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Chapter 101: Empty Abyss

Chapter 101: Empty Abyss

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In the history of Dawn, there was only one event that had a far-reaching influence.

In that year, a fierce conflict between Malfurion and Azshara threw the High Elves into chaos. The whirlpool in the Well of Eternity eventually exploded and sparked a series of catastrophes. The huge explosion shook the foundations of the temple and caused a powerful earthquake throughout the continent.

Grey Valley was also affected by this. The ground sank and water from the Misty Sea rushed in to form a rampant river. The river was vast and turbulent, but this did not result in a disaster, because all the water was falling into an empty abyss.

This could be seen in the form a huge whirlpool. Lu Li was standing on the rocks next to the whirlpool.

He checked his equipment and supplies again, before closing his eyes and jumping in.

Lu Li didn’t even make a splash upon entering; he was immediately sucked in.

He couldn’t make out what was up and what was down. His vision was completely white and he soon found himself drowning. The water pressure pressing against him didn’t help, as he started to lose HP. Lu Li quickly drank an Intermediate Health Potion before transforming into a Seal.

Although he still couldn’t see anything or control his movements, the Seal form would stop him from losing any more HP.

After what seemed like an eternity, Lu Li was finally released.

If it weren’t for the OP skill Shadow Cloak, he would have never subjected himself to such as experience. It was only through his tenacious mind and tough body that he was able to get up.

The torrent could still be heard outside, but Lu Li was now standing in an underground cave.

He was lucky that he had been thrown into this cave.

Many people that took Underwater Breathing Potions were unable to be thrown into this cave. Only players with Seal Transformation stood a chance.

In his past life, the first player to find this cave was a Druid. The poor player was sucked into the whirlpool, but he didn’t want to die. Who knew how long he was in there, before he was finally thrown into the cave?

The cave was straight and the end could be seen from Lu Li’s position.

There stood a heavy stone gate, engraved with an ancient and mysterious pattern.

As he got closer, Lu Li read the text above it.

“Tyrande? It really is you. After spending a million long years in darkness, your voice is like a bright light shining onto my heart.”

These nonsensical words were puzzling.

In the middle of the gate was a very conspicuous keyhole.

It was actually not a keyhole, but rather a hole with the function of moving the gate. The Thief’s Unlock skill couldn’t be used to open this stone gate.

Lu Li took out the key and put it into the hole. The glyphs on the stone gate started moving and the hexagons lit up one at a time. After a while, it thunderously began to move backwards.

There was a prisoner held here, or at least the prisoner’s avatar.

Lu Li’s goal was to kill it and get the guaranteed Shadow Cloak drop.

In this ancient cell, the High Elf Guards had now become ghosts after being killed in an invasion. They haunted the place, ready to kill any adventurer they came across.

There were 20 elite monsters in the cell, which Lu Li quickly took care of. Finally, he saw the projection of Illidan kneeling over an altar.

He was blind and his hands were holding a pair of indistinct blades. He was completely motionless.

This was just a shadow, but an imprisoned shadow nonetheless. He had long been forgotten by his enemies, but an emotional person would comment that he continued to long for Tyrande – even through 10,000 years.

Lu Li transformed into a crow and slowly flew to the totem pole in the middle of the hall.

This was also a Boss that was confined to the ground, but this was definitely much harder to kill than the Death Knight.

An arrow flew through the air, signaling the start of the battle.

“You are walking on a dark path. You shouldn’t be here, Night Elf!” the shadow said to Lu Li, as it looked up. His manner was calm, not showing any sign of anger. After tens of thousands of years, he wouldn’t become angry over such a small thing.

Lu Li ignored him and kept firing.

This was Dawn’s most powerful Demon Hunter. Any moment of hesitation could spell his doom.

Of course, if Lu Li wanted to become a Demon Hunter, he could get down and actually talk to him. This might even reveal some clues about the profession. However, as a Light Faction Night Elf player, Lu Li was definitely not going to give up his own future and defect to the Demons.

The Evil Faction weren’t allies with the Demons. In fact, they were actually sworn enemies.

Once Lu Li became a Demon Hunter, he would find no favor with either faction.

Seeing that his persuasion wasn’t working, the shadow began to attack. He waved the dual blades in his hands and a spell that was similar to Shadow Arrow hit Lu Li. This took half of his HP.

Lu Li seemed to know that it was coming and calmly drank a potion.

The shadow was struggling on the altar – he wanted to rush over and kill this little elf that dared to provoke him. However, a light flashed over the altar, which revealed the shackles that tightly bound the shadow to the six surrounding pillars.

The shadow struggled in vain for a little longer before casting another spell.

Lu Li was only left with a little bit of HP this time. It was a good thing this was a melee Boss with a long cooldown on its spells. Otherwise, he would already be dead.

Another skill that it had was Consume Magic, which was capable of removing a player’s entire MP bar.

This was used immediately, as Lu Li was the only one here.

Losing his mana didn’t pose a threat to him; it actually gave him more time to recover. He was finally able to take another Intermediate Health Potion to replenish his HP.

Lu Li’s current arrows were the high-damage Wolf Teeth Arrows that could deal 6-7 damage. They cost 40 silver each and had 5 durability, which meant that they could be shot 5 thousand times. They were truly worth the money.

A group of people gathered near the empty abyss.

“The result of 2 queries have been this place but I can’t see him. The system must be wrong,” said Sorry I’m Strong Than You.

“How can the system be wrong? Look around carefully. Maybe he went underground?” Raging Wolf Blood’s face was sullen. He sent players to search the surrounding area.

This time they had even more people – around 300-400. Most of them were from the Imperial Secret Service.

There were also some random players who had started following them. Even those who had initially dismissed the whole thing were suddenly interested. Their numbers were quite large and they were following from the back.

“It might actually be possible that he is underground,” Staring Right Eye said, while staring at the big whirlpool by the cliff.

“You mean that he is in there?” Raging Wolf Blood also stared at the big whirlpool for a long time. His mouth suddenly felt dry.

“It’s the only remaining explanation, unless this is another trap.” Staring Right Eye sounded unsure.

“How about we send someone in to try it?” Sorry I’m Strong Than You suggested.