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Chapter 103: Shadow Cloak

Chapter 103: Shadow Cloak

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After the Boss fell, Lu Li finally reached LV15.

System: Player Lu Li has successfully achieved First Clear on the Wild Boss Illidan’s Shade!

He had solo-killed another Boss!

Was this person playing on a private server? How was he so far ahead? The struggling regular players felt a sense of unfairness.

The World Announcements then became a mess. There was a mix of denouncement, defence, praise and requests for apprenticeship.

Lu Li blocked all these channels; he didn’t want to see whether players admired or were jealous of him. However, he didn’t block the messages from his friends, which included the congratulations of his newly-added female landlords.

“Master, you killed a Boss on your own,” Huan Huan commented. Her in game name was ‘Small Raccoon’.

“Was the Boss easy to kill?” asked Yi Yi, who went by ‘Willow Yi Yi’.

“I’m so jealous! I wanna bite you,” said Dou Dou, whose in game name was ‘Don’t Hit Dou Dou’.

“Did you not say you would PVP with me when you were free? When are you free?”

This was from the well-known beauty, Water Fairy. It was too bad that she was overly emotional, always asking for people to be killed.

“Brother Lu Li is so strong.”

It seemed like Remnant Dream had recovered from being killed. After all, it was just a game.

“Is there anything for me?” This was from Azure Sea Breeze, the most straightforward of them all.

Lu Li replied to each of these messages, one at a time. When he was done, he saw the system message.

He was the first player to reach LV15.

He had abused this situation, but it was unfortunate that there wasn’t any reward.

Dawn would obviously not reward you for abusing the game, but it wouldn’t penalize you either.

Lu Li came down from the totem pole and went to see what the Boss had dropped.

He hoped that he would find a Warblade.

Warblades were a one-handed weapon. They had higher attack than daggers, but still maintained a comparable attack speed.

There was also a skill book that was guaranteed to drop: “Shadow Cloak”.

Shadow Cloak: Instant Cast. 90 second cooldown. Provides a short period of magical immunity and instantly removes all debuffs upon activation. Lasts for 3 seconds. Proficiency 1/5.

He won’t need to worry about being crowd-controlled from now on, as most magical crowd control skills could be negated by this skill.

In addition this, there was an Ancestral Bead, which was green. Lu Li picked it up and was overjoyed.

This wasn’t an equip, but a rare material that could be used to make a LV40+ Silver Shaman Weapon. However, this wasn’t why Lu Li wanted it. It was important to him for a very specific reason.

The Ancestral Bead was one of the necessary materials for upgrading the Supreme Ring.

After finding two good items in a row, Lu Li was content. He didn’t expect too much from the last item.

Unexpectedly, the item he had expected the least from gave him the biggest surprise.

The name of this item was the same as the skill book. It was an equip named Shadow Cloak.

Shadow Cloak (Steel): Armor 12, Agility +10. Effect: Emerge from the shadows (stealth) behind a target and gain 50% movement speed for 2 seconds. Equipment Requirement: level 15. Durability 32/32.

Was there an equip more powerful than this?

Compared to what he had right now, apart from the Supreme Ring and the Bloodstained Badge, there was absolutely nothing that was as powerful as this cloak.

He could stealth and get behind his target before they could even react. At this point, he could use Cheap Shot to stun it for 4 seconds.

What kind of person would be able to escape such an attack?

If he had this equip, he would have been able to confidently face Aberdeen’s Thief Trainer, instead of beating him down with the help of potions.

Furthermore, this was a cloak.

Cloaks weren’t considered particularly rare, but they still had really low drop rates. One might not be able to buy a good cloak, even if they had the money. In addition, this cloak was designed like a cape and was able to almost cover up most of his body. It made him look a little more mysterious.

As well as these three items, the Boss also dropped the Writings of the Dark Herald.

It seemed like the drop rates for a First Clear were really high, as the Writings of the Dark Herald also had a low drop rate.

It was a thin book with writings on the cover that said, “This eroded book holds the secrets to being a Demon Hunter.”

After opening it, there was a System Prompt: This scroll is incomplete, it is part of a larger set of scrolls. It seems like this provides the steps required to become a Demon Hunter.

Most Night Elves that became Demon Hunters participated in rituals and ceremonies they didn’t understand. It was likely that no one was supposed to read this scroll.

Ranger Golinda Nahien would know what to do with this.

This was one of Dawn’s most famous dark items. It was proof that a player had become a Demon Hunter.

Lu Li had no plans to become a Demon Hunter right now or in the future.

Although they were a hidden profession, Demon Hunters were quite useless. Previously, a few successful players had transferred, but nothing came of it.

In fact, most of Dawn’s hidden professions were dead ends and were purely for entertainment.

Of course, this could still be sold for a good price, as there were many tycoons who were eager to try out the hidden professions.

To them, strength was irrelevant before trendiness.

After returning to the city, it was almost time for Lu Li to go offline. He fixed up the equipment that he used and logged off. He then posted an anonymous post to the official forums.

‘Hidden Professions in the Exchange Hall.’

Even quality goods still needed advertising. Players who saw the Writings of the Dark Herald had no idea what it was, so they didn’t place a bid.

Lu Li covered everything in his post, from the role of the item, to the quest that allowed the transfer to become a Demon Hunter. It was truly a five star service.

The next day, the first thing he did was look at the Writings of the Dark Herald.

146 gold coins!

Lu Li was startled. He knew that this would earn him some money, but he didn’t think it would be so much.

Moreover, this auction wasn’t even over. The number was still rapidly on the rise.

While he was standing in the Exchange Hall, the price of the Writings of the Dark Herald had increased to 150 gold coins.

Originally, he had felt as though the Shadow Cloak skill book, Ancestral Bead and the Shadow Cloak were all incredible finds. However, none of these would have sold for more than 150 gold coins.

During this time, many gold coins were being spent on upgrading skills. With demand driving the supply, gold prices were firmly placed at slightly more than $300. This meant that the Writings of The Dark Herald was worth around 50-60 thousand dollars.

Lu Li had intended to take his little sister to the hospital for a full body check in the next few days, so the more money he had, the better. He was also considering whether he should sell a few more of his items.