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Chapter 122: Fighting Water Fairy (Part 1)

Chapter 122: Fighting Water Fairy (Part 1)

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The Arena was much simpler compared to what Lu Li had remembered.

Some players formed chat rooms to exchange information and tips on PVP.

The biggest chat room was called Pride.

Saltless Exchange: Painted Feathers, what happened to your room? Are we still going to practice today?

Jade Flower Lover: He was defeated and lost his room. He’s crying right now.

Saltless Exchange: What happened?

Festive Sacrifice: Apparently, he went up against a hardcore player.

Painted Feathers: I’m not crying; it was just 1 loss. Why would I cry…

Saltless Exchange: That’s right; it’s not like you haven’t lost before. Want me to get revenge?

Painted Feathers: Forget it. You don’t stand a chance.

Saltless Exchange: Is he a strong pro? You don’t even have the courage for a rematch.

Painted Feathers: I’m not sure who he is. His ID is No Name. Has anyone heard of him?

Old Man Next Door: Who’s talking about No Name!?

Painted Feathers: I just opened an arena room and got defeated by a guy called No Name. Do you know him Old Man?

Old Man Next Door: Was he wearing a black cloak and a black bandana? I don’t know him but he defeated my room as well. God dammit! I had just opened up the room as well. What a waste of gold.

Painted Feathers: At least I didn’t lose too much silver. He’s pretty much undefeatable with his speed and attack.

Iron Sword: I see that there are others that were defeated by him. I just lost to him and was about to seek revenge, but I guess I’ll just be wasting my time.

Painted Feathers: Haha, Iron Sword, you lost as well? Where did this random guy come from? I thought all the Pros train in the wild.

Iron Sword: Maybe it’s because you lose EXP in the wild when you die, whereas we can only lose money here. Anyways, this No Name guy is too strong. We better avoid him for a while.

A random Pro had come out of nowhere and defeated more than 10 confident, skilled players. The news of this started to spread like wild fire.

Players such as Moonlight would often practice on others that were around his same skill level. Occasionally, he would also go to the battle front to fight players who were experienced in PVP. Lu Li had come in and casually defeated everyone, which made them feel very nervous and insecure.

However, Lu Li was only using these arena battle rooms to relax before his fight with Water Fairy.

After he could not find a worthy opponent, he decided to travel to the Empty Abyss to train on Illidan’s Shadows. He planned on fighting Illidan’s Shadow, then facing off against Water Fairy after a good night’s rest.

After 3 hours, Illidan’s Shadow was defeated.

System: Illidian’s Shadow successful slain, 1 SP will be received.

Lu Li heard the System’s notification and phased out for a second. He checked the System Log again to make sure he had heard right.

Finally! An extra SP!

He had not received an SP as a reward from the System since he had levelled up his Shadow Strike.

After the last Instance Dungeon, Remnant Dream and Azure Sea Breeze had each been rewarded with 1 SP, but not Lu Li. This random SP reward made Lu Li extremely happy.

He now had 10 SP in total: 8 SP from reaching LV17, 1 SP from Shadow Strike and 1 from Illidan’s Shadow.

His SP distribution was as follows: 3 SP for Shadow Strike, 2 SP for Backstab, 1SP for Unlock, 1SP for Seal Transformation and 1SP for Slit Throat. He still had 2 SP remaining.

Besides the bonus SP, the boss also gave 13% EXP as reward. In addition to this, he also received a copy of the ‘Shadow Cloak’ Skill Book.

Shadow Cloak was an essential Thief skill. It was extremely difficult to fight against skilled Mages without it. Without Shadow Cloak, a Thief would be locked in place because of the Mage’s debuffs and crowd control.

However, it was still extremely rare. The 2 copies that Lu Li had would sell for a great price.

Other than the Shadow Cloak Skill Book, Illidan’s Shadow also dropped a Steel-Grade Equip for Mages and Priests that had decent stats. He considered giving it to Lonesome Flower.

After defeating the Boss, Lu Li left to look for a Skills Trainer and decided to add the remaining 2 SP to Slit Throat. This greatly increased its damage and critical chance.

Moonlight came to look for Lu Li soon after.

“Don’t get careless. I’ve fought her twice and we’re tied at a win each. She has many Silver Grade Equips on her,” Moonlight reminded Lu Li. Since Warriors countered Thieves, to be able to steal a win off Moonlight showed just how overpowered Water Fairy’s gear was.

“Why did you rank her before Hornet’s Nest?” Lu Li asked.

“Hornet’s Nest has better skills…” Moonlight subconsciously answered, unsure as to why Lu Li had asked that question.

“Exactly. No matter how good your gear is, you’re not threat if you don’t have the skills. If I can’t defeat her, then I shouldn’t even bother challenging Hornet’s Nest.” Lu Li never underestimated or overestimated his opponents.

He had Silver-Grade Equipment as well.

His Rager set was on par with many Silver Grade Equips and he had gotten his Bloodstained Badge back from Azure Sea Breeze. His ring was even better than Silver Grade and the rest of his gear had powerful actives and passives.

As for his skills, his Shadow Strike was maxed out and he also had Backhand Backstab and Slit Throat to help him when needed.

“Eh, whatever, do as you like,” Moonlight said. “That lady has heaps of money. If she sees something she likes, don’t be afraid to name your price because she’ll most likely accept it.”

“I can’t sell her anything that I’m wearing; there are some spare equips in my bag that I have trouble selling though. Hurry up and contact her. The sooner we fight, the sooner I can go home and sleep,” Lu Li hurriedly urged.

He actually had Water Fairy on his friends list. However, he had ignored her many times when she wanted to fight him. It would be awkward if he contacted her first, so he asked Moonlight to contact her instead.

Water Fairy responded quickly and arrived at the Astrana arena centre.

Creating a room required talking to a specific NPC. After this, the owner would be transported to it.

“Hehe, it’s rare to see you around,” the beautiful girl sharply said.

“I’ve been busy making money,” Lu Li replied.

“So, you’re actually a professional player. Let me see if you’ve got any goods…” Water Fairy said, as she closely examined the gear that Lu Li was wearing.