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Chapter 114: Female Boss

Chapter 114: Female Boss

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The Captain of this ship was not Edwin Van Cleef, but a monster he had hired.

The current Captain Cookie was an amphibian who used to be the Chief Chef of the Fearless Ship. He took the post when the previous Captain died and poisoned all those who opposed him.

This just went to show that you should never offend a cook.

Edwin Van Cleef’s heir seemed to accept the chef Captain. She didn’t care who served as the Captain of this post, so long as they took personal responsibility.

The existence of the second last Boss, Captain Cookie, was actually purely for entertainment.

It sat inside a burning pot which would burn those who got too close. This Boss primarily used ranged attacks, which forced Lu Li to dodge while attacking.

Captain Cookie smiled and said, “Oh, pitiful players, come try this.”

Food was thrown everywhere throughout the battle, both good and bad.

It was quite easy to distinguish between these two; they just got Azure Sea Breeze to try it first. His HP was very high, so there was no way he could die.

The food that had a slight green glow were poisonous. Eating or touching it resulted in the player going into a stackable Disgust state. This reduced a player’s attack speed and cast rate by 10%, while also dealing 200 damage per second. The affected player had to find non-poisonous food (that increased attack speed and cast rate by 10%) to remove this state.

If they weren’t careful, they could step on multiple poisoned foods and quickly lose party members.

Fortunately, Lu Li’s team was pretty skilled. Even Remnant Dream managed to successfully dodge the poisoned food while only consuming the healthy ones.

Lu Li saw this and curiously asked the little hunter about it. It turned out that she had played a similar kind of game when she was young that involved similar mechanics of dodging and eating. When the fight was over, she even complained that it wasn’t difficult enough to be satisfying.

Captain Cookie was about to fall. The whole process had been smooth and uneventful. At such a low difficulty, everyone could imagine what the dropped items would be. There was no need to report them.

The three Bronze equips that dropped were very common. Remnant Dream was unwilling to take any, so it was given to the others.

Although the drops were bad, the fight still gave quite a bit of EXP because it was with a LV16 Boss. Lu Li himself rose to LV16, while Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower and March Rain stayed at LV 15. Remnant Dream was now only 20% away from reaching to LV15.

The Death Mine’s final Boss was Vanessa Van Cleef – Edwin Van Cleef’s daughter. By now, Edwin Van Cleef had long been killed by the ‘hero’ sent from Stormwind.

The Quest Tracker told the story of how Vanessa had witnessed the tragic fate of her father when she was very young. As the daughter of the former leader of the Defias Brotherhood, she took it upon herself to plan revenge on Stormwind within the Death Mines.

As a little girl who lost both her parents, she grew up seeking vengeance for her father.

In some sense, the players standing before her were a cruel circumstance. There were actually many cruel circumstances all throughout Dawn.

However, Lu Li had no plans to be sympathetic. The moment they entered the cabin, they immediately began fighting wave after wave of Defias Sailors.

These Sailors were good farming monsters. To Lu Li’s party, there was no danger and lots of EXP to be gained. By the time they had finished fighting, Lu Li had made a good amount of progress into his EXP bar.

However, what regular party could deal with six consecutive waves of monsters? In total, they were attacked by 30 Elite monsters all at once.

Even with the strength of Lu Li’s party, they still had to take potions on several occasions.

Once the 30 monsters had been killed, Lu Li immediately commanded everyone to retreat.

The cabin was too dark and there wasn’t enough space, so it didn’t make a good battlefield for the players.

Azure Sea Breeze and the others obeyed and hurriedly rushed out of the cabin.

“Where is the Boss?” Azure Sea Breeze didn’t understand why Lu Li had taken them onto the deck. He was standing in the front, keeping everyone behind him in case of an attack.

“Edwin was the Chief of the Engineering Union, but before that, he trained in Stormwind’s Intelligence agency (MI7) for many years. Even the head of MI7, Madias Shore, had nothing but praise for him…” Lu Li slowly explained.

“Dammit, what are you saying?” Azure Sea Breeze was becoming impatient.

“He’s a great Thief,” Lu Li said helplessly.

“So?” Sea Breeze didn’t understand.

“As his daughter, Vanessa Van Cleef is also a Thief. Do you think she will openly engage us?” Lu Li asked.

Most parties who fought Vanessa for the first time would have started to become bored. This was to be expected, because Vanessa didn’t seem to be doing anything at all. At some point, she would choose a target and go into Stealth to ambush it. If the party’s reaction speed was quick enough, they might save that member. Otherwise, they would lose a member before the Boss fight even started.

However, with this kind of turtle-style defensive formation, Vanessa could only attack the Main Tank.

“What? It’s her.”

Azure Sea Breeze raised his shield and went into a defensive stance.

“Brother Lu Li is so strong. How did you know?” Remnant Dream was starry eyed. She was still young and innocently adored him.

“Hehe, Astrana’s Skill area has a library which records a lot of Azeroth’s lore. You can go read some if you have nothing to do,” Lu Li responded with a compelling reason.

He was already tired of this Normal difficulty Death Mine and was eager for it to end.

“No thanks, I hate reading,” the primary school girl said as she shook her head rebelliously. She was at an age where she hated everything to do with study.

The female Boss unexpectedly appeared in front of Azure Sea Breeze and hammered him right on the forehead.

This was one of the stronger skills that Vanessa had in her arsenal. Azure Sea Breeze was stunned for 5 seconds and his armor was reduced by 20%.

Before he was able to recover, Vanessa added in a Kidney Strike, increasing the stun duration to 9 seconds.

Apart from this, there was not much else that she could do. She had limited ranged attacks and was blocked by the wooden wall. All she could do was continue to attack Azure Sea Breeze from the front as he complained about how broken this Boss was.

The location that they had selected was good and reduced the effectiveness of the Boss.

Lu Li could have stealthed and spread out, but he didn’t dare to do so. Vanessa probably had a few more tricks up her sleeve.

Remnant Dream’s commanded her second pet to attack. It valiantly charged out, but was quickly dealt with. The little hunter could only continue firing her crossbow, holding down the trigger.

Lonesome Flower, who was devoted to his sister, suddenly realized he had fallen in love with Vanessa. This was not because of her charming movements, but because she had scared Lu Li into his shell.

March Rain no longer looked to him in worship.

This situation was also great for ranged professions, so he had by far the largest damage output.

While waiting for Azure Sea Breeze to recover, he cast as many disabling spells as he could. Between him and Remnant Dream, Vanessa had already lost 10% of her HP.