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Chapter 100: Thief Trainer

Chapter 100: Thief Trainer

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There were two LV10 Steel equips, nine of LV5 Steel equips, 26 Bronze equips and 4 Common equips. The rest was just debris.

After all, not everyone would drop something, and the dropped item might not even be an equip.

Even so, the harvest this time was terrifying.

Receiving one LV10 Steel equip was already great. It could replace any piece of Remnant Dream’s full body of Bronze equipment.

There were also several LV5 Steel equips with fairly good attributes. Lu Li intended to give these to his landlords, who would now be almost out of the Novice Village.

Although he had no obligation to give them anything, they had treated him well, so this was a sign of his gratitude.

Additionally, most players were now in a rush to upgrade their skills. This cost a lot of Gold, so it was difficult to sell equips at a high price. It would be better to give the items to a friend, rather than sell them for cheap in the Exchange Hall.

The World Announcements had not been quiet for a single moment today. Countless players were watching to see if Lu Li would fall because of his bounty.

Even some of Lu Li’s ‘fans’ were scared to be too optimistic. After all, there were hundreds of people looking for him, not to mention his coordinates being revealed every half an hour.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lu Li didn’t die and return to the city. Instead, those who went to hunt for him started returning. There was also a particular moment when a large group of people suddenly appeared in Aston’s Revive point. It was a spectacle.

As a result, these people became a joke in the World Announcements.

Raging Wolf Blood was embarrassed, angry and frustrated, but he had to face the fact that their second action had failed.

The choices he had before him were to either gather more manpower or give up.

Lu Li was too lazy to care about these things. He blocked the World Announcements and friend requests so that he wouldn’t have to know what was happening in Dawn because of him.

He returned to the city and gave the useful equipment to other people, while consigning the useless stuff to the Exchange Hall.

There were dozens of gold coins in his mailbox, but there were still about 10 Intermediate Health Potions that hadn’t been sold. There was nothing he could do about this, as someone had managed to find the recipe. No one would buy his exorbitantly-priced potions.

Lu Li browsed around the Exchange Hall. Intermediate Health Potions were generally selling for around 50 silver coins. The price was still quite high.

Surely a guild other than the Drizzle Court had found the Intermediate Health Potion recipe.

When more Intermediate Health Potion recipes were found, their price would stabilize at around 20 silver coins.

Lu Li then put some of his own up for sale. Given the price that he had bought the ingredients for, this was still profitable for him.

Then, he searched for something he was interested in.

An engineering product, ‘Explosive Trap’, caught his eye. He didn’t imagine that someone would have learned the blueprints for this item. He looked at the price before buying it for 2 gold.

This was created by combining tin with some engineering skills and definitely wasn’t worth 2 gold. However, Lu Li had a way to make this worth over 10 gold, so he wasn’t too fussed about the price.

After spending dozens of silver coins to repair his equipment, Lu Li left the town. He looked for a secluded place and started his Crow Transformation skill. He then flew west towards Astrana.

The desolate Oberdeen Ruins were once a lively city. There was an abandoned Moon Well not too far away from this place, which was Lu Li’s current objective. After observing his surroundings, he put the explosive trap into some bushes.

The best feature of this engineering product was that the trigger was very sensitive. Even a nearby micro-vibration would trigger the trap. Fortunately, there were no small animals nearby. Otherwise, he would be really afraid to use the trap.

His target was often found in this area. In theory, it would be blown up.

Lu Li carefully retreated and hid behind a bush.

He didn’t move. He didn’t even dare to take a big breath. The target that was coming was a former Thief skill trainer and his Stealth Skill was probably the best there was. Lu Li being called ‘textbook’ was a joke before this person.

This trainer did not take the initiative to attack others, instead only retaliating when he was attacked.

Lu Li only knew about his existence because of his rebirth.

The gentle wind of the forest could be heard in the silence of the ruins, like a soft cry.

Besides that, there was nothing here.

Lu Li could even hear the sound of his own heartbeat.

After a long while, he was awoken by the sound of a loud explosion. The explosive trap had been triggered.

A figure appeared out of nowhere and Lu Li immediately went up to cast Cheap Shot on it.


Two daggers collided, which emitted a loud screech.

Lu Li couldn’t attend to the fact that his weapon’s durability was quickly dropping. Cheap Shot didn’t work, so he quickly cast Shadowstrike, his best skill. It was almost a definite stun when cast by his hands.

He was confident that he would be able to crowd-control the specter before him.

Suddenly, the Thief Skill Trainer turned white. His body was somewhere in between existence and non-existence. It could only be described as a ghost.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 48%, resulting in 33% skill damage.

The Thief Skill Trainer turned to the side, which made Lu Li’s dagger miss. Lu Li had completed less than half of the Skill Completion, which dealt a measly 30 points of damage.

He took two steps back and concentrated on the Thief Trainer.

This was but a mere instinctive spirit that had been left behind. No wonder the people from his past life said that it was best for Thieves to come to Oberdeen’s Thief skill trainer.

The Thief Trainer fiddled with the dagger in his hand and took a step before appearing next to Lu Li. The dagger’s snakelike twist reached Lu Li’s back. While this wasn’t the most appropriate position or timing, it was certainly the most effective path to get to him.

It was the standard Backstab posture. Lu Li, who had struggled to cast Backstab, felt like he had already benefitted a lot by watching his movements.

In this urgent moment, Lu Li’s dagger didn’t stay motionless. With his left dagger, he tried to block the Thief Trainer’s attack.

The Thief Trainer then smiled mockingly, took a step forwards and now was completely behind Lu Li. -46, -52, -48.

A string of damage values rose above Lu Li’s head.

Fortunately, he was only an elite!

Otherwise, this Thief Trainer would be the most difficult Boss around.

Lu Li activated the speed buff on his shoes and immediately ran out of attack range. He turned his body at the same time and cast Shadowstrike.

He didn’t even see the target this time. Instead, he went with his feeling and managed to land a blow.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 76%, resulting in 83% skill damage.

Two figures were going at it in the Oberdeen Ruins. The Thief Trainer’s skills and equipment were slightly better, but the System only gave it an elite status. Its Attack and Defence were very different to Lu Li’s.

Lu Li would also shamelessly take potions to replenish his health.

He spent another 10 minutes before taking his opponent down.

The Thief Trainer didn’t drop anything good. No equipment or materials, just a single secret room key.

This key was designed to open the corresponding secret room door, which was the purpose of this trip.

He was going to use this key to unlock some treasure.