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Chapter 119: Preparing to Form a 10-Person Team

Chapter 119: Preparing to Form a 10-Person Team

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Seeing that Tame had failed, the little Hunter stomped on the ground in frustration.

Rare monsters were fairly hard to Tame, so Lu Li had to reduce its health even more. He didn’t dare to use skills anymore, so he drank an Intermediate Health Potion and started to use his normal attacks. He hit the tiger again and again until it was at 10% HP.

“Don’t be nervous, try again. You’ve still got 2 chances.”

Remnant Dream wasn’t as nervous this time, but her Tame still failed.

Lu Li was speechless. Wasn’t her luck extremely good? He had no choice but to continue to decrease its HP.

8%... 6%... 5%...

Lu Li didn’t stop… 2%!

“Big brother Lu Li, stop attacking, stop attacking! You’re going to kill it!” Remnant Dream called out.

Lu Li couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This tiger hasn’t even submitted, but you’re already defending it.

He flicked his Dagger and used Shadowstrike.

Lu Li could easily reach 90% Skill Completion with his Shadowstrike which would instantly kill the tiger. Remnant Dream started to wonder if he had gone crazy.

Of course he hadn’t!

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 33%, caused 25% Skill Damage.

A damage figure of 46 appeared above the Shadowclaw Tiger’s head, leaving it with just 14 HP.

Less than 1%!

“Alright, try again. If it doesn’t work this time, it just means that this guy isn’t fated to be with you,” Lu Li nonchalantly said, disregarding the amazing feat he had just performed.

If a player who was familiar with the Manual Mode was watching, they would be flabbergasted.

Achieving high Skill Completion wasn’t easy, but controlling it was even harder.

Lu Li could pretty much deal as much damage as he wanted.

The little Hunter was shocked, and her hand trembled as she touched the Shadowclaw Tiger’s head in her final attempt to tame it.


It was almost impossible for Tame to fail on a monster with 10 or so HP left.

After being summoned as a pet, the tiger that was originally half as tall as a human now stood below Remnant Dream’s knee . It now looked more like a cat than a tiger.

Remnant Dream cried out and picked it up as she stroked it…

The little tiger desperately tried to squirm out of its new owner’s embrace. However, it could only pitifully cry out.

Pets all fell to LV1 after being tamed. If Remnant Dream wanted the tiger to become strong enough to fight, she would have to help train it.

After Remnant Dream had caught her pet, the two returned to town and called their teammates to enter the Instance Dungeon.

This time, they did not choose the Normal level.

Instead, they skipped over the Elite level and went straight to the Difficult level!

“Alright, this is going to be fun. Go hard or go home, eh? I’m sure the Elite level is too easy for us.”

The childish Azure Sea Breeze didn’t feel pressured at all, but instead was grinning with excitement.

“I trust you,” March Rain said as she gripped her Staff, full of confidence in Lu Li.

Lonesome Flower was completely focused on his little sister. As long as she was fine with it, so was he. Of course, he was unhappy with how much she trusted Lu Li.

As for Remnant Dream… she never knew what was going on.

They found Horatio, who had issued the quest near the entrance the last time. He was still lying behind the abandoned mine cart and still looked half-dead.

“Adventurers, you’ve finally come,” Horatio weakly said, as he looked at them and struggled to get up.

“We’ve killed Vanessa and the quest log shows that we’ve completed our quest. Please give us our reward,” Lu Li said, as he showed Horatio the quest log. The system notified him that he had completed the Death Mines quest and he instantly received 6% EXP.

Apart from the EXP, they also received Fame for the Stormwind City, but there were no equipment or money rewards. It seemed that this half-dead NPC was incredibly poor. Lu Li and his team didn’t waste any time and accepted the next quest, ‘Stormwind City General’ – a letter-delivery quest. They then proceeded to enter the Instance Dungeon.

Compared to other teams, Lu Li’s was quite advanced. Most other teams were still struggling with the Normal level, while even the elite teams would be destroyed in the Elite level.

“Apart from us, the fastest are the Blood-red War Flag. Yesterday, I heard that they reached the Piercing Heart Wolf General, but their tank wasn’t strong enough. Otherwise, they would have defeated him.”

Azure Sea Breeze knew all of the latest news and rumours. After all, he liked to make friends.

“Did they ask you for help?” Lu Li asked.

“Of course. They tried to get me to join their guild. They made it seem as though not joining was a terrible loss for me,” Azure Sea Breeze said disdainfully.

“If you want to join, you can join them. Big guilds treat their experts well,” Lu Li joked.

“My bro, don’t joke around with me. What sort of future would I have there? No matter what they say to me, they’ll definitely give the good equipment they find to the tank that they raised. I’m familiar with this sort of thing,” Azure Sea Breeze replied.

“Since you’re not leaving, let’s all keep our eyes out for suitable people to join us. We need to find another 5 people for the Wailing Cave, which is a 10-person Instance Dungeon. It’ll be impossible for us to clear it with 5 people,” Lu Li said. What he had said earlier was a joke – none of the people in his team liked the style of the big guilds.

“Leave it to me,” Azure Sea Breeze said as he proudly patted his chest.

“We need to test any potential people for a week. If any of us aren’t happy with them, they have to leave,” Lu Li said, as he started to clear out the smaller monsters.

Upon hearing this, Azure Sea Breeze smiled bitterly. He also went to draw the aggro of the monsters, muttering, “Teams take time to grow together. How can you send someone off in a week? I’ll lose a lot of face.”

“Since we’re forming an important group, we need to have strict requirements,” Lu Li explained.

One reason was because he had too many secrets. The other was that he knew what sort of person Azure Sea Breeze was. He was extremely extroverted and friendly, as well as incredibly skilled. It would be no problem for him to lead a group. However, he had a fatal flaw; he trusted people too easily. He was the type to have a multitude of friends, but not a single confidant.

From what Lu Li remembered, Azure Sea Breeze had been fairly famous when he had entered the game. He was well-loved, was on the Level Rankings and had set records for Instance Dungeons…

However, someone had betrayed him after he had obtained the Supreme One Ring. It was all downhill from there.

In order to upgrade the Supreme One Ring, he had spent an incredible amount of time on searching for materials. His Semi-Permanent Party had disbanded and he had been hunted down for the ring. Some of his ‘closest friends’ had asked to keep the ring safe for him, then joined the groups hunting him down when he refused.

Although Azure Sea Breeze was dissatisfied with the restrictions set by Lu Li, there was nothing he could do.

After all, the core of the group was Lu Li and he had absolute faith in him. After all, without Lu Li, they wouldn’t even be together.

While discussing their new team, they continued to push on and quickly arrived at the first Boss, Glubtok the Foreman. There were rumours that he secretly loved the long-legged Vanessa. However, because of his demonic appearance, he could only be a doorkeeper for his goddess.

Azure Sea Breeze didn’t him at all and immediately charged.