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Chapter 125: Options For the New Party Members

Chapter 125: Options For the New Party Members

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When he had purchased enough material, Lu Li returned to the engineering lab once again.

The physical mechanics behind ‘The World Is So Big’ were unknown. After all, this was just a video game. The whole process of creating one was not difficult, but very time consuming. Lu Li had spent 10 minutes just to create a single one. The System then prompted him that he had gained 1 point of EXP.

No wonder so few people chose engineering; upgrading your skills took too long. If you had the right alchemy recipe, you could have gained 10 points of EXP in 10 minutes.

The finished product looked a little like a syringe that was filled with white light. He stabbed himself with it and felt a dazzling electric shock as he quickly shrunk like a deflating balloon.

In addition to looking physically smaller, this also reduced the effect of aggro by 20%. It lasted for 30 minutes, disappeared upon death and could be cancelled.

Lu Li could no longer reach the workbench that was originally at waist height. There was no way he could work like this, so he cancelled the effect. Upon confirmation, he immediately started growing until his original size was restored.

He still had 13 points before reaching Intermediate Level, but he didn’t particularly mind and continued to work hard.

As he began to speed up, Azure Sea Breeze sent a call request.

“This is so depressing; I can’t find anyone,” Azure Sea Breeze lamented.

“Oh, tell me what happened.”

Lu Li half-heartedly asked him to elaborate while smashing an object and putting it into a small copper tube.

“I asked some experts that I knew, but most of them were already part of a guild. Those that weren’t are asking for too much. They want priority in equipment drops, the materials and some have even asked for the last hit EXP on Bossess…”

“Don’t you play with them often?” Lu Li chuckled, as he carefully tightened the copper pipe. The System prompted him that his product was successful and he gained EXP.

“Usually when they come to me for help, their words are like honey. But once they hear about leaving their guild, they become apprehensive.”

Azure Sea Breeze was really sad this time; he had no idea how he had managed to get stuck in this situation.

Lu Li thought to himself that this was to be expected for as long as Azure Sea Breeze had a strong willingness to trust anyone.

Lu Li had deliberately set difficult entry requirements. Not only was there a probation period, you also needed to be unanimously accepted by the old members. No matter how strong they were, most players would be disheartened by this, let alone the guild members that Azure Sea Breeze was inviting.

In the age of virtual reality, guilds were no different to real life companies. If you asked someone to give up their source of income and refuse to provide them with some sort of security, they wouldn’t want to come.

As for those who had complicated conditions, Lu Li didn’t even need to disapprove. Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t willing to accept those people either.

“So be it. I have a few candidates; try contacting them,” Lu Li said, as he listed them off. He was becoming more and more skilled in producing “The World Is So Big”.

“You have suitable candidates? Why didn’t you say anything? I’ve been running around everywhere,” Azure Sea Breeze replied angrily.

Lu Li didn’t worry about him and continued listing his candidates.

“There’s one person called Wandering; he should be a Paladin. His skills are pretty good, but he’s a little strange. Just watch out when you contact him…”

“You mean Wandering, the narcissist?!” Azure Sea Breeze yelled out.

“Narcissist is probably right.”

Lu Li recalled the Wandering from his past life. This was probably the most appropriate description.

“How could you possibly know someone like that? No way!”

Azure Sea Breeze was strongly opposed to the idea.

“Tell me why not.” Lu Li thought this situation was amusing.

“I can’t take his narcissism,” Azure Sea Breeze responded.

“But he’s not a bad player. He also has a sense of duty. Do you admit to that?”

Lu Li still remembered how he had met Wandering. Azure Sea Breeze was in dire straits and was being hunted by players with explosive magic.

The group of players were his so-called ‘friends’. Wandering was involved in the operation, but as a member hiding in their ranks. He relayed information to Azure Sea Breeze so he could stay one step ahead of the group. After he was found out, he couldn’t leave the spawn area for a few days.

“I guess you’re right.”

Azure Sea Breeze had to admit it, but he continued to argue, “But that guy just joined this week. How is he going to keep up with his poor equipment?”

Azure Sea Breeze was good friends with him in a previous game. However, they had a falling out and now he hated him.

“Levels can be gained and poor equipment isn’t really a reason. If you don’t contact him, I’ll do it for you.”

Lu Li thought that Wandering was very appropriate. There was no need to worry that he would betray them for his own self-interest.

“Alright, alright, I’ve messaged him. Don’t forget what you said; if he’s not appropriate then we’ll kick him out. If anyone has any objections in a week’s time, he has to go.”

Azure Sea Breeze had thought it through.

“There’s one more person. Listen up.”

Lu Li had just finished making his fifth ‘The World Is So Big’ and he placed it into his bag. His luck had been good and he gained a little more EXP.

“Please don’t be another person like Wandering; we don’t play well together.”

Azure Sea Breeze was filled with resentment.

He was still so arrogant and was yet to truly understand the wisdom of the world. Lu Li still remembered him crying that he was a fool, and telling him that he only had two friends. Only two…

“Sesame Rice Ball. Try him.”

“Him? That’s probably unlikely; he’s the Seventh Heaven’s Chief Warlock.”

Azure Sea Breeze was shocked.

The Seventh Heaven was a low-key group, but they had formidable strength and were even stronger than Drizzle Court. In the annual game guild rankings, they ranked fifth in the Chinese District.

To be the Chief Warlock in a guild that stood out among thousands was a testament to his strength.

“Yes, Sesame Rice Ball is currently Seventh Heaven’s Chief Warlock. However, from what I hear, this will soon no longer be the case. The Seventh Heaven’s financial manager had homosexual tendencies and found that Sesame Rice Ball appeared… alluring. When the Big Boss found out about this, he got scared and kicked him out of Seventh Heaven. He wouldn’t want to return, even if it meant his death.”

This was a controversial matter in his previous life. However, it had been a year since the event when Lu Li entered the game. Even so, the players, especially fujoshis, continued to talk about it.

With the explicit details filling their brains to the brim, all kinds of erotic texts appeared all over the forums. They were masterpieces, boasting the allure of love. It was only then that Lu Li had learned the meaning of ‘Boy’s Love’.