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Chapter 106: Stealing!

Chapter 106: Stealing!

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

A chain of 3 explosions sounded out. Three players weren’t able to get rid of their Curses in time and became bombs, exploding and blasting all players within 30 feet of them.

No player could survive the initial blast of 400-600 damage and the 300-500 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The three bombs also covered an extremely large area.

Lu Li felt extremely gleeful upon seeing that 70 or so players had died. The leader, Sword Raises Sand, almost coughed up blood. However, he was competent and immediately gave out orders to the Mages and Druids who could remove Curses, while ordering the rest of the players to spread out.

Even so, players died almost every second.

The Plague Messenger was extremely shameless in the sense that it had no consistency to its attacks. While other Bosses would launch certain attacks when they fell to a certain percentage of their health, the Plague Messenger did not do so. It released skills whenever it wanted, with no predictability at all. Sometimes it wouldn’t use certain skills for a long time and sometimes it would repeatedly use them.

Continuously using those skills was simply ridiculous.

The Cooldown Time for removing skills was 30 seconds. If no one had their skill ready when a player was Cursed…

Luckily, the game didn’t contain much gore. Otherwise, the scene of blood, organs and limbs flying everywhere would have made the Gangnam Royals throw up.

Before the Boss’ health had even fallen to half, they had lost more than 100 people.

However, taking down a Boss wasn’t simply about having the numbers. In fact, the more people there were, the faster the Boss would regenerate HP and the more frequently it would use skills. This was especially bad for the Plague Messenger, who did not have a fixed attack pattern.

“If you’re Cursed, don’t run into a crowd. Are you trying to get everyone killed?!” Sword Raises Sand was furious by this point. Normally, he wouldn’t talk to the players like this. After all, there were many people with incredibly rich and influential parents in the guild.

This time, he had no other choice. The quality of players in the Gangnam Royals was a lot lower than that of other guilds. They were only ranked higher than the Blood-red War Flag because they had more people and more resources.

A small mistake caused tens of people to become corpses on the ground.

It was unfortunate that this was a wilderness Boss. Dying here meant losing quite a lot of EXP.

By the time Nois’ HP had fallen to 30%, the Gangnam Royals had lost more than half of their people.  

Lu Li began to have more confidence in stealing the Boss, because it still hadn’t used its Ultimate Skill yet.

It was important to remember where this was – the Dilan Ruins. Below, tens of thousands of Baron Nois’ subjects were buried in the ground.

When the Plague Messenger’s HP fell to 20%, it began to summon Undead Warriors.

It could summon 10 every time and could use this skill 3 times. The LV15 Elite grade monsters would rip apart all players within their vision.

Lu Li sneakily activated Stealth as he saw the Boss’ HP falling lower and lower.

The Plague Messenger roared out, “Awaken, my warriors! Rise up and fight once again!”

Rays of black light shot out from the crown on his head like arrows from a bow, and bore into the ground. Some of the rays of light passed through players on the way, instantly killing those not at full HP and critically injuring those who were.

The Gangnam Royals thought that the attack was over. However, the ground began to crack as Undead Monsters crawled out.

Although there were only 10 of them, their momentum was too frightening.

Sword Raises Sand hoarsely croaked out instructions to the Knights and Warriors to hold back these Elite monsters, while commanding everyone else to continue attacking the Boss. Healers were to quickly recover their Mana and continuously heal.

By the time the 10 Elite grade monsters had been finished off, the Gangnam Royals had lost another 40-50 people.

The issue was that the black rays of light dealt massive amounts of damage and the Elite grade monsters were able to insta-kill any players who had low HP.

The second and third waves went better for the players. After all, they knew what to expect. Sword Raises Sand began to feel calmer after clearing them out.

He didn’t know if it was because of the Boss’ skill, but he suddenly felt more jumpy.

When the Boss’ HP fell to 5%, its body flashed with red light as it went into berserk mode. It began to rapidly cast its spells in every direction and the two tanks desperately used their skills, trying to draw the aggro back to them. However, this was useless.

Luckily, the berserk mode was only activated when it was nearly dead. Everyone could see that the Boss’ death was only a matter of time.

The Boss’ HP fell to 3%... 2%...

Lu Li continuously searched for ways to get closer to the Boss. At this point, the battlefield was quite sparse, which gave him the space to move around.

Just as he was calculating the best time to attack the Boss and secure the final blow, the Gangnam Royals’ players stopped attacking. Not only did the Attackers stop attacking, even the tanks put away their weapons, while the Healers continued to rapidly heal.

Lu Li stared in shock for a few moments before he realised what they were doing and almost laughed out loud.

Many large guilds would do this sort of thing. They would often let an important figure within the guild take the final blow, so that they could maintain a decent level. The players usually didn’t mind, as this meant that their rewards would be much higher.

For a guild like the Gangnam Royals that was made up of privileged children, it was no surprise that they would do such a thing.

In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had even heard of them ‘auctioning’ the final blow for a Boss. The money earned from the auction would be split among the players who participated in the Boss battle, which was something that attracted people to join the Gangnam Royals.

Even picking up the crumbs of the wealthy was not too bad.

Sword Raises Sand cupped his hands in salute towards the other players and took out his two-handed Greatsword.

The Healers quickly started to heal him, in case the Boss suddenly attacked and killed off their leader. Sword Raises Sand treated people fairly and was well-liked by most people.

Just as he raised his Greatsword and was about to rush over, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind the Boss.

The black shadow was covered with a grey Cloak and his face was hidden by a Bandanna. None of his skin could be seen. However, the player’s appearance wasn’t important. Sword Raises Sand furiously watched as the black shadow immediately began to attack the Boss with his two daggers.

The first thought that came to mind was that someone was stealing the Boss!

The second was that this wasn’t a player from the guild!

The third was that the Boss had been stolen!

This person had incredibly high attack, being able to deal tens of damage with each hit. In fact, he had dealt over 100 damage with the last hit.

As the Boss’ HP was cleared out, a system announcement was made, notifying players that the Plague Messenger Nois’ First Clear had been completed.

All of that happened in an instant. By the time Sword Raises Sand was able to react, the black shadow was already picking up the equipment.

“KILL HIM!” Sword Raises Sand roared out as he charged over towards the black shadow. The other players felt as if they had woken up from a dream and started to frantically launch their skills.

The black shadow picked up 3 pieces of equipment before being buried by the skills.

He was finished!