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Chapter 116: Broken Skull

Chapter 116: Broken Skull

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Lu Li was a little sad that they hadn’t encountered the Hidden Boss, but the others didn’t know about its existence. There was a sense of excitement in the air as soon as they had completed the Instance Dungeon. Remnant Dream was already eagerly looting the body.

Although Vanessa lost her parents at a young age, she was still the oldest member of the Defias Brotherhood. There was no way that her items would be bad, so Lu Li was also looking forward to this moment.

“Brotherhood Cloak, waaahh! It’s a Steel Cloak for Thieves. It has an additional skill that increases the Stealth effect by 50%. Brother Lu Li, isn’t that great?” Remnant Dream had been following the party for a long time and was now able to determine the value of an item based on its special effects.

“Of course.”

Lu Li nodded, but was a little disappointed.

The Brotherhood Cloak was pretty good. Lots of people would want this cloak as it could compensate for a player’s lack of skill in using Stealth. However, for a player like Lu Li, this effect had no practical significance. His Shadow Cloak was better in general for him.

“Don’t be disappointed; take it anyway. You should be able to find someone who is willing to trade for it.”

Azure Sea Breeze looked at Lu Li’s face and immediately knew that he already had something better.

Everyone still unanimously decided that the cloak should be given to Lu Li. He accepted it and put it into his backpack.

“Defias Ring! This ring… is so beautiful…”

The expressions of the three boys turned dark. What did its beauty have to do with anything? They wanted to know the attributes; who cared about the way it looked?

“Bronze, plus 5 Agility and 2 Strength, no special effects.”

Remnant Dream’s standards had also been raised. She knew that if it wasn’t a Steel item, it probably wasn’t any good.

“Brother Lu Li, do you want it?” Remnant Dream actually really wanted it, not because it was better than what she currently had, but because it was beautiful.

“You can take it. This isn’t as good as what I already have.”

Seeing how much she liked it, Lu Li didn’t have the heart to say no.

“This Instance Dungeon didn’t feel too hard. When are we going to try the higher difficulties?” Azure Sea Breeze asked.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow. I want to go kill a Boss; you take Remnant Dream somewhere to level. Her level is still too low,” Lu Li said as he shook his head.

He was currently LV16, while Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower and March Rain were LV15. Only Remnant Dream was still not yet LV15.

Remnant Dream immediately lowered her head. She was a student, so she had to study in the day and could only play at night. Although the game world was sunny, she couldn’t go without rest. It was natural that her level would fall behind.

“Don’t let her get too tired.”

Lu Li softened his voice after seeing the little girl’s guilty look.

After leaving the Instance Dungeon, Lu Li made some Intermediate Health Potions before heading into the Exchange Hall.

He first bought some high damage arrows before shopping around for a crossbow. He intended to kill Illidan’s Shadow again as the items that it had dropped were just too great.

Only Illidan’s Shadow could attract him enough to stand in a corner and do nothing but shoot for a good portion of the day.

He had long since forgotten about the Death Knight. The first reason was because the First Clear hadn’t give him any particularly good items. However, the more important reason was that the Boss had been discovered by Glory Capital. It didn’t matter if they couldn’t fight it themselves, as they could also enlist other players to help them.

His LV5 Steel Bow’s attack was too low, despite having a poison effect. It had taken him a really long time to kill Illidan’s Shadow.

As such, it was important that he bought a good long ranged weapon.

The Exchange Hall’s range of selection was getting better, but finding a particularly great item was also becoming more difficult. The current Exchange Hall fee was 5%, which was not a negligible amount. Lu Li also knew that after the third update, this fee would be increased to 10%. This would result in many more shops appearing.

Lu Li currently didn’t have any plans to open a shop as he didn’t have enough stock. Attempting to open a shop right now would cost him a lot of money.

Buying a shop was even more unthinkable as players simply couldn’t afford to do it. It took the top ten big financial groups working together to set up a virtual office and even then, they could only just cover the rent.

After some browsing, Lu Li’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Broken Skull (Steel): Damage 20-28, Agility +6. Special Effect: There is a certain probability of dealing Piercing damage to the target. Equipment Requirement: LV10. Durability 13/32.

This was better than Lu Li’s LV5 Steel bow.

Poison Bow (Steel): Damage 15-24, Agility +3. Special Effect: There is a certain probability of poisoning the target. Equipment Requirement: LV5. Durability 28/28.

There were three additional attribute points and an increase in the damage range. The effect wasn’t that much better, but what was important was that the Broken Skull was a crossbow. Crossbows had a higher fire rate than bows. For every 10 shots a bow could make, a crossbow could make 13-15.

Piercing damage was a very common effect among crossbows. The pierce meant that it could ignore defence and deal maximum critical damage to the target.

For example, if he was fighting Illidan’s Shadow, what was normally 20-30 damage would be at least 60 if the Pierce effect was activated. Compared to the Poison Bow, its DPS was much higher.

However, it wasn’t cheap and was priced at 15 gold coins.

Lu Li didn’t let this stop him – he had just made a million dollars.

After buying the crossbow, he looked around for some crossbow proficiency skill books.

These kinds of skill books weren’t very common, but they had a large demand. Lu Li couldn’t find a single one.

He quickly let it go.

A hunter’s crossbow proficiency could increase its damage by 5%. A non-hunter could learn crossbow proficiency, but it would only increase the damage by a maximum of 2%. Lu Li didn’t think that the small bonus was that important.

After he had bought everything, he went to the Empty Abyss.

The sight of the Abyss was breathtaking. As Lu Li stood by the cliff and watched the vortex rotate, he started to feel sick.

Remaining determined, he drew in a deep breath and jumped into the whirlpool.

He then turned into a small seal and patiently waited.

This time he wasn’t so lucky. He had been in the vortex for quite a while, but he still hadn’t been thrown into the cave. He could only helplessly keep waiting.

Lu Li was a successful person and as such, many players admired him, were jealous of him or hated him. However, most players didn’t despise him and just considered him to be a really lucky guy.

After spinning around for so long, most people would have left by killing themselves.

Lu Li wasn’t like most people. In moments like these, he would think about his past life and remember the feeling of despair.

Being tossed around by the whirlpool didn’t feel great, but no matter what, he would always have hope because he was willing to fight for the things he cared about.

Through the pain, he even felt a bit of happiness.

This was simply insane!

The system didn’t torture him for too long. After about half an hour, he was finally tossed into the cave.

As he lay on the cold, hard floor, Lu Li still felt like he was spinning. He was also struggling to cancel the Seal Transformation spell. He slowly pushed himself off the ground and made his way towards the stone gate.

The key hadn’t disappeared from when he used it last time, so he took it out and put it into the keyhole. The circles on the stone gate began to light up, opening the cage of Illidan’s Shadow once again.