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Chapter 113: Fearless Barrier

Chapter 113: Fearless Barrier

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Once the Piercing Heart Wolf General fell, the Quest Tracker prompted Lu Li to proceed further into the cave and destroy the Defias Brotherhood’s Fearless Ship.

However, they first had to find out what the Piercing Heart Wolf General had dropped. This was the First Clear, so it was guaranteed to drop a Steel item.

“Wow, Sea Breeze, there’s a shield for you.”

Looting was Remnant Dream’s favourite part. Her hands seemed to be particularly lucky, so she had become the Xin Xin Mercenary Group’s resident looter.

When he heard that it was a Shield, Lu Li could already guess what the item was.

This was definitely the result of the First Clear, because even on Elite difficulty, it only had a small chance of dropping. The item in question was the Fearless Barrier.

Fearless Barrier (Steel): Armour 32, Constitution +12. Effect: When your HP is drops below 20%, all damage taken is reduced by 80% for 8 seconds. Equipment Requirement: level 15. Durability 45/45.

Every profession had a different set of pros and cons, so it was difficult to determine which profession was the best.

However, this item had high armor and high constitution in addition to its very special effect. The Fearless Barrier was definitely a must-have for Main Tanks farming the Death Mines.

The Main Tank was the core of every party. As such, it was absolutely necessary that every team had one when attempting to farm the Death Mines.

“Oh my, this equip is way too strong. It’ll basically make me invincible.”

Azure Sea Breeze equipped the shield as soon as he laid his hands on it. He waved the dark green shield about as he grinned with satisfaction.

In some ways, its special effect was more powerful than Shield Wall.

As long as the Boss they were fighting wasn’t too strong, it would be very difficult to instantly kill Azure Sea Breeze. His shield would buy them some extra time to Heal and figure out the Boss’ skills.

Many things could be done within eight seconds.

Even an average player would instantly command respect if they obtained the Fearless Barrier at this stage of the game.

Not a single rare material was dropped, as their luck had probably been used up already.

In addition to the Fearless Barrier, there were two pieces of Bronze equipment.

These were both LV15, which was currently the most commonly-used category of equipment. Nobody even looked at their effects, as their attributes were similar to a LV5 Steel equip. Lu Li wasn’t too fussed about what happened to them.

“I wanna roll for it.”

This was a strange thing for Remnant Dream to say, but no one decided to stop her.

Instead, they indulged her wishes. If she wanted to roll, then she could roll for them.

Azure Sea Breeze rolled and got 78 points.

“Oh well. I guess I’m just too good.”

With his number, it was highly likely that he would take the equipment. However, he also had a large ego and began to show off.

March Rain smiled before rolling the dice and got 52 points.

“Brother Flower, roll quickly,” Remnant Dream urged. It seemed like she was more excited for this than looting.

The proud Flower felt a sense of disdain towards this child’s play and reluctantly rolled his dice. He got 16 points and his face immediately darkened.

Lu Li rolled 44 points. He wasn’t very lucky when it came to things like this. Considering how unlucky he was, 44 points was already pretty good.

Once everyone was done, Remnant Dream held her hands near her stomach and offered a prayer.

92 points!

“Wow! I won, I won!” the little hunter exclaimed, as she excitedly jumped around.

The others started to sweat at this sight; it seemed like she would want to do this more often in the future.

Lu Li’s party was fairly cooperative when it came to equipment. Steel equipment would be assigned to whoever was most suited to use it and if there wasn’t anyone, it would be sold. Bronze equips on the other hand would sell for a few silver at most, so whoever picked these up could have them.

It was too bad that the little hunter wasn’t around when the party was first established, so she didn’t get to enjoy rolling for equips. Once they fixed the teams, she would have even fewer opportunities to do so.

Lu Li shook his head in silence while the two pieces of Bronze equipment were directly given to Remnant Dream.

At this time, Remnant Dream interrupted and said, “Brother Lu Li, I…. don’t want the equips, I just wanted to roll…”

She didn’t want her teammates to think that she wanted the equipment. The little hunter didn’t know much, but she was sensitive to this kind of thing. She had heard that some parties had split up over issues of distributing equipment.

“Don’t worry about it; it’s just two pieces of Bronze equipment.”

Lu Li patted her head before opening the large, underground cave door behind the Boss.

Everyone else followed him and patted her head as well. Even March Rain smiled as she reached out and rubbed her arm.

They entered an enormous cave with a large lake in the center. Within their field of vision, they saw the Fearless Ship docked at the pier. There was a small path that extended out to the river bank which led into the pier.

Suddenly, there was a rumble; something was happening.

Knowing that the enemy had broken through Piercing Heart Wolf General’s defensive position, the Fearless Ship’s Captain ordered the ship to start firing.

On the path to the Fearless Ship, cannonballs would land and explode. These explosions left charred, shallow pits in the ground.

The Captain had also released a whole group of Mutant Parrots which were as big as falcons. These parrots flew over the path and the lake, ready to attack anyone that got too close.

Azure Sea Breeze turned a little green. They didn’t know how much damage these cannonballs could deal and the uncertainty made him shiver. Someone had to go and test out the strength of these cannonballs and as the Main Tank, he was the most suitable for the job.

He gingerly stepped out onto the path and anxiously waited for a cannonball to fall on him.

“Don’t you see that the locations where the cannonballs fall are fixed?”

Lu Li laughed at this sight. He felt as though he should remind them that the cannonballs wouldn’t kill them, but would still deal significant damage. The main purpose of these cannonballs was to scare them off.

“Dammit, why didn’t you say anything?”

Azure Sea Breeze was so ashamed that he nearly walked away.

“You didn’t ask.” Kind people could sometimes do bad things too.

Azure Sea Breeze was speechless as he rolled his eyes.

“Tell us what to do. Even if the locations are fixed, there are still parrots that will harass us.”

“Do you guys see those patches over there? There is quite a large space between the dropping cannonballs. We can stand there and clear out the monsters. Just make sure you keep moving to minimize the chance of a cannonball hitting you,” Lu Li said, as he pointed.

“The best time to go is right after two cannonball fall.”

Azure Sea Breeze’s wisdom helped to optimize the plan.

After two cannonballs fell, there would be a short break. This break was the key to avoid being hit.

“Well, let’s try it.”

Lu Li directed the Main Tank to go first. Azure Sea Breeze angrily put up his middle finger and went out with his shield.

Their predictions were correct and the path actually turned out to be pretty easy to travel along. The only unexpected thing that happened was Remnant Dream falling into the river. She began to flail and scream, but eventually found out that the river was only waist-deep.

The leader of the Defias Brotherhood, Edwin Van Cleef, had brought a group of workers to renovate Stormwind. The Royal Family of Stormwind later found out that they had expended their budget on the war and could not pay for the engineering costs.

They even wanted to default on the debt.

Edwin Van Cleef turned out to be a revolutionist. He gathered workers and recruited people from the lowest part of society before leaving Stormwind, vowing to one day destroy it.

The Fearless Ship before them was all he had at first.

It was actually an old sailboat. So, if they wanted to face the captain, they would have to climb aboard.

The Elite monsters were easy to kill and gave a surprisingly large amount of EXP. Azure Sea Breeze started to become addicted to killing them. They ended up wasting a lot of time by killing monsters that they didn’t have to, but seeing the rise in EXP was worth it.