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Chapter 120: Steel-Grade Leather Armour

Chapter 120: Steel-Grade Leather Armour

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Killing this two-headed fatty had been a piece of cake last time and it wouldn’t be too difficult this time either. This was in spite of the fact that the Instance Dungeon was now 40% harder than last time and that the fatty had a new skill.

A continuously moving wall of fire appeared around him, which would cause a player to receive massive damage and be Burned if they touched it. There wouldn’t even be time for healing before the player was killed.

In order to fight Glubtok, players had to slip past the wall of fire and attack it, while fighting off the smaller monsters that it summoned. None of this was a requirement in the Normal Level Instance Dungeon.

Remnant Dream held on to Lu Li’s Leather Armour as she followed him closely. She would occasionally attack as well.

The little tiger, who was named “Cutey”, was put on the ‘follow’ mode and followed closely behind its master. After all, it was still too low-levelled to be of any help.

The main performer in this battle was Lonesome Flower. He had taken the spotlight quite often, especially when Lu Li was unable to. With his LV10 Silver grade Staff, he could easily and effectively attack from afar.

With the other players serving as distractions, Lonesome Flower was able take down the Boss with no problems.

However, they had spent 30 minutes to this and their entire party had even died once. They knew that this Instance Dungeon would definitely take a long time, and that they probably wouldn’t be able to clear it within a day.

After Glubtok died, Azure Sea Breeze levelled up and became the second player in Dawn to reach LV16.

Everyone else also received quite a lot of EXP – even more than Lu Li had obtained from Illidan’s Shadow. This was no less than expected from a Difficult Level Instance Dungeon. Lu Li was now 30% away from LV17 and would probably be able to level up after killing the second Boss, Helix.

“Let’s see what the Boss dropped.”

The Instance Dungeon demanded absolute concentration, so all of the players sat down to take a rest.

Remnant Dream was in charge of collecting the equipment. She brought back a Magic Staff, a material, a Recipe and 2 pieces of Bronze-grade equipment.

The Recipe was for an Intermediate Mana Potion and wasn’t very rare. After all, the potions were already being sold in the Exchange Hall. Lu Li had not learned how to make them yet, so he decided that he might as well use it.

However, he didn’t plan to buy the materials to make Intermediate Mana Potions. After all, he couldn’t increase his EXP through making them and selling them wouldn’t earn him much either.

“What are the Staff’s stats?” Lonesome Flower couldn’t resist asking.

“I’m not giving it to you; it’s for big sister March.”

Remnant Dream ran over and handed the Magic Staff to March Rain. March Rain smiled as she patted her head and showed everyone the Staff’s stats. It was a Staff for Healers and gave 10% Healing Critical Chance.

“Damn, 10% Healing Critical Chance. That’s pretty good.”

Lonesome Flower was quite happy that his little sister had obtained such an excellent piece of equipment. Although March Rain’s original weapon was extremely good, it was too low-levelled.

Lu Li shook his head.

“This Staff’s stats aren’t that great. Healers don’t need Healing Critical Chance, but guaranteed buffs.”

The other people felt as though a bucket of cold water had been poured on them, but couldn’t help but agree with Lu Li’s words.

Healers were often faced with two situations: non-desperate and desperate.

In non-desperate situations, they could casually heal their teammates with their normal spells, so the increased healing from the Critical Chance wouldn’t be of much use.

On the other hand, if the bonus healing from the Critical Chance never came in desperate situations, it would also be useless.

“Which one should I use then?” March Rain began to trust Lu Li more and more. She had originally thought that this weapon was the best, but Lu Li’s words had showed her how wrong she had been.

“I guess it’s better for you to use the new one for now. It’s higher level and had better stats. In the future, you can switch it out for a better one, so don’t be afraid to spend some money when the time comes. If you don’t have enough, you can ask us,” Lu Li replied.

“Hmph. After saying so much, the conclusion is still to use it,” Lonesome Flower coldly said.

“Flower, that little ‘hmph’ made you seem so cute and girly,” Azure Sea Breeze laughed. He was met with a whack to the head.

After joking around and chatting, they began to kill the smaller monsters.

There were many more monsters, when compared to the Normal Level Instance Dungeon, on the way to the second Boss. They were all LV15 Elite grade monsters, so it took some time to kill them. However, they gave quite a bit of EXP and soon, Remnant Dream’s pet reached LV9. After levelling up another 2 times, it would be able to fight with them.

The second Boss caused their party to die many times, so no one dared to be careless.

However, they were able to use the same positioning as before, so it wasn’t too hard to defeat Helix. All it took was some more time, and for the Healer to continuously drink Mana Potions and summon Shadowfiends.

Luckily, March Rain had the Shadowfiend skill. Otherwise, it would be difficult to sustain such a long battle.

After the second Boss fell, Lu Li, Lonesome Flower and March Rain all levelled up.

Lu Li had reached LV17 even faster than he had expected. Originally, he had thought that he would only level up after completing the Instance Dungeon.

Although the Difficult Level Instance Dungeon was harder than the Normal Level Instance Dungeon by 40%, it gave around 70-80% more EXP. The Elite Level Instance Dungeon gave 40% more EXP.

The second Boss didn’t drop any rare materials, blueprints or recipes, but it was definitely not stingy. It still gave 2 pieces of LV15 Steel-grade equipment – one for Remnant Dream and one for Lu Li.

Remnant Dream’s was called ‘Piercing Harpoon’, and was an excellent, long weapon. Hunter melee weapons were usually just for decoration and stats, so these were all that mattered.

Lu Li received a piece of Leather Armour. According to Dawn’s system, this was a piece of Chest Armour, so it counted as an Upper Garment.

Concealing Chest Armour (Steel): 18 Armour, Agility+6, Constitution+2, Special Effect: Has a certain chance to absorb 20% of damage taken, Level Requirement: LV15. Durability: 28/28.

Lu Li’s original Weaver’s Leather Armor had been traded for his Steel grade Bandanna, so he had bought a LV10 Bronze-grade Armor to temporarily use. It had very ordinary stats, but he had not been able to find anything better. As such, he was overjoyed to obtain this Concealing Chest Armour.

The third Boss, Deathgod 5000, was no challenge at all. Even in the Nightmare Level Instance Dungeon, it would probably be extremely easy to beat as well. Lu Li’s party only spent 10 minutes to defeat it.

It dropped a piece of equipment for Shamans that no one could use, so they decided to sell it.

The Piercing Heart Wolf General that they had bitterly struggled with in the past did not show any mercy this time either. It made them miserable from the moment they started fighting, and because it ended up killing their Healer, everyone in the party died.

They failed in their second attempt as well. Azure Sea Breeze activated Shield Wall a bit too late and the Fearless Barrier wasn’t enough to save him. As such, everyone once again died.

“Alright, let’s stop here for today.”

“We’re stopping after only dying twice?” Azure Sea Breeze didn’t feel like giving up so easily.

“It’s not because we can’t beat it, but because we’re all so tired,” Lu Li said, as he looked at the two girls.

“Plus, I want to go and try out the Arena later. If you guys want to continue, go ahead. We shouldn’t have any problems finishing off the last few Bosses tomorrow.”