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Chapter 110: Large Sum

Chapter 110: Large Sum

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Lu Li was not one of those perverts who constantly stared at girls. He did not owe the land ladies any favours and was not obliged to write them a levelling guide in addition to running errands for them.

The reason why he was being so nice was because of their hospitality to Lu Xin.

His recent hard work in the game and caused him to neglect his baby sister.

The three landladies often took Lu Xin to eat, shop and play at theme parks.

Even though Lu Li was so concentrated on the game, he noticed that the introverted Lu Xin had become more outgoing and cheerful like other girls her age.

This was something that Lu Li could not achieve by himself.

Although others may have thought that it was wasteful to give away Steel Grade equips, it was the least he could to express his gratitude.

Lu Li was a person who knew that he should repay those who were kind to him. To see his little sister be happy was his biggest dream. Since he didn’t have much, he had to repay them in any way he could.

Azure Sea Breeze and others didn’t oppose his decision. The reason why they had stayed with him in the first place was because of his maturity and kind-heartedness.

“Your sister is so lucky to have a brother like you,” Remnant Dream enviously said.

“Silly girl, do I not treat you well?” Azure Sea Breeze asked jokingly.

Since Azure Sea Breeze was an only child, he often envied Lu Li and Lonesome Flower for having little sisters. Recently, he had been encouraging Remnant Dream to call him older brother.

“Let’s return to town. Everyone should log off and take a break; we’ll clear the Death Mines this afternoon.”

Compared to the last time, they had a much higher chance of clearing the Death Mines.

Lu Li considered exploring the Elite Level or Difficult Level if they could easily pass the Normal level. The Death Mines were a low-level Instance Dungeon and therefore did not have a Nightmare Level.

“We should take the first clear for the Death Mines before the system refreshes.”

Clearing the Elite Level Instance Dungeon gave you a chance to appear on TV. Azure Sea Breeze really wanted to appear on TV so that he could brag about it.

Previously, he had told his friends about being ranked 2nd. Their response was to immediately expose him on the forums.

Luckily, he didn’t go as far as exposing Lu Li’s secrets as well.

Lu Li had to forgive him because he was a well-geared, PVE-focused main tank who would be very useful in the future.

“Today is Friday. We’ll focus on levelling up over the next two days in the mornings while we try and get first clears of dungeons in the afternoon. “

“Why does this game keep updating? What kind of a game updates weekly?” Lonesome Flower asked, slightly ticked off.

“The updates won’t be as frequent in the future. The third system update didn’t really change much.” Lu Li did not tell them that Dawn had become a ground-breaking MMORPG after the third patch.

After the third update, the $30,000 gaming helmet was reduced to $3,000.

This bankrupted many big gaming companies around the world.

As of now, Dawn had more than 10 million players. After the price drop of the gaming helmet, hundreds of millions more joined the Chinese server alone. Anyone could calculate the billions of dollars in profit, based on the sheer number of players and the price of the gaming helmets.

Only a national standard gaming company could take such a gamble.

From then on, the era of MMORPGs began.

Many people bought the gaming helmet to make money in the game and joined various gold farming guilds.

Older people joined the game to enjoy fishing, chess and cooking. Others that were more passionate also chose a class to join in on this new teenage craze. Members that were over the age of 50 joined the old Mage guild: Mage Palace. They quickly became an attraction in Dawn.

Kids could wear the gaming helmet to take tutoring classes in game. These offered face to face interactions with the tutor.

Many more entertainment companies started holding concerts, as well as filming dramas and movies within Dawn.

Companies joined in to build skyscrapers. Workers would practice using machinery and their working facilities for real life. Soldiers used the game as a virtual war zone to emulate actual wars and combat.

There were also a group of people called the Scenery Crew, who hoped to explore every corner of Azeroth.

Lu Li did not have the opportunity to participate in the game in his past life, because he was too worried about his sister. He entered the game a year later which was much too late.

However, in this life, it was different. He joined the game as soon as it came out with the experience that others did not have.

When he parted with Azure Sea Breeze and the others, he went to look for Shen Wan San.

Rather than putting up the loot on the Exchange Hall, he would give it to Shen Wan San. He would always be able to sell it for more.

“Shen Boss, how you doing? Has the Snake Trust Grass sold out yet?” Lu Li had not contacted him in a couple of days and wasn’t sure whether he had done his job.

Everything was sold, except for the sets that Lu Li had saved for himself.

Lu Li and Shen Wan San agreed on a deal and he gave him another 500 sets of Snake Trust Grass to sell at 3 gold per set.

Lu Li reminded him to sell them before the game updated. The reason for this was in case the gold economy crashed.

Gold had dropped from $1500:1 to $1000, $800, $500 and now, $300. From there it would continue to steadily decline until it stabilized at $100:1.

Many people thought that when the billions of players joined the game, there would be a crazy demand for gold. After all, they would need equipment, skill books, crafting materials…

Shen Wan San was thinking the exact same thing, but after Lu Li told him otherwise, he began to panic.

“I was about to find you, older brother. Your gold will be counted in front of you; meet at the Noah Bar, room 3.” Shen Wan San was a very humble man. Though he called Lu Li ‘older brother’, he was actually in his mid-30s.

Noah Bar was run by NPCs and had a fair price. It was a popular gathering place among young teenagers.

Lu Li greeted the bar host and was directed to room 3. When he opened the door, he saw a fat, black panther on the seats.

If he had saw this in real life, he would’ve been scared to death. However, this was quite a normal sight in a game.

The panther returned to its normal form, revealing Shen Wan San’s silly face. “I learnt the Panther Transformation Skill recently. It’s so fun.”

“If Boss Shen played a combat class, you might be pretty good.”

Lu Li complemented him insincerely and cut straight to the main topic.

“How much gold do I get this time?”

Despite already roughly knowing, the amount of gold in front of him still made his heart pound.