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Chapter 98: The Battle Between Thieves

Chapter 98: The Battle Between Thieves

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Cheap shot could only be used from behind.

However, being an elite PVP Thief in the top 100 rankings, Swirling Left Eye obviously had other options.

Gouge: 1 second cast, targets the eyes of the enemy, causes paralysis for 2 seconds. Must be facing the target. Any damage will cause the enemy to come out of the paralysis state. Current level 3/5.

This was dropped by a LV10 boss that he had killed with his guild.

After acquiring this skill, Swirling Left Eye had immediately levelled it up twice, which shortened the cast time by a second.

This skill was his trump card!

A battle between thieves! Lu Li must die!

Swirling Left Eye was holding his LV10 Black Steel-Grade Dagger which had a Berserk effect. He was confident that his gear was better than everyone else’s, including the legendary Lu Li.

The cold blade swung across the air and swiftly stabbed Lu Li in the eye

Swirling Left Eye’s strike landed, but not on Lu Li’s eyes as he expected.

The blade hit something else - a health potion.

The dagger shattered the bottle, which provided no resistance, as the blade continued on its course. But this was it.

Although the health potion did not stop Swirling Left Eye’s skill, it still revealed his position.

Gouge could be used under any circumstances. It did not break invisibility, but if it hit anything, the invisibility would end.

“Quick, quick, I still have a chance!” Swirling Left Eye thought calmly, pretending that nothing had happened. He was taking a risk, betting that Lu Li could not react in time. He didn’t think anyone could avoid this ambush.

Was it even an ambush?

Of course it wasn’t. Lu Li immediately kicked him, as if he had already anticipated this attack.

Kick: Instant cast. Cooldown of 15 seconds. Quickly kick the target to interrupt spell casts. Also prevents the target from casting related spells for another 5 seconds. Proficiency 1/5.

Lu Li’s Kick was only LV1, but it was more than enough.

Swirling Left Eye was kicked right in his middle and groaned. He felt like he was baited into a trap.

The pain was worse than being stabbed by Lu Li with the dagger. This punk wasn’t being hunted; he was the hunter!

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 90%, caused 150% Skill Damage, target stunned for 1 second.

One second was enough to decide life and death!

Shadowmeld, Stealth, Cheap Shot, Backstab, Shadow Strike, Backhand Backstab!

Swirling Left Eye sighed and knelt on the ground, defeated.

Lu Li didn’t care about how a dead man felt. He picked up the dagger, examined it, and almost wanted to kiss Swirling Left Eye’s dead body.

“My dear Left Eye, did you come to give me this gift?”

In order to trade for the Black Steel Grade Bandana, Lu Li had given away his dagger. He had equipped a bronze dagger as a replacement, which significantly decreased his attack.

He hastily equipped the new dagger and swung it around happily. He was very satisfied.

Berserk Fang (Steel): 16-24 Attack, Agility+6, Special Effect: Has a certain chance to trigger the Berserk effect, increasing Attack and Attack Speed by 10%. Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 25/35.

Berserk effect was the best effect in the game. Lu Li felt incredibly grateful for the bounty.

When the next patch came out, the bounty system would be altered slightly. If the person with the bounty killed someone who had accepted the bounty, he would receive a large sum of gold. It was too bad that he didn’t receive anything this time. However, Lu Li had no complaints, since he had looted this new dagger.

Swirling Left Eye still had other gear, but none of it could be compared to the quality of his dagger.

Lu Li activated Stealth and disappeared, leaving behind a corpse.

There were no movements or ripples in the surrounding puddles; no one could tell whether had he left or stayed in place.

After receiving Swirling Left Eye’s message, Staring Right Eye hastily headed towards that location. However, after receiving the news about his partner’s death, he hesitated and decided to head back. Since he was about the same power as Swirling Left Eye, he probably stood no chance as well.

The areas around the Ruins of Lornesta were beginning to fill up with a crowd. Although they had the numbers, they weren’t making much progress with the LV18 Naga boss who could drain mana and deal poison.

Thieves could freely go in and out of the ruins, but the other classes could not. They had to slowly clear every mob in the area.

“I thought bounties were easy to get. Looks like we’re wrong,” a player said disappointedly.

“Yeah, so what if we have the numbers? We can only check for his location every half an hour. Even if he wasn’t a Thief, he could just change his location every half an hour and it would be difficult to find him,” another player agreed.

“I have a feeling he chose this place on purpose,” a mage said, as looked at his mana bar with despair.

Mana Drain!

Was there another skill that was more disgusting than mana drain?

Yes, there had to be!

There was a single player that kept asking for heals. All of the priests had to concentrate their heals on him to raise his HP back up.

He had almost died from the poison.

Mana drain only demoralized you, but poison could be lethal.

A LV18 boss was a nightmare for these LV12-13 players. If the Secret Imperial Service had not provided all these healers, many would have died before even catching a glimpse of Lu Li.

“Left Eye is dead,” Sorry I’m Better Than You reported sternly.

“That idiot! Why couldn’t he wait for everyone to catch up? What about Right eye? Did he find Lu Li?” Raging Wolf Blood’s expression changed.

“Right Eye already retreated. Left Eye died before he could arrive. He even lost the Berserk Fang,” Sorry I’m Better Than You said, annoyed.

Dawn did not have an ‘Outlaw’ system. However, if you killed too many people, the chances of you dropping your best gear when you died became higher. Weapons had the highest chance to drop. This was why Lu Li was able to pick up Moonlight’s axe last time.

“How did he die? He always went on about deciding the winner between him and Lu Li? How could he just have died?” Raging Wolf Blood said disappointedly.

“Left Eye said he got baited. Lu Li pretended not to see him and ambushed him. In my opinion, Lu Li had already expected our plan. Maybe we should cancel the operation.” Sorry I’m Better Than You said carefully.

“Do you think we can afford to lose him?” Raging Wolf Blood replied.

This was an operation involving more than 100 people. They had to at least commit to their plans.

“Tell everyone to be extra careful. As long as we’re steady and cautious, there’s no way he can confront us!”