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Chapter 126: Moon Creek Prison

Chapter 126: Moon Creek Prison

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After going offline, Lu Li lit up his room with a dim bedside lamp. He got up from his bed and his neck felt sore. Then, he put on a pair of slippers before heading outside.

When he had enough money, he would definitely need to buy a Health Pod. All those advertised drugs were useless; only the Health Pod’s full body massage systems would make the helmets more comfortable.

In the living room, the three female landlords were snuggled into the sofa and watching TV.

These girls were already beautiful, so to see them snuggled up together like that would make most people go crazy. However, Lu Li was not one of these people; he quietly greeted them and headed into the kitchen. His eyes didn’t linger for any longer than they needed to.

“He isn’t sleepwalking right?” Dou Jing Jing asked curiously.

“I don’t think so.”

Zhou Huan Huan wasn’t very sure.

“You guys are less attractive than a piece of bread,” Yang Liu said maliciously.

“Oh, the great god is just really different.”

Zhou Huan Huan blamed everything on the fact that Lu Li was revered as a god. Once this was brought up, there was nothing left to be said.

“Great god? If he’s a great god, why don’t we ask him to help us?”

Dou Jing Jing patted Yang Liu’s thigh with a look of realization.

“Even Water Fairy couldn’t find him; what makes you think you’ll be able to?” Yang Liu shook her head.

“I’ll go ask him.”

She quietly jumped off the sofa and ran barefoot into the kitchen.

Lu Li was cooking; he intended to make braised pork and julienned stir-fry potato. His knife skills were pretty good and the thickness of the potatoes were all very even. It was hard to tell them apart, unless you looked at them very carefully.

“Great god, how are you?” Dou Jing Jing asked as she bounced over towards him.

“What is it?” Lu Li put down the knife and looked at her.

Perhaps it was for their beauty, but the three landlords didn’t stay online for as long as Lu Li did. As such, their eating and leisure times eventually drifted apart, which resulted in a lack of communication in the house.

“How’s living here? Are you comfortable?”

For someone who enjoyed causing trouble, speaking gently like this was really difficult.

“It’s been good. Thank you for taking care of Xin Xin,” Lu Li replied, as he continued cooking. He handed her a cup of cucumber juice that he had been preparing.

“Xin Xin is really cute; we all really like her. It doesn’t really count as taking care of her.”

Dou Jing Jing took the cucumber juice and watched Lu Li work, as she leaned against the marble counter.

At this time, Lu Li would usually make extra so that his sister could have some after coming home from tuition. At first, he had given her money to buy lunch, but he soon realized that he couldn’t bear to pay the exorbitant prices set by the school refectory.

“Is there anything else?” Lu Li asked.


Usually she wasn’t this polite to Lu Li. When she needed to ask something of someone, she would find it very difficult. Dou Jing Jing quietly said, “Sister Huan Huan got an Instance Dungeon Scroll. We’ve already tried it twice, but we failed both times.”

“Oh, an Instance Dungeon Scroll! What kind of Instance Dungeon?” Lu Li was intruiged.

“Moon Creek Prison. It’s in the human part of town. It’s an underground prison,” Dou Jing Jin responded.

“Tell me what it’s like.”

Lu Li had to acknowledge that anyone could get these Instance Dungeon scrolls. He wasn’t the only one that was lucky.

“Our small party got it when we were doing a quest. We didn’t really prepare and just went in,” Dou Jin Jin shamefully said. “We were immediately killed by the first Boss.”

“The first Boss? Is there a second one?” Lu Li was even more surprised.

“Yeah, it’s an Elite difficulty dungeon scroll. When we went in, we were prompted to kill two Bosses.” Dou Jin Jin felt as though that the existence of the two Bosses wasn’t out of the ordinary.

However, she truly was lucky. The Elite Difficulty Instance Dungeon Scroll was an uncommon drop and the monsters within it were difficult. These five lucky newbies were naturally going to be killed.

“What about the second time? Did you ask for help?” Lu Li was now really interested in this Instance Dungeon. One of the materials required for the Supreme Ring upgrade was called ‘Barbaric Blood’. These were only dropped from the Moon Creek Prison’s Worgen Boss. In an Elite Instance Dungeon, the chance of it dropping was even more likely.

“The second time, we got the biggest expert from our guild, Water Fairy.”

It would have been difficult for these three female landlords who were also Drizzle Court players to find other experts. This was understandable.

“But you still couldn’t do it, right?” Lu Li was not surprised.

“Yeah, the Main Tank couldn’t keep up. This was also our guild’s strongest Main Tank. We still couldn’t even beat the first Boss. Water Fairy said that it couldn’t be beaten at this stage of the game.”

Dou Jin Jin sounded depressed.

It was like having an unreachable pile of treasure in front of you. This was more painful than not having any treasure at all.

“In other words, you only have one chance left.”

Not only did Instance Dungeon scroll have a three-day limit, it also had a three-chance limit. If the Instance Dungeon was not beaten in three attempts, then the scroll would be considered a failure.

“You definitely have a way, right? You’ve gotten so many First Clears.”

Dou Jin Jin was like a patient desperately seeking after medical attention.

With one last chance left, she went to Lu Li. To her, he was even better than Water Fairy. After all, he was currently the man of the hour.

“I’ll come find you tomorrow morning. As for the items dropped by the Instance Dungeon, I want a specific kind of material and one equip.”

“You… alright.”

Dou Jin Jin was a little angry that Lu Li wanted to be paid, but she realized that this wasn’t that bad. Otherwise, they would have just wasted their last chance. She and Lu Li were acquainted, but not to the point where he would be helping her for free.

After having dinner, Lu Li trained at the gym until his sister got back.

“Big brother, you aren’t asleep!” Lu Xin was a little surprised. Ever since her brother started playing videogames, his schedule had been reversed. She didn’t get to see him very often.

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for you.” Lu Li sat beside his sister and looked at the girl who was growing up.

She seemed a little pale. He used to think that she was just malnourished or that she was studying too hard. Who would have guessed that the disease was already spreading in her body?

“Is there anything wrong?” Being stared at by her brother made her feel a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but twist away.

She had heard big sister Dou Dou talk about a kind of person that liked their sisters. Could it be that her brother… no, there’s no way. They grew up together, so they had to be close…

Lu Li didn’t know what her beloved sister was quietly thinking of. He touched her face and calmly said, “Go call your school and take a day off. I’m bringing you to the hospital on Monday. I’ve already made the appointment.”

“Oh, but why?”

Lu Xin, who was immersed in Dou Dou’s fantasy world, heard her brother talking about the hospital and thought it was a little silly.

“One of my friends got sick, but they found out too late. I want us both to do a full body checkup.”

In order to not put too much pressure on his sister, Lu Li fabricated a temporary excuse to do a full body checkup.

“But I feel fine.” The Lu family had never gotten sick before.

“I’ve recently made some money, so don’t worry about that. Big brother will soon make even more, so you’ve just got to listen to me.” Lu Li patted Lu Xin’s little head and as he came to a conclusion.

“Don’t forget to make the call.”