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Chapter 107: Rager

Chapter 107: Rager

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The ice from the Frostbolts disappeared, the corrosion from the Shadow Arrows vanished and the Arrows from the Hunters were removed by the system. However, the corpse that should have been on the ground…

Was not there!

The Gangnam Royals players were not willing to give up so easily and madly launched their skills everywhere. Even an incredibly tough tank would be insta-killed if they were hit. However, they simply couldn’t find the black shadow that had stolen the Boss and quite a few pieces of equipment.

Sword Raises Sand was completely dumbfounded – even more so than he had been when the person had stolen the Boss. It was almost impossible to escape from a net of attacks like this.

Even a Thief who learned Vanish would be reduced to a corpse under such a barrage of attacks. After all, Vanish only prevented a player from being forced out of Stealth if they were attacked. It did not mitigate damage. Could it be that this person had learned the legendary Gale Steps?

Gale Steps was said to be an overpowered skill that could mitigate damage for 1 second while allowing the user to maintain their Stealth.

“Check which players have learned the Gale Steps skill, especially players in the Light Faction,” Sword Raises Sand ordered in a low voice.

When a player from the enemy Faction appeared, their body would be covered by a thin blood mist which made them easily identifiable. However, the black shadow did not have such a visual effect on him, which meant that he was a Thief from the Light Faction.

“Could it be Lu Li?” Someone asked in a small voice.

As the most famous and powerful Thief in the Light Faction, it was inevitable that someone would suspect him.

“It’s not impossible, so make sure you keep an eye on him. What happened today must not be spread to the public. If I find out that anyone has leaked out this information, the consequences will be severe,” Sword Raises Sand said darkly, as he started to look at the World Channel.

Although Lu Li had dealt the final blow, the most damage was dealt by the Gangnam Royals. If it wasn’t for the fact that the final blow had been stolen, they would have felt incredibly proud of themselves. However, upon seeing the arising discussion on the World Channel, Sword Raises Sand felt even worse.

Demonic Blood Angel: Congratulations to our brothers the Gangnam Royals for getting the First Clear of the Plague Messenger Nois.

Arrogant Egg: No less than expected from the second ranked guild. The Gangnam Royals really are powerful.

Flaming Meteor Fire: What a joke, you must be kidding, right? Killing a LV15 Boss with 400 people? You call that powerful? At the most, you can say that they have strength in numbers. Lu Li and Glacial Autumn Wind soloed Bosses by themselves.

Crescent Moon Wind: That doesn’t matter. In the end, they still got the First Clear. Rich people of the Gangnam Royals, good on you. Flaming Meteor Fire, stop criticising others and go train. Watch out that you don’t get targeted.

Great Barbarian God: Where are the Gangnam Royal’s rich ones? Why aren’t they showing off their exquisite equipment?

Flowers and Jade: Yeah, show us if you have anything good. I’ve got a lot of money, so I might just want to trade with you, haha~.

What the world did not lack were busybodies. Even though talking on the World Channel cost money, they still chatted away.

No matter if it was congratulating the Gangnam Royals or mocking them, they were rubbing salt into their wounds. After all, they had used 400 people to kill a Boss and the final 20% EXP and equipment had been stolen from them.

There were still 2 pieces of equipment that Lu Li didn’t have time to take away.

When they were brought to Sword Raises Sand, he almost cried.

They were both Bronze grade equipment!

On the other hand, Lu Li was very happy with the three items and equipment he had received.

A Skill Book!

Seed of Corruption: 2 seconds Cast Time, 60 seconds Cooldown Time. Infects a target’s body with a Demonic Seed, causing (Magic Attack x 160%) Darkness Damage within 8 seconds. If the target dies because of the damage, they will explode, dealing (Magic Attack x 80%) Darkness Damage to all enemies within 10 feet of the target.

This was a weaker version of one of the Plague Messenger’s skills. However, it was still incredibly powerful, especially in team fights.

This Skill Book wasn’t of much use to Lu Li, but he was sure that Mages would fight to the death over it.

His second spoil of war was what he wanted most – a Plague Shard. When the Boss died, Lu Li immediately grabbed it.

Lu Li was also extremely happy with the final piece of equipment. In fact, he had been wanting this for a long time.

Rager’s Pendant (Steel): Hit+10%, Reduces Ice Magic Damage by 5%, Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 32/32. (Part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions)

Pendants were a type of necklace that gave Hit, Critical Chance, Evasion or Damage Reduction, but not Attack or Defence.

The Rager’s Pendant gave Lu Li 10% Hit. For players that used Automatic Mode, Hit increased the likelihood of hitting their target. For players using Manual Mode, Hit had a chance of increasing Skill Completion. As such, Hit was said to be one of the best stats for a Manual Mode player and was not at all inferior to Critical Chance. The 10% Hit that this piece of equipment had increased its value by several times.

The 5% Damage Reduction to Ice Magic Damage was also quite good. In PVP fights, even 1 or 2 HP could affect the outcome of a battle. 5% Damage Reduction would be incredibly useful in fights and this was especially so, because the most popular element chosen by Mages was Ice.

Below LV30, the Rager’s Pendant was the best necklace for melee players. This was especially so if a player also had the Rager’s Bracers. When equipped together, the Equipment Set’s effects would be triggered, making the player even stronger.

Rage: Has a certain chance to increase Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 20%, as well as lower Defence by 20%. Lasts for 30 seconds.

This effect was quite similar to the one Lu Li’s new Dagger had.

Berserk Fang (Steel): 16-24 Attack, Agility+6, Special Effect: Has a certain chance to trigger the Berserk effect, increasing Attack and Attack Speed by 10%, Level Requirement: LV10. Durability: 35/35.

Lu Li had received this Dagger as a spoil of war from killing the top Thief in the Imperial Secret Service, Swirling Left Eye.

What was important was that the Berserk Fang’s ‘Berserk’ effect was different to the Rager’s ‘Rage’ effect. As such, they could stack. Of course, having these 2 effects triggered at the same time was entirely dependent on luck.

Lu Li now owned quite a few exquisite pieces of equipment.

Not considering the Supreme One Ring and the Bloodstained Badge, these two Steel grade pieces of equipment completely surpassed what most other players had.

The Rager Equipment Set was the best Equipment Set for melee professions before LV30 and he also had a LV10 and LV15Dagger. Both of these were Steel grade equipment with special effects and he also had a Cloak that could make every Thief drool.

The reason why Lu Li was able to escape from such a barrage of attacks was because of the Shadow Cloak.

He had chosen a player who was in a good position and used the Shadow Cloak’s effect to instantaneously appear behind him. After this, he entered into Stealth and left.

Lu Li’s Boots were also excellent. Although they were only LV5, they could instantly increase his Movement Speed by 10%. This had saved his life many times.

His pants gave 10% Critical Chance, which made them something he was unwilling to swap out for.

Lu Li couldn’t say that his equipment was the best in Dawn, but he could confidently say that the number of people who had better equipment than him could be counted on one hand!