blood Wolf said moodily. His plans with Lu Li and the Imperial Secret Service had not gone well. He had decided to continuously mess with Lu Li.

“I don’t think we can come to terms. I killed a couple of his team mates, including 2 girls.”

Sorry I’m Better Than You had a face of slight regret.

“So what if they were girls? If a girl fights you do you not fight back? Stop being such a coward. If an opportunity arises, I’ll kill his team mates so that they’ll lose levels. Then Lu Li won’t be able to get first clears,” Raging Wolf Blood sneered.

“Ok, I’ll inform the others.” Sorry I’m better than you nodded.

“How many players have accepted Lu Li’s bounty?”

“There are more than 100 in the chat room. There were more before but many gave up on the quest. They said we had no chance of killing Lu Li,” Sorry I’m Better Than You said bitterly.

“These people are useless. When we’re in fights they fight like cowards, but when we’re retreating, they’re always the first ones to run.”

The people who survived the ambush on Lu Li were all useless. They couldn’t fight but were very talented in the art of running away.

“Go gather up the troops, notify Swirling Left Eye and Staring Right Eye and prepare to leave.” Raging Wolf Blood was the commander of Imperial Secret Service’s 1st squadron and had made a name for himself in both PVP and PVE.

It was too bad he didn’t know what Lu Li had in store for him at the ruins.

Lu Li decided not to wait like a fool for them and started hunting monsters near Lornesta.

He stole while training.

Half of the ruin city was covered by bodies of water. There were ditches, puddles and pools everywhere, and beneath many of these lay various ruins and abandoned buildings.

A ripple slowly spread out on the surface of the water nearby.

Perhaps it was the blood spilt from killing monsters, or perhaps it was a bug. Lu Li saw the ripple and didn’t think much of it.

Swirling Left Eye let out a sigh of relief as he hid nearby. He hated Lu Li with all his heart and was confused as to why he was hunting in this area.

The ruin was surrounded by water; if he wasn’t careful he would give himself away.

He held his breath and glanced at Staring Right Eye. The two slowly moved in towards Lu Li’s backside.

Ever since their last encounter, the reputation of the Imperial Secret Service’s “Two Eyed Thief” combo had been destroyed. However, they had trained and upgraded their equipment, so they felt like they were just as strong as Lu Li.

Swirling Left Eye was confident that he could solo-kill Lu Li.

Lu Li quickly finished off a Naga with Slit Throat.

After the battle had finished, he casually picked up the coppers that the monsters dropped. Lu Li rested at a nearby pillar as he quietly recovered HP with bread.

Since these were LV18 monsters, they had left Lu Li with only 60% HP after the battle.

Swirling Left Eye did not care that Lu Li was unaware of his attack. Did he really think that no one could find him just because he went to a remote area?

As he approached Lu Li, he realised that he couldn’t attack him from behind because he had his back to the pillar.

If he could stun Lu Li from behind, Swirling Left Eye had an 80% chance to kill his target.

Perhaps it was the bread, but Lu Li’s health recovered very slowly. A single piece of bread only recovered around 10% HP. He still had 20% left to recover.

An unaware target who was not even full HP. Swirling Left Eye started to doubt himself.

Lu Li let out a sigh, as though he was anxious about his surroundings. “Poor fella,” Swirling Left Eye thought. He was the first player to have a bounty Dawn.

Lu Li took out another bread, trying to fully recover his HP.

Swirling Left Eye knew that he did not have time to hesitate. He had to make his move.