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Chapter 109: Three Stacks of Armour Pierce

Chapter 109: Three Stacks of Armour Pierce

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As soon as Azure Sea Breeze had replenished his HP, the powerful Armour Pierce Attack hit him again.

He was hit and lost 60% of his HP.

With three stacks of Armour Pierce, Azure Sea Breeze’s armour became non-existent. Now he had to tank with his raw HP.

If any other main tank was in his position right now, they would have been instantly killed.

Azure Sea Breeze held his breath, raised his shield and braced himself for Claudius’ next attack.

He waited a few seconds right after being attacked in order to maximize the duration of the shield.

With his Shield Wall up, the damage he received was only about 30%.

With March Rain’s heals, this was enough for him to survive the damage from the boss.

However, Shield Wall only lasted 5 seconds and had a cooldown of 60 seconds. Azure Sea Breeze had to invest 4 SP into this skill to raise it max level, which would allow it to last for 8 seconds with a 40 second cooldown.

Shield Wall could block three times at most during its duration.

Claudius’ Armour Pierce Effect still lasted more than 10 seconds.

Lu Li had no choice but to believe in Azure Sea Breeze’s skill and March Rain’s healing. All he could do was to focus on dealing damage and taking down Claudius’ HP to 60% as fast as possible.

When the Shield Wall duration ended, everyone anxiously kept their eyes on Azure Sea Breeze’s HP bar.

If anything happened, Lu Li had to grab aggro no matter what.

Switching aggro wasn’t particularly difficult. All Azure Sea Breeze had to do was to activate the Dark Elf racial skill – Shadowmeld, which cause Claudius to aggro onto the player dealing the most damage. However, Lu Li would only be able to tank a few hits.

Some equips had passive and active effects, such as March Rain’s staff, which had an 20% increased healing active. When the Shield Wall disappeared, she activated it and her heals became significantly stronger.

But it wasn’t enough!

Azure Sea Breeze immediately drank an Intermediate Health Potion.

Now he knew why Lu Li had told him to drink a potion earlier.

Intermediate Health Potions recovered 200 HP. In addition to March Rain’s increased healing, Azure Sea Breeze was able to recover up to 60% of his HP before Claudius’ next attack.

Final Blow!

After receiving this attack, Claudius’ Armour Pierce Effect disappeared.

However, instead of disappearing completely, the Armour Pierce dropped from 3 stacks to 2 stacks. The damage he received was still very high.

Lu Li was about to tell Azure Sea Breeze to use Shadowmeld when something completely unexpected happened.

When Azure Sea Breeze was attacked and took 60% of his HP in damage, he was also healed by 800 HP.

With the 800HP heal and March Rain’s enhanced Flash Heal, Azure Sea Breeze was able to survive.

“Damage Conversion!” Lu Li soon realised.

The passive from the Bloodstained Badge saved the entire team.

Upon being attacked, there was a chance for 30% damage dealt is converted to HP.

Azure Sea Breeze received more than 2000 points of damage, which equated to about an 800 HP recovery from the conversion.

Damage Conversion was an effect that converted damage received back to HP. It was based on the damage dealt by the attacker, whereas Life Steal was based on the damage dealt by the player.

For Lu Li, Life Steal was more beneficial to him, but for low attack Main Tanks, damage conversion was much better.

If it weren’t for the Crow Transformation that drained his HP to maintain, he would have given Azure Sea Breeze his Bloodstain Badge.

“Keep going; get the boss’ HP down to 60% before the next Armour Pierce!” Lu Li shouted, encouraging the others to continue fighting.

In between Backstabs, he used regular attacks in order to maximize his damage output. Lu Li also activated his armour and dagger actives to increase his Attack. After a minute of relentless attacking, a red, bloody mist began to surround him.

If anyone else saw him, they would have thought he was from the Horde, because the effects were so similar.

In reality, Lu Li had activated the Rage effect.

Rager Equipment Set: Rage: activated at a certain chance. Movement speed increased by 20%, attack speed increased by 20%, defence decreased by 20%. 30 second duration.

Lu Li wasn’t worried about the decrease in defence because Azure Sea Breeze was pulling the aggro. After he received the 20% attack speed buff, his daggers became too fast for the naked eye to see.

Damage figures started appearing above the boss with an occasional critical strike. The damage that appeared from his high-completion Shadowstrike were even higher than crits.

If Lu Li and the others were not able to take the boss’ HP down to 60% within the 30 second buff duration, he would probably kill himself.

The Boss’ HP came down to 59% and Lu Li felt a sense of relief.

Dawn was so realistic that he began to feel sweaty under his armour.

After this, Claudius was easily dealt with and died after 10 or so minutes.

System: You have successfully slain Claudius. EXP and rewards will be received.

Claudius was the Apocalyptic Guard of the Burning Legion, so slaying him gave them a handsome amount of rewards, EXP and reputation. Remnant Dream, along with Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower all levelled up to 15.

Lu Li was now LV15 with 18% EXP. He was the same level as Claudius, so the EXP he received was slightly less.

Since they had entered the Normal level Claudius dungeon, they only received a single piece of Steel Grade equipment and two copper equips. Lu Li and his party were all already wearing Steel Grade equips, so these drops were useless to them. They decided that they would be sold for money.

The Black Steel Grade equip had pretty nice stats and was a chain mail shoulder for healer Shamans. It had an overload effect which increased intelligence by 50 for 5 seconds.

Five seconds were more than enough to make an impact on the battlefield. Lu Li discussed with his teammates and decided to give it to his landlady Huan Huan.

Under Don’t Hit Dou Dou’s leadership, Huan Huan and Yi Yi followed Lu Li’s levelling guide and continued advancing in the game.

They were a team consisting of a Healing Shaman, a skilful Hunter and an experienced Death Knight. The trio all managed to get to LV12 after the three days of double EXP.

These three girls all joined the Drizzle Court. Even in this guild full of beauties, they were still among the prettiest.

Although they were not high-level, they still managed to make a name for themselves, especially Huan Huan, who had good organisation skills. Apparently, she had even become an elder of the Drizzle Court.