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Chapter 124: The World Is So Big

Chapter 124: The World Is So Big

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When one retreats, the other naturally advances. Water Fairy had no doubt that she would be able to catch up to Lu Li, as her Gale Steps gave her a significant movement-speed buff.

Just as she was about to come into contact with him, he halted his retreat and kicked the empty space in front of him.

Moonlight was capable of knocking Lu Li out of stealth with a normal kick. As such, Lu Li’s Kick skill was bound to do the same, given that skills could be cast faster than regular actions.

Water Fairy made a muffled groan before appearing in front of Lu Li, as she clutched her stomach in pain.

However, she still managed to take a step and launch herself at Lu Li. She was attempting to utilize the first attack coming out of Gale Steps, which had a bonus 280% damage. After such a prolonged fight, Lu Li only had about 300 HP remaining. This attack could instantly kill him.

Was he about to lose?

Of course not!

The moment Water Fairy’s dagger touched Lu Li’s skin, she thought that she had won.

In that moment, he smiled at her before instantly vanishing.

Naturally, she thought that Lu Li had gone into Stealth. She followed his action and kicked towards the empty space before her.

Halfway through her kick, she realized the mistake that she had made. A sting on her back told her that Lu Li had appeared behind her.

This was the Shadow Cloak’s special effect!

Lu Li was able to make three, uninterrupted attacks – Shadowstrike, a normal attack and Backstab.

After Water Fairy had turned around, he took a step forwards and positioned himself next to her. He then turned and cast a Backhand Backstab at her back.

The little HP that Water Fairy had left instantly disappeared.

Lu Li had won!

When they both stepped out of the competition room, Lu Li could see that she was eager to try again.


The female tycoon was obviously dissatisfied.

“It’s getting late, maybe another time.”

Lu Li received the 200 gold coins from Moonlight while shaking his head and rejecting the challenge.

The first 100 was his own deposit and the second 100 was Water Fairy’s bet.

What a quick 100 gold!

The feeling was addictively exhilarating, but it was probably best to ensure moderation.

Lu Li remembered from his previous life that there had been players who went bankrupt, or who were caught by the Internet Police because of in-game gambling. These players were mostly experts as well.

Moreover, fighting Water Fairy again wouldn’t be easy. Her equipment was as good as his and she had a skill that he hadn’t learned. Gale Steps alone had proved to be a great threat to him.

The reason that Lu Li won was solely because of his significant PVP experience. He was just too familiar with Dawn’s gameplay, and could quickly read situations and bait out skills. In fact, the moments that Water Fairy had taken an advantage in were all within Lu Li’s expectations.

Baiting out skills was especially important in PVP. Feigning positions, actions, skills and baiting out the opponent’s crowd-control and crowd-control recovery skills were all necessary to winning.

Currently, players still haven’t used the Manual Mode for long enough to master any of this.

If Water Fairy felt like the fight was unfair, it was only due to her shallow understanding of PVP.

She could be thinking that she shouldn’t have used Shadowmeld so early, so as to save it for a more critical moment. However, even if they fought again, Lu Li still had many ways to bait out her main skills.

Her invitation was rejected, but she couldn’t force Lu Li to go again, so she left in a huff.

“You can have this equipment. They aren’t very good, but I’m sure you’ll make do.”

Lu Li handed a bag of Steel equipment to Moonlight. He fought Bosses quite regularly and had many pieces of equipment that he couldn’t be bothered to sell.

Moonlight didn’t mind; he immediately equipped them.

In that moment, Lu Li realized that Moonlight didn’t have a complete set of equipment. He was still wearing some Bronze equipment.

“What’s happened here?” Lu Li asked.

“While fighting the Gangnam Royals, I was so engrossed that I got killed a few times,” Moonlight said plainly. He wasn’t angry or passionate about it; his tone was as plain as water.

Fundamentally, Azure Sea Breeze and Moonlight were very different people. Azure Sea Breeze had the boldness of a Warrior, but Moonlight was more haughty and eccentric.

“You can’t really buy anything good in the Exchange Hall. It would probably be better if you did some Instance Dungeons with us, as opposed to wandering around with that axe.”

Lu Li understood Moonlight, but didn’t necessarily agree with his philosophy.

“I had a similar thought; call me when the time comes,” Moonlight said, as he waved his hand and left.

Taking advantage of the little time he had left, Lu Li quickly trained his engineering skills.

However, making Bolts wasn’t enough for him to level up to Intermediate. His engineering EXP bar stayed at 62, while he required 80 points.

With a need to find new recipes, Lu Li went to the Exchange Hall. He searched for Basic Engineering Recipes, trying to find one that was cheap and easy to make.

Engineering was a very neglected profession. It didn’t have access to a variety of living materials, nor could it produce a large variety of equipment. Its products were strange and mostly unreliable.

The bomb blueprint was the sole motivation for Lu Li’s interest in Engineering. With 2000 damage, any monster below LV20 would instantly die to it, while any monster above LV20 would be critically wounded if hit.

He just needed to find a place with many monsters to draw together and bomb. He estimated that it would give him an entire level of EXP.

Lu Li was looking forward to being able to hold his own bomb. While browsing through the recipes being sold at the Exchange Hall, he noticed that there were a wide range of grades between them. He had been looking for a couple of dozen minutes before he finally decided on one.

Blueprint: The world Is So Big

Recipe: Engineering

Requirement: Basic (50)

Use: Teaches you how to make “The W0orld Is So Big”

The World Is So Big: This is a very wonderful item. Just try it and see. Then, you will know how big the world is.

This blueprint wasn’t cheap, which was probably something to do with the strange description. The player had marked it at a price of 3 gold coins, which was equivalent to an ordinary Steel item.

However, Lu Li didn’t hesitate. Once he saw the price, he immediately bought it.

The World Is So Big. Many people would have been confused by the name, but Lu Li knew what it did. In his previous life, many people would ask an engineer to make one of these for them. Its primary function was so that they could act cute.

That’s right, to act cute!

The World Is So Big made people smaller – around 1/8th of their original size. Of course, when they were that small, the world would appear big to them. That’s where the name came from.

Mini-players who were only a few centimeters tall were particularly cute.

Lu Li then searched the Exchange Hall and found all the materials that he needed for this item.

Creating one costed around 20 silver, but once its effect was made known, there would definitely be buyers.

Of course, Lu Li couldn’t sell it for too much because it could only be used three times. Something that could only be used three times could only be sold for 3 gold at the very most.

In fact, even 3 gold was stretching it a little.