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Chapter 111: Millionaire

Chapter 111: Millionaire

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“So impatient.”

Shen Wansan was laughing, but he put on a straight face when he saw that Lu Li wasn’t smiling.

“For the 500 Snake Trust Grass, as per our agreement, I’ll be giving you 1500 gold. However, it actually sold for more than this…”

“The extra is yours to keep.”

Lu Li quickly did some mental calculations. The current Trading Platform had a price of 1:330, so this amount equated to $490,500.

“Our separate deal was an investment of 100 gold. I actually asked a friend to borrow a little more money, so it ended up being a little more…”

Shen Wansan’s voice was compassionate, Lu Li had earned a lot of money, but so had he.

It was all because of this person before him that he had such an opportunity. The other players only saw the strange price of the Snake Trust Grass, but who would have thought that it was because of him? He had used this kind of low-level material to leverage a huge profit.

“Stop. We agreed on 100 gold coins. We’ll maintain that agreement,” Lu Li corrected him.

Business is business and if things become unclear, it was bound to lead to trouble.

If he received any additional money, that would no longer be business, but compassion.

“You…” Shen Wansan smiled wryly and could only helplessly say, “100 gold coins bought about 830 sets of Snake Trust Grass, at an average of 12 silver coins each. Taking into account the initial cost, they were sold for a total of 2668 gold.”

After accepting the transaction, the system prompted Lu Li that he had received 2834 gold.

In addition to the money he had made from his last few days of selling Intermediate Health Potions, he now had 3000 gold!

Without any delay, Lu Li pulled up the trading interface and set an offer of 100 gold coins for $350.

Those who were selling gold were waiting for the system update, so that the gold prices would increase. However, those that were buying gold were worried for this same reason. The former group of people didn’t want to sell gold now, while the latter group of people wanted to buy gold now. The Trade Platform’s information currently showed that there were more buyers than sellers, so Lu Li didn’t have to worry that no one would buy his gold.

It was currently a seller’s market, with the platform transaction fees to be paid by the buyer!

In total, Lu Li had made a million dollars!

In his previous life, Lu Xin’s medical fees had totaled over a million dollars. He had thought of everything, but even if he had sold himself entirely, he would still not be able make enough money. He had even considered selling all of his organs.

Now, in just three weeks’ time, he had basically solved the problem of medical fees.

A burden that he had been carrying in his heart for a long time had finally been lifted.

“Expert Brother, do you have any new business ventures? How about we continue to cooperate?” Seeing that Lu Li was about to leave, Shen Wansan quickly grabbed his arm. His face was beaming.

He sincerely wanted to continue to share more of his benefits with Lu Li and to be able to continue to tell him this kind of news.

“Boss Shen, you’re addicted. This time I inadvertently found out the secret of the Intermediate Health Potion. Who knows if I’ll encounter another chance like this? I’m not one of the game designers.”

Lu Li’s face was innocent, as he resolutely insisted that this was an accident.

The game designers actually couldn’t make money like this. Firstly, they weren’t allowed to enter the game and secondly, there were state agencies that monitored the game. If there were any issues that arose, the game designers would face harsh legal consequences.

Lu Li’s goal wasn’t to make money, but the profits from the Snake Trust Grass were insane.

To be able to turn a profit that was 3 to 5 times the cost was already unusual, let alone a profit of 10 times. Moreover, the value of gold would soon decrease, while an ever-increasing stockpile of goods was built up. Soon, making money would become significantly harder.

However, the most important reason for refusing was that he didn’t want to take any risks. He couldn’t explain why he knew so much, so if he did this too often, he might come under police investigation. Who knew what might happen then? This game wasn’t run like any other.

He wasn’t the only one to solo Bosses and it could be argued that they were sufficiently strong enough to achieve those First Clears. However, even if there was some doubt to that, 100 years of internet law precedent meant that the internet police couldn’t get to him.

With regards to hoarding goods, you could say that you had a vision, but it was unlikely that people would believe that you were some kind of prophet.

Under the resentful gaze of Shen Wansan, Lu Li took his large sum of money and left the Noah Tavern.

When Lu Li logged back on after going offline to have some food and do exercise, the system prompted him that thirty transactions had occurred.

This speed was a little beyond his expectations. He thought that it would be a day or two before he could sell all of these gold coins. If he knew that this would happen, he would have increased the price. He estimated that someone would have bought the gold even if it was priced at 1:400.

What was done was done, so Lu Li didn’t think too much about it after that.

He was just about to tell the news to the others, when Azure Sea Breeze called him.

“You’re finally here. Lighty was looking for you, you should respond to him.”

Azure Sea Breeze really liked giving people nicknames. He called Moonlight, ‘Lighty’, Lonesome Flower, ‘Flower’ and Remnant Dream, ‘Dream’. The only person he didn’t dare to do it to was March Rain.

“Why is he looking for me?” Lu Li paid the 5 copper coin transmission fee and accepted Moonlight’s call.

“Do you still need money? I’ve found a way…”

Moonlight had been spending most of his time PVPing as opposed to levelling. Luckily, Glory could be traded for EXP, so he wasn’t too far behind. He was actually still within top 100 in the level rankings.

“Oh, what way?” Lu Li didn’t think of him as the entrepreneurial type. As such, he was pretty curious.

Although he had just made a large sum of money and had solved an urgent matter, who could say that they had earned too much money?

He would like to buy a house, so he wouldn’t have to live in someone else’s home.


Moonlight’s speech was simple, unlike Lonesome Flower’s or Azure Sea Breeze’s.

“Don’t tell me it’s by killing people and taking what they drop,” Lu Li laughed.

This was definitely an option, given Lu Li’s equipment and level.

However, Lu Li had plans to become a professional player, so his reputation mattered.

“Gambling equipment, gold coins or cash,” Moonlight responded.

Lu Li suddenly remembered from his past life that high-end PVP circles would gamble while PVPing. He never thought that he would be doing such a thing.

“This isn’t the best idea. The game company doesn’t care now, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t target it later.”

He didn’t know if this was true, but he was apprehensive anyway. Gambling was illegal.

“What happens in the future will be in the future.”

Moonlight evidently thought otherwise.

“Aren’t you in urgent need of money?”

Lu Li was busy, even busier than the professional players he had previously seen. When asked why he was so busy all the time, his response would always detail needing money. Moonlight had been thinking about this and hoped that he could find a way to help him.

Lu Li was sure that this was the reason.

The avenues for gambling had not yet been set up in Dawn. After all, there were all kinds of incomplete infrastructure needed to ensure fairness. Gambling would begin to rear its head when the arena was set up. However, Lu Li was reasonable in wanting to fight in the arena right now.

The gambling didn’t even need to happen offline. It was just masked under the guise of other things, such as buying or selling equipment.

“Thank you.”

Lu Li didn’t waste his words either and replied, “I’ll be going into an Instance Dungeon soon, so I’ll contact you tomorrow. Are there any suitable opponents?”

“There are two people who want to challenge you: Water Fairy and Hornet’s Nest,” Moonlight elaborated.

“It’s for a 100 gold coins. Are you interested?”