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Chapter 121: Arena

Chapter 121: Arena

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The first thing that Lu Li did after he exited the Instance Dungeon was craft more Intermediate Health Potions.

As his Alchemy levels increased, the crafting time of the potions and the chance of failure both decreased. He decided to relax while waiting for his potions to be made.

As he waited, he browsed the forums and researched the current rules regarding PVP.

The Arena mode was still quite undeveloped.

Players had to request for the system to make a battle room. The number of players was optional and the battle system was quite flexible.

A fee of 1 gold was required to create a battle room. Challengers could request to join the room after paying 10 silver coins. If the challenger won, then he would receive 20 silver coins, but if the room owner won, the entry fee would be rewarded to him.

If the room owner lost, he would also lose the room.

A password could also be set to the room, so that those only those who knew the password would be granted access.

Lu Li planned on fighting Water Fairy tonight.

Water Fairy had been a famous Thief in Lu Li’s past life. Although she did not have the best skills, her equips were godly.

Lu Li planned on preparing and practising beforehand in case things went south during the battle.

Painted Feathers, LV15 Mage, Wins: 43 Losses: 15

Lu Li had found a random room and saw that the owner was a LV15 Mage. Although his opponent appeared to be decent, Lu Li was still confident that he could win.

System: Dear player, welcome to the battle system. Would you like to change your battle ID?

Lu Li froze for a second, realizing that the earlier version of the battle system allowed you to change your battle ID. Most people skipped this process because it was unnecessary, and nobody cared about being anonymous.

This function was taken out before Lu Li had joined the game in his past life, because not many people used it.

Lu Li thought for a second and randomly changed his ID to ‘No Name’. The name wasn’t a childish joke; he just wanted to sound cool as he wore his Steel-Grade Bandana.

Since he changed his name, he thought that he might as well change his appearance.

He took out his Steel-Grade Bandana and wrapped it around his face. Coupled with his Black Shadow Cloak, this made him look like a complete badass.

After paying the entry fee of 10 silver, Lu Li was teleported on a round battle field. The arena was flat and was no more than 50 yards in diameter. There were no obstacles in the arena for Lu Li to hide behind.

The battle field was chosen by the room owner and was selected because it gave him an advantage. This was one of the benefits that encouraged players to create rooms.

Painted Feather was on a 7-win streak. Gaining 10 silver per win, he had almost broken even with the cost of creating a room.

But now, a new challenger had entered the room.

It was a thief dressed in a body of leather armour with a dagger in each hand.

Painted Feathers almost laughed out loud when he saw him, finding his appearance to be amusing. Normally, Lu Li’s outfit would be somewhat mysterious. However, after a day of challengers coming in who were dressed exactly the same, he couldn’t help but laugh.

The new challenger that stood before him was even more outrageous. Not only was he wearing a bandana, but he was also wearing a black cloak. Did he really think that he looked cool?

When he checked the challenger’s ID to know he had come from, Painted Feathers became even more annoyed.

No name!

Could one be any more arrogant?

“I hate people are more arrogant than me.”

Painted Feathers resolved to teach this guy a lesson.

He summoned a Water Elemental which appeared on the battle field.

Lu Li became alert and prepared for battle.

Players who created rooms were all confident in their skills. The Mage was already at an advantage with the Water Elemental alone.

Lu Li approached him carefully, and when he was within the Water Elemental’s aggro range, he quickly dashed behind Painted Feathers, then stunned him from behind.

Painted Feathers knew he was in trouble and before he could react, he was already stunned.

A Pro!

He knew that he was no match.

Water Elementals were very alert and intelligent summons; they were able to detect stealth units.

This No-Name guy had managed to sneak past the Water Elemental before it could even react. This demonstrated how fast Lu Li was.

After being stunned, he was attacked relentlessly.

Painted Feathers realised how helpless he was after he found out that his Frost Bolt only dealt 50 damage to Lu Li. On the other hand, all of Lu Li’s damage figure were well above 100 and sometimes reached even more than 200~300.

The significant damage difference was due to the Piercing Armour effect.

After the stun duration finished, Painted Feathers quickly escaped, as his Water Elemental raised its arm and casted Frost Nova.

The Water Elemental’s Frost Nova was a weaker version of the real skill and only had a radius of 8 yards.

However, everyone still respected its power because of the freeze duration.

The random 8-second freeze duration of the Frost Nova left its frozen targets helpless. All that they could do was wait for their death.


Painted Feathers was hoping to see a frozen Thief. He though that with his decent gear, high attack and Water Elemental, he could still turn the tables around.

However, this was all according to Lu Li’s calculations.

As the icy mist faded, it revealed that nothing was hit by the Frost Nova.

Painted Feathers immediately felt a sharp pain behind his back, and he was instantly transported back outside the room.

Lu Li had won the battle and received 20 silver as reward.

His PVP rating was now Wins: 1 Losses: 0

The first battle he had fought was relatively easy. It wasn’t because Water Elemental Mages were weak, but because they currently had no shields.

Once Mages acquired their shields, a battle between a Mage and a Thief would be more entertaining.

The second battle he fought was with a Warrior.

In Dawn, there were no overpowered Class, but only overpowered players.

The warrior that Lu Li faced this time was much weaker and was continuously stunned by him. When the battle was over, he was whisked out of the room before he was even able to activate any of his gear’s actives.

Lu Li breezed through his other opponents as well and quickly stacked up on wins.

10 winning streak!