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Chapter 99: Getting Someone Else To Do The Dirty Work

Chapter 99: Getting Someone Else To Do The Dirty Work

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Was it necessary to stubbornly continue fighting Lu Li like this?

He knew more about the Thief profession than anyone else in Dawn.

In two years, Dawn’s Chief designer Fan Zhou would comment in an interview about the Thief profession, “The Thief is the King of Shadows. We have chosen to give them many kill-skills and mobility that cannot be matched by other professions. The idea is to keep them in perpetual killing motion, never needing to step out of the shadows.”

Lu Li selected a new location and continued to farm monsters.

He only had 40% EXP left before LV15, at which point he could do a Job Transfer Quest.

The quest reward was a 10% increase in all attributes. Depending on the degree of completion, there might also be Skills, Skill Points or equips as a reward.

Dedicated players above LV15 would pull ahead and become much stronger than ordinary players. Only then would he be truly be worthy of being Rank 1. As for his pursuers behind him, they would still have to deal with the LV18 monsters in the area.

Besides farming monsters, he also collected herbs.

The damp environment allowed him to find some new specimens, such as the Fuming Toadstool and Swiftthisle.

The Fuming Toadstool was a material that was used for making ‘Basic Slow Poison’, while the Swiftthisle was used to make the Basic Agility Potion.

To a Thief, these were treasures.

After farming for 15 minutes, Lu Li went into Stealth and looked for a new location.

The locations that he looked for were generally densely packed with monsters. Any players that wanted to get closer to him would need to clear out the monsters first. Even Thieves and Druids would need to act carefully.

Within 15 minutes, Lu Li had killed two Thief players that were lurking around him.

The various puddles on the ground were his radar. Even a good Thief would have a hard time staying undetected.

Raging Wolf Blood gloomily gestured for the Priests to revive the two corpses he had found. He saw the depressed expressions on the mercenaries’ faces, but his mood was even worse than theirs.

Shouldn’t a Thief with a bounty placed on him be in constant fear?

Why were the hunters the ones who seemed to be the victims?

After working out how long it had been, Sorry I’m Stronger Than You spent another 50 silver coins to check Lu Li’s coordinates.

“Oh wow, he’s next to us.”

He opened the map and plotted the coordinates. What Raging Wolf Blood saw made him instantly feel sick.

“There’s no way that we can’t kill him. We’ll all rush over at once. Ignore the monsters.”

Sorry I’m Stronger Than You was also filled with anger. The 110 of them had been looking all over the ruins, only to find out that he was right under their noses.

“Wait, I’ve seen the terrain over there. It’s very uneven.”

Staring Right Eye didn’t approve of this.

“No, uneven terrain should make it hard for him to run. We have so many people – one wave of skills should be enough to kill him.”

The surrounding players were becoming restless. They thought that following the Imperial Secret Service would result in a bountiful reward, but there weren’t even any scraps for them.

“Everyone calm down. Rushing in is not the way to solve the problem. We, the Imperial Secret Service promise to take none of his dropped items. They will be split among you instead.”

Raging Wolf Blood was also desperately trying to suppress his own emotions.

These guys were just some motley crew!

After struggling to keep the impulses of the crowd in check, Raging Wolf Blood sent a team of Thieves to explore the way ahead.

Before they left, he told them sincerely, “Your sole quest is to scout out a path. Do not succumb to your impulses. Swirling Left Eye is your example. Keep in mind that he is top 10 on the Glory Rankings.”

Swirling Left Eye’s face turned green and he wanted to stab himself.

Not long after, the mounted scouts returned.

“He is farming monsters in high spirits.”

The Thieves were infuriated, because they had been looking for him for half a day. However, they thought back to the commander’s orders and didn’t dare to make a move.

“What about the surrounding terrain?” Raging Wolf blood disregarded their resentment and directly asked Staring Right Eye.

Staring Right Eye described the rough terrain, concluding with, “The terrain is very complex, but I think we can use it our advantage. We have many people, so we can block him in with the walls.”

“Let’s go!” Raging Wolf Blood glanced at everyone’s bloodshot eyes. He then waved his hand and moved out.

He was also almost unable to hold himself back.

This was a former residential area that had been subjected to years of water erosion. All that was left now were ruins. From afar, Lu Li could be seen at half HP fighting a Naga scout.

He was within a dense group of monsters, but maintained a safe distance from them. He only let one of them aggro him at a time.


As the saying goes, seeing your enemies makes your rage burn. This group of players who had been taunted for the past couple of hours had been holding onto a belly full of fire.

In that moment, there was no order. No one would obey any commands that were given.

Kill him!

Lu Li acted as though he was deaf, as he continued to casually kill the monsters. He didn’t even notice the players who were rushing towards him.

The ferocity was clear on their faces.

“Your last day has come; the ocean will devour you,” an ordinary-looking Naga angrily declared, as it held up its Magic Staff.

A visible circle of magic spread out from the staff, freezing everything in its path. This move was worthy of one of Queen Azshara’s court mages. Lady Janira’s simple hand gesture was stronger than a regular Mages’ Frost Nova by many times.

When it was about to spread to Lu Li, he took two steps back and entered the water behind him.

Raging Wolf Blood no longer had the energy to keep track of Lu Li, but he had to recognize reality: they had unwittingly invaded a Master Mage’s territory.

Damn Lu Li! This was a trap!

The frozen players were frightened to find that in addition to being frozen for 9 seconds, they were taking 100 freeze damage per second.

The Boss was still holding up the Magic Staff, while the Elves chanted an obscure spell. These ancient Elves were very beautiful and Lady Janira’s voice had a sexy tone, but no one could appreciate those things at the moment.

Lu Li transformed into a little seal and disappeared deep underwater. He didn’t think that he could handle any of that with 0 armor.

After a while, he stuck his head through the surface.

The world was peaceful. If it weren’t for Lady Janira’s manic laughing, Lu Li would have almost thought that there was no one here.

He regained his regular form and went into stealth.

“Thank you, distinguished Lady Janira. The glory of your master, Queen Azshara, will be known by the whole continent,” he thought.

With two skills, the entire group of players had been completely wiped out!

The pieces of equipment and materials on the ground were the only evidence of them that was left behind.