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Chapter 102: End Of The Line

Chapter 102: End Of The Line

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A high-HP Paladin drank an Underwater Breathing Potion and was dropped in.

The Underwater Breathing Potion only lasted for 5 minutes. Soon after it expired, the Paladin appeared in the cemetery. He shook his head and sent a message, “I have to do something in real life, I’ll be going offline for now. Bye bye.”

No matter how much they tried to get into contact with him later, there was no response.

He definitely feigned his death!

Given the limited duration of the Underwater Breathing Potion, they picked a Druid named ‘My Brother is Epic’.

He soon came back from the cemetery and said with shame, “I didn’t have time to react before I drowned.”

So, they kicked him back in.

This time, the poor Druid managed to pull off the Seal Transformation, but he immediately regretted it.

This kind of spinning sensation was too much to bear.

“What is this? My Brother is Epic is offline now too.”

Sorry I’m Stronger Than You’s expression was dark, as he was afraid of what was below. What could possibly be down there that would result in actions like these from their players?

“Call him and ask him what is going on.”

Raging Wolf Blood was actually not that anxious.

He was afraid that there would be nothing down there. However, given that there was something strange happening below, it was definitely possible that Lu Li was in there.

In this age of technology, there was no need to go offline to make a call. Sorry I’m Stronger Than You simply called My Brother is Epic with his communication device.

“Epic, why did you go offline?”

“Basically, I’m really scared and I don’t want to log back on.”

“How on earth did you get logged off?” Sorry I’m Stronger than you was becoming impatient.

“The system said I was getting too emotional and kicked me out of the game.”

My Brother is Epic felt like he had been wronged.

“What’s down there?”

“Nothing, it’s all just water. Dammit, there was so much water. I was tossed about for who knows how long. It was endless.”

The poor Druid had lost control of his emotions. He was worried that if he logged back on, he would still find himself tossing about in the water.

In order to protect the players, the game would keep track of their bodily functions. It measured a player’s emotional level and various other bodily functions. If there was something wrong, the player would be kicked out of the game and an emergency call would be made.

Sorry I’m Stronger than You hung up and told Raging Wolf Blood what had happened. He, too, was beginning to worry.

He looked at another Druid, whose face immediately went pale.

“Boss, I’m afraid of deep water. If I go down there I’ll definitely be kicked by the system.”

“Boss I have heart disease, don’t make me do it,” said another.

“Two gold coins!” Raging Wolf Blood promised.

There was no response.

“Five gold coins, final offer.”

Splash, splash!

Three Druids with no moral integrity scrambled to jump in. Five gold could be used to purchase a decent LV10 Steel equip. These were players from large guilds, so they didn’t have much money.

“Are you all crazy?” Sorry I’m Stronger Than You was surprised.

“I’m the crazy one.”

Raging Wolf Blood’s face was pale; he didn’t expect three to jump at once.

After quite a long time, one of the Druids was finally thrown into the cave within the whirlpool.

The large stone gate was still open. The Druid, who was called King Satan, felt like he was the main character of a story. He placed himself in the middle of an adventure, wondering what was ahead.

A mountain of gold? Magic Weapons? Or perhaps there would be some secrets that would allow him to fly…

All he saw, however, was Lu Li fighting a Boss as he squatted on a tall totem pole.

“B…Boss, I see Lu Li. He’s fighting a Boss,” King Satan whimpered, as he sat on the ground. He knew that it was unlikely that Lu Li would come to mess with him, so he sat to take a breath.

“Why hasn’t he killed you yet?”

It was difficult to imagine the scenario.

“He’s busy fighting the Boss, so he isn’t bothered with me.”

King Satan looked up and saw how high up Lu Li was. He couldn’t imagine how a Thief could get up there.

Now that he knew how to get into the cave, Raging Wolf Blood remained silent.

Of the three Druids that went in, one had made it and another had killed himself by cancelling the Seal Transformation because he couldn’t take it. There was one more foolhardy guy who was still in the middle of the turbulent waters. This meant that only certain kinds of players can enter and that they would therefore be unable to maintain their numbers advantage. Moreover, if only Druids could make it, how could they possibly pose a threat to Lu Li?

“Try and interfere with the Boss.”

The poor Druid was helpless. The best he could do was try and ruin Lu Li’s Bossfight.

King Satan hesitated before clenching his teeth and transforming into the resilient Bear Form. He then rushed forwards with zeal.

Lu Li almost broke out in laughter. He had already seen this guy who had come out of nowhere, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t afford to shoot a Druid that could heal himself.

Fortunately, the Druid got himself killed instead.

Illidan’s shadow was already angry after being shot by Lu Li repeatedly and he had begun to suspect his High Elf training. Much of his power had already been eaten away after 10,000 years of imprisonment. However, this was Illidan, the great demon. Even his mere shadow was strong beyond measure.

Fortunately, something came his way. The shadow seized the Druid’s legs and raised him off the ground.

This was one of the Boss’ skills – it could twist a human body beyond recognition.

Lu Li couldn’t bear to look; the poor child who had made it here was already quite mentally strong. However, he was completely unprepared for this. Even a LV20 Main Tank who had put all their points into Constitution wouldn’t dare to fight Illidan’s shadow.

King Satan almost started crying.

Fortunately, the Boss didn’t prolong his suffering.

After a few moments, he was sent back to the cemetery.

“If a group of Druids go in, would it be possible for you to steal the Boss?”

Sorry I’m Stronger Than You thought that if he made a World Announcement that Lu Li was fighting a Boss, there would be countless players ready to join in.

“It’s useless; the Boss’ attacks are too strong. Lu Li has found a place where he can’t be attacked. If many people go in and die without gaining anything, then our Imperial Secret Service will become a target of the public.”

Raging Wolf Blood shook his head and made him give up the idea.

“Give up?”

“Let’s give up.”

“I can already see the players mocking us,” Sorry I’m Stronger Than You lamented.

“It doesn’t matter. We’ll announce tomorrow that the Elite Guild’s pay has been doubled. As long as there is some interest, our slightly tarnished reputation is no issue.”

Raging Wolf Blood’s ability to see this showed that he had the psychological qualities required for a good leader.

“Oh, has the Boss been investing?” Sorry I’m Stronger Than You asked excitedly.

“That’s right, I’ve bought 500 shares from 3 different powerful companies. There will be a large sum of money coming in soon. The Imperial Secret Service will not fall. We will have opportunities to deal with Lu Li later,” Raging Wolf Blood responded.